Your Favorite Songs From This Year?

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I was wondering what some of you guys really liked this year, your personal favorites. Not your own stuff, but other people's.

I personally really enjoyed Everybody's Falling in Love With My Baby from @Klaus. I adore that '60s vibe.

Came across this one yesterday, though it's early and I haven't heard a fraction of what's out there:

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Check this one out...too early to pick a favorite, but these two are imaginative and super-fun. and

Definitely my favorite so far...

Wonderful synthpop from @spirulence, blown away by this one!

My fav so far this year isn't a song, but an instrumental Smile It's simply stunning and beautiful and peaceful Smile It's from the very talented @Dragondreams and is called 'Apricots in Kipperland'

Just heard a gem ... *17582 ... by @johnstaples ... "The Woman in the Window" ... what songwriting's all about! From @Klaus has become my go-to when I need a smile.

I believe this song: deserves 100 comments and all the praise any of us could offer @Stephen Wordsmith and @metalfoot

Just heard some damn fine summertime blues by @Deaf Steever!!!

I second the @Deaf Steever recommendation.

Awww gee, thanks, @johnstaples and @Fuzzy



Please take a listen to this stunningly beautiful psalm-like song Waiting for the Overflow by first year FiNier @jenfoss. Basically just vocals, piano and bit of synth but oh, boy!