Your best 50/90 song this year

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Share what you think is your best song this 50/90:

I know there is a recommended songs thread, but I feel pretty bad recommending one of my own tunes.

So in the interest of listening to many songs (or reading lyrics for songs) that their creators think are great, without having to wait for someone to find and recommend the song, I am starting up this thread.

I spent over a month generating, producing, mixing, and mastering my pop song parody, "4 on the floor", and I am darn proud of it. I'm sure it's not perfect, but I am still very happy with it.

What song do you think is your best this 50/90, and why?

Oh goodness, with over 100 in the books, like trying to find a needle in the haystack... but if I had to pick one excluding my collabs (which are usually my favourites anyway) it might be Life Changes ( But it might not be.
Picking this because it combines my partial capo and introspective obsessions well.

I think for me it is probably my latest collab with Liz Petty.
It is called Deep Sleep. I think the lyrics are upbeat and instantly relatable.

Easily, Nico Is A Skate Punk. Early on so I had divine inspiration, and it's a tighter jam unlike some of my other disasters of the same style. Plus I enjoy to make the Love Live themed songs.

It would likely be *22750, with @TheTau. Totally self indulgent keyboard soloing, courtesy of Russell's excellent play--a-long track, and further completed with his excellent harmonica.

I've not had time for much production this year and I can't always tell my favorites until I do. But so far this one has to be my favorite and will likely be on my APC album!

I'm going by my best lyric, although the demo happens to be outstanding.

"And I Listen" with @PeteMurphy:

Content warning: Deals with the theme of suicide.

This is my absolute favorite:

But there's another one that's actually better in some ways... or maybe that one.... It's tough to make these decisions.

This one, "Quiet Lies":

I think it has become a favorite because it pushed me to forgive my father for hurting my feelings, even though he never asked for forgiveness. I like it because it is raw, and emotional, cathartic and filled with loving, healing words to help bind wounds. It fits in with my faith transformation album that I started last year, but you don't have to be religious to relate to these lyrics. It pushed me to get out of my pain and recognize the pain of others that I have pushed away in my healing process. It reminds me that I have blame in the miscommunication and withholding information from my family of origin, too.

Yes! This one is a fantastic example of your best work! I enjoyed it then, and now!

I think that my favorite one would be "Quiet Lies":

This song helped me to grow and forgive. It is raw and real. You don't have to be religious to relate to the pain of a child feeling hurt by a parent's harsh words. But writing this song pushed me out of self-indulgent pity to trying to understand the words my Dad couldn't say to me. I started by writing out and journaling the negative things he said to me, and I weighed them and considered the emotion that lay under the surface. And I wrote the love letter that he could never bring himself to write. I have only heard my Dad say "I love you" a handful of times, but as I poured my tears of frustration and anger out on paper, I found some pearls of love that I could polish and sing over and over to remind myself that my dad truly cares for me, despite harsh words in a harsh tone.

I have listened to, and thoroughly enjoyed, everything in this thread.

I don't really have/get favorites. Generally speaking, I have a few folks here who when they respond I pay attention, especially if they comment as their favorite.

I do one-take phone uploads or as appropriate for "here", initial draft samples, if even while writing it.

However, this one sticks in my head as one to keep track of, to develop for live performance:

I think I may have "something" here with this one, so derUgo Wink

Ah, well, ... hmmm, now I kinda think this one may "represent" a direction change, however slight.

So, both, I think may show that direction. I actually wouldn't mind a focused "rut" for a while, --just don't want the AC/DC affect, "they all sound alike" Lol

Which is the best is a difficult question, I have a fair idea which is the worst I've written, but the best is harder, there are a few I'm pleased with but they are sort of quirky, so I don't want to include them. So the one I feel came out best using conventional measurement standards is this one, the demo is, of course, just a demo, and my vocals aren't particularly good, and I need to make changes to the end of the chorus, but I think it's "the best" I've written

Yeah, "best" and "favorite" are different. But best can mean different things to different people. And of course there is no wrong answer, it's an opinion. I don't have a stand out favorite, yet, although I have a few in the running.

Oh my... that's a great point, * "best, favorite..." -- very interesting. Well, all I know is, I had one I "thought" had "something" but, kind of didn't like it myself last 5090... then someone sang it. They saw the lyric, they were affected and asked to "do it". For lack of a better way to put it, it's "their" song now :), -- then I liked it.

All I "know" is, when I feel a song deeply, unless shy to "expose" that, --someone reacts well to it. The more I see doing that, people "reacting", the more I am inclined to keep that song. It then does become a "favorite", if not a "best" for me.

Great thread elliott! It's so encourage to read like mindedness, since is authentic affirmation concerning, -- what's "good", so to speak, how and why.

-- Good stuff!

Usually there’s an aspect of even a song I liked that didn’t quite come off, but that wasn’t the case with this one. Maybe it could be a bit longer, that’s it. You can probably get everything there is to know about French Cricketness (I apologise for the pretentiousness here) from this song