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. . . producing an "Album" here.

It's not a "developed" idea, just an idea that, -- I didn't want to loose.

If one had the time and capability and "could do it" . . . what 10 - 20 (?) members here would you take a Song, or two and produce a select genre Album (well stated as, one of many that exist here) .

So, there would be a "break beat" electronic music album, a "political" album, a folk album, a blues... RnB, blues RnB ... metal, acoustic one-take lo fi, and "...etc. ..." album.

I can't specify this myself, --since just "got" the idea (as said above)... but I know there are groupings of songs I would bind together and from folks within varied over all genres ... from the extreme limits of what I might think lyrically, to country, to "kitchen folk music" with the kids, and with my own. Many "here" had "one" song, regardless of the rest --that I "liked" (so to speak), --meaning beyond feedback and having nothing to do with "good/bad" --taste and etc.

Since I have put effort into "listening" to others, I do have a "Watchlist..." and I guess I would start there. You?

However, as I found out the other day, a "new" later coming member did some stuff I just loved personally but, was tagged "unrelated" as I read it/them. (Yes I did comment that, let them know, --hope they understood?.) I think folks should keep in mind tags are not anything more than that. So, if do a R&B song and is an "acoustic one-take lo-fi" --that is the important to 'here" tag, not necessarily "break up song", or etc. I heard some great stuff I would have otherwise missed. I don't personally, for e.g. search for break up songs Lol

Well, this is somewhat Rhetorical... but then, derUgo Fool

-- I already "know" the sensitivities, "down side" to this since read it already in response to "issues", "here". However, again, if you were a "backing producer", regardless of the "issues", who would you start to group. It's just a thought, fwiw Smile (Rhetorical)

PS: So if Rhetorical, why even comment it? Well, not being an "admin", nonetheless "see" who's here +- and since the "hard-core?" ... "your" opinion kinda does count, so to speak, as I see it for me. So, for e.g. if we have, maybe (just throwing out a number), 20-ish folks here they do have "rights" (so to speak) to say, "hey, I who love, and "do", -- acoustic one-take lo-fi ... would put these folks, this song together". I just can't help but wonder what that would look like from member "x, y, z...," here. Just say'in...

I would have problems trying to narrow it down in some categories, but I can see, for instance, there being some folks here I'd gladly buy albums from, let alone desiring to hear on a compilation. My only hesitation in making such a list would be inadvertently forgetting a favourite! (Mind is a sieve some days)

What exactly are you asking?

No question was asked. What part specifically isn't understood?

Heh. I, for some reason, thought you were soliciting feedback for something. My bad.

I think I get what the first post is about - the idea of putting various 5090ers' songs onto a genre-specific or theme-specific album (5090 Does Bluegrass, 5090 Does Heartbreak, etc). It's an interesting idea to me, but I doubt how much interest it would have beyond our community.
For a couple of years, I've been doing instrumentals for use as the soundtrack to the yoga classes I teach. I've considered asking 5090ers/FAWMers if they would ever want to contribute instrumentals to be played at the yoga studio my wife and I co-own. But I'd want to give them something in return - a little bit of money, or merchandise with our studio logo. And of course I'd tell our students who did the music and promote the artists a bit.
But I'm not asking here for submissions to such a 5090 Does Yoga project - I'd want it to be fairly official and maybe even contractual.
Back to the original idea - certain themes/genres might work better than others - a kids album by 5090ers would have more beyond-the-community appeal than edgier and/or more obscure concepts.

I think a compilation is still a good idea. I have no idea how to go about doing it that is fair. Actually, I do know how. Just ask a couple of other artists if they want to be on an album you are going to release. Tell them the details and if they say yes then you're golden. But that's different than an open thread to anyone who wants to contribute.

re: @Chip Withrow Yoga challenge. I think a lot of us would love to have some music played in your studio. I, personally, would love to be able to add "has music licensed commercially" to my bio.
Edit to add: That would be all the payment I would require. Seriously, let me know if I can submit.

Hey Chip! -- yes, that idea, ~~ direction, is what was swimming around.

I realize the "beyond these walls" issues..., the down side(s) has/have been very well developed and even substantiated. Nonetheless,, so what? None of us would be "here" if much, if anything, beyond joy was a root-core cause and affect of being "here".

Also, what occurred to me is how, in some ways, with the limited head count toward the "end" here (now) one can be sure of the "hardcore" element, --like their core or not Smile ... it's as hard as yours and still "here". One here, now, as I see it may be 180 degrees apart, however, their opinion on structural element (barring "taste" style) can't be disputed (like them personally or not). To "me", --that has *value, "now", --here now. We don't see enough of that today, possibly. Anyway...

So, in that regard I injected the comment of "opinion" weighting a bit more, so to speak for the "5090-Hardcore" folks, still here now.
( --Great Album Name, sure to get untended hits on a music search Smile )

So, yes, if I in my known good nature, (like me or not personally, --so what...), still remaining "here" beyond closing time, I then picked, e.g. 20 - 40 "Childrens songs" regardless of not picking or forgetting or etc., *it is what it is... well, --there would be that list.

(Heck for real life example, my wife and I agree to only say a meal we cooked is great, only if it *was, --we both cook at a Iron Chef level... believe or not. The point is, how can she/I *trust "wow that's great", if ALL are wow, that's great? So, yes, she/I even get(s) a "warning", -- "not to be served to guests", or neighbors dogs, ever and etc. Smile )

What's a "point" in that? Well, it's broad, not specific. However, "I" think my "friends" here would be OK with what I picked if even *none of theirs was picked. I am actually sure of it, --the folks I know, anyway.
1) None of my friends here, do Childrens Genre Wink , and ...
2) My friends know I only comment on what I "react" to on some level and do not react to many of their songs. However, when I do, and get specific, they really do appreciate it and know it's * "real". There are folks here who have commented on many of my songs and me on none of theirs. Eh, so what? Let's be adult about it. I am happy if I get 3 - 4 songs "I" like, that I wrote Lol !

Now, for me, building on that broad, blurry point... what if the lists "overlapped"? Hmmm, interesting.
-- So, if two or three of the twentyish folks here, remaining here now, picked 20 - 40 "Acoutstic one-take lo-fi" and of the e.g. 3 lists, then 7 - 10 songs overlapped. Well, "we" are the hardcore, "still here now", and well, what could be done about "that"?

a) it's good to know and
2) maybe someone then wants to "do" an "acoustic" compilation for which the 7 - 10 who got sifted that way, said yes too. (Or not, so what? Still gud2no Smile )

I don't really know, -- as I said in my first words here. But, it's an "idea" that may take hold (if even down the road). Or, as has happened, got 0 response, and deleted. However, in the past FAWM's, 5090's --many of the Forum Threads of "what if's" I've put up, did seem to assist some folks, myself included while "still being here".

Me -- eh, I am not saying I want to do it. But, I'd love seeing the result. And, again, simply, -- I didn't want to loose the idea and never "throw it out 'here'" ... for a chew and a spit Smile

--As far as your idea Chip, --love it.

"Me", personally would sign a one-time pressing fee (what's the min today 50? OMG... a bit much... anyway... Burn, One-offs up to a 50 Count likely never reached) for a T-shirt and you, --"go for it" at $5 a CD in your office, etc. [Key West, at the point... some never even specify a price and get a $20 while busking, or did, in my experience. No one puts in less than a $5er.)

As far as any song being sung, performed, "one time" and etc., -- all I ever asked was, please let me know; and of course, credit me -- it's my song, geese (and if done at any venue, please do at least a Cell Phone recording, video).

So, going in that direct for a bit more..., --if any of my "secular-xian" songs made it to a 5 Song Sunday list... -- go ahead. Just please let me know (just ask). For me, it's quite a kick to then say, "hey, this one get's sung "here -xyzlocal" ... glad they like it and hope you do too (now)! I'll assume no one would be singing my stuff at a "strip club"... --that' would get a "no" Lol )

So, anyway, as any "idea", especially posted as rhetorical... it gains momentum, or not, --either way! Look at FAWM - 5090 ... I guess it's got momentum Smile Glad they threw it out there for a chew and a spit Smile

-- Wow... waaaay longer than it looked in my head Wink ... anyway... it's just a "way" one could get to a cut-count w/o discussion, at the very least. And, would be nice to know and something else to see, read as work product here. I know I've kept track of my "watchlist" folks, songs, all along. And, I am sure I am on .0001% of others that exist now. -- Eh, so what? Smile And, since I am one of the "Hardcore-5090", my opinion has a bit more weighting than one who is no longer here. How would "they" know anyway? They'll only get pinged if one of their songs comes up. See? Lol Lol Lol

-- Or, just skip it... an idea one does not "get"... skip it, skpt it, skipt it, skip it! Oui... the internet must be scratched... sorry 'bout that, old vinyl... it tends to skip Smile