Yeah great irony in the title - anyone else noticed that ?

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In what way is the UK actually not Europe.. Effectively even if the little island is pulling out of the EU it isn't actually not Europe. But you hear this kind of phraseology everywhere all the time. People talking about "going to Europe".. I say "going to the mainland" to really piss people off.. But then, I am fed up of that anyway. They've got what they think they wanted: when it was more effective to consider it a them and us situation.. But its not really a songwriting kind of theme so... boring.. However the zenophobia maybe is. I hate people who don't like people!!

It has been "Europe and the UK" in this forum and the one on FAWM for ages.

It's probably just something that happened due to a misunderstanding, and now it's stuck. Once in a while somebody brings it up, and we all shrug and agree, but nobody with sufficient power feels enough for it to change the forum title.

Anyway, it's from before anyone thought of Brexit, so that angle is new. But yes, it adds to the irony.

I'm pretty sure (but partly guessing) that there was a large contingent of UK fawmers and a smaller number of fawmers from the mainland (mostly non native English speakers.) So the division partially came out of how the community interacted on FAWM and 50/90. Also, Americans aren't always logical.

Hmm, even the 'United' part of the 'United Kingdom' is looking a little shaky post Brexit.

Greetings from the most Northeastern part of the eurozone! If the European Union weren't so socialist, perhaps the world wouldn't have such a huge debt bubble. When this bubble bursts, I hope there will be justice and that we can brush off the worst totalitarian communists (eurocrats) and their fascist friends (banksters) who have lifted themselves above the legislation they have inflicted upon the proud peoples of Europe, whilst living off our backs.

@bong Denmark did well to keep its national currency, the Danish krone. The Finnish social democrats took us into the eurozone, which opened the door for Greece and other nations to follow. Poor Greece! That is something I shall never forget about these Finnish social democrat politians. They haven't been faring well in the polls lately.

Frankly I wasn't surprised about Brexit. For instance the UK and the Commonwealth has in many ways superior legislation to that of the continent (~Napoleonic Code).

"We lost our sovereignty with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and with it went our unique rule of law, the great British tradition of habeas corpus, and we are now subject to the Code Napoleon."

Now the UK should be able to upgrade itself back to habeas corpus. Besides, the longer the supranational establishment keeps pumping the bubble, the more calamitous its implosion will be. If hyperinflation kicks off, gold save the Queen! I hope I'm wrong about the economy...

EDIT: removed a potentially offensive word

@levesinet - Nazis? In Finland?? I had no idea they were sending people to death camps in Scandinavia. Wink

@Fuzzy we don't.

Perhaps we should ask for this thread to be deleted before someone points out @levesinet's rather cavalier and possibly offensive use of the word "Nazi".

Well, in 2000, Mr Lipponen did apologize for Finland's turning some Jews over to the Gestapo during the Continuation War when the government was allied with Hitler's Germany. I guess better late than never. Sorry about the offtopic and I removed the word that you found possibly offensive.

No worries, @levesinet, more upset about the off topic thread than anything. Of course, the irony is that I'm helping to keep this thread alive.

Off topic comment, not off topic thread. It could have been placed in the tech help forum (or general or 5090 culture), but the topic is OK.