yam655's album based on 2018 50/90 material

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11 tracks.
42 minutes.

100% original material from 2018 50/90.
None of it is acapella.

I’m edgy and experimental and outside of the music genre norms.
If you have a clue as to what I should call my genre, please let me know.


Hey, -- I went through them, not all 42 mins. It seems you ask a serious question, since ask a few times concerning genre. I had listened to your work all along, but for me, felt I needed to see a body of work since is as you described, and is "a·vant-garde".
-- I'd call it: Ambient-fusion.

(So, others here have seen me, rather than leave 43 ad-hoc comments, did a long roll up feedback-comment -- which imo is good to do anyway (with the 43 Smile ) if really following someone and vise versa seeking feedback.) So, here uGo:

---- So, in some manner of how to discuss it, this, your work, -- let me start with, yellow submarine has some of this, so does pink floyd, however more "fused" with conventional structure/lyrcs and etc. (Yoko Ono could be the other end of this spectrum?)

I could see it used with Visual-arts combined, holistically. So again, I'd call it Ambient-fusion. I've had animation peers do just that, create an ambient track, tell a separate * visual story yet have a juxaposition flow of thought, so, e.g. a line drawing, "flip-book" filmed, -- person walking down Broadway NY buys a hotdog (the story) yet the lyric/tacit - thought is other, 2nd story -- so to speak and as example and not to build a straw-man foundation.

For me, personally, regardless of "intentional intent" of "how-to", you-did it. the track(s), ... in terms of the production (which we don't look at here Crazy ) , not engaging quality, which I think is fine, but in the -- Mix:
-- If the two tracks (vocal:ambient) were more symbiotic, synergistic deliberately, specifically and at dB/EQ levels (sometimes * merging * even), it could have a lateral effect of a different kind to then, -- re-discuss/engage.
-- Hey, no one said, walking a guitar up to a 100W Marshall Stack at "10", and forcing a 5 min screaming feedback Note was ever symbiotic or synergistic -- it's just how folks heard it, the effect may have hit them a day later when the wine wore off Crazy (Hendrix first burning of a guitar on stage while playing it... something I would've loved to been the first to do, and gotten shit all over for it, I'm sure, ---- like things I do... -- at * first. If you watch commentary video of that (hendrix burning) as e.g., some referred to it as "rape", -- thank God the festival was in CA and not Alabama, aye Wink --they were still struck dumb if you look at the audience, reaction shots ... wonderful stuff for an avantgarde-ist Smile ).

Hey, don't like Ambient-fusion, ---- do what I do, ~~ make up a word ~~ ... it'll soon be in the dictionary... it happens all the time Uno!

-- So, derUgo Crazy

Can't wait to see where it all progresses.