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As you all know, there are a lot of talented songwriters on this website with very unique styles. I think it would be cool to see some of them mimic the other ones. Since no one's posted above me, I don't yet have a song, but hopefully the next person here will and we can get a chain going. Feel free to post in this thread as many times as you'd like, but if you do post, please link your song.

This is a really cool idea, but I'd be hesitant to do it. First because I'm trying to develop my own voice, so mimicking someone else's voice would be counter productive. Also, I don't think I want someone mimicking me. That could be an uncomfortable mirror to look into and it's easy to cross over from mimic to mock without really meaning to or realizing it. Maybe instead, you could write down some words that you think describe your style and the next person could write a song that fits the description. Or maybe it's just my personal hang up and you should ignore me. Don't mind me *^_^*

I agree with Kat - I wouldn't do it. For me, it's the resources - in order to record something in the style of someone else, I'd need access to similar instrumentation and it would become a huge project I'd probably quickly abandon because to me, there's no reward. Also, my *style* is all over the place - because I try to be eclectic with my production. Maybe you could make it a "corpse" type challenge? That you get 10 seconds of the part before you, and you have to recreate the same sound and style and lyrics or whatever to be as seamless as possible?

I really like this idea! I've been a bit useless at music for a couple of weeks (a lot of annoying other stuff going on at the moment), but if I get some time this weekend I'm totally going to have a go at writing a @Powerstars-style song!

@katpiercemusic and [@brrse]: I get where you guys are coming from, and having some words that describe one's own style would be a good idea, definitely. And you bring up a good point about mimicing crossing over into mocking by mistake. But I think mimicing other people's styles doesn't necessarily remove your own voice from the equation and can result in exploring new territory musically or lyrically. I've gotten some really good material from just trying to write songs tht sound like some of my favorite artists. So while I understand where you're coming from, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree.

The idea for a corpse type challenge based upon this isn't necessarily a bad idea also, I actually think it's quite cool and could result in an interesting piece seeing how the style morphs from beginning to end, it's just not what I had in mind.

@Vom Vorton Great! I'll come right back with a 'you' style song soon!

is a cool idea for all the reasons you are averse to it, if you tried to be different styles you still couldnt help but be you. on the contrary, i think it would help you see what is you in the long run, neat idea, havent follwed this thread yet but had to say that Smile go for it

@sherrycanary did this for me out of the blue during FAWM this year. It was quite flattering, as she'd clearly put a lot of thought into it (and I enjoyed the result - it had a twist in the final line that re-contextualised not only the song, but every literary device employed theretofore, which is totally something I would do).

Although I myself do not fear 'the mirror', I do agree with @katpiercemusic's point about how some may find it uncomfortable, and the blurred line between mimicry and mockery. This is why I would be reluctant to do this to anyone who didn't say 'have at me!', or words to that effect.

I also think that, as a lyricist, I couldn't reciprocate fully in a challenge centred on musical tropes, so please consider this post a mere aside.

I'm with @katpiercemusic and [@brrrse]. I can't see mimicking someone else as I would only be minimally familiar with their style (assuming they even had a distinctive one.) Seems like this would take more effort than writing several songs.

Most of what I write is self-parody anyway. I'd love for someone to have a go at mimicing or mocking my style! If I can take the mickey out of myself, I'm really not going to get upset if someone else does too. Biggrin

sorry if my comment seemed insensitive.. i hit reply to an early comment forgetting it posts it at the end of comments. I hadn't taken "in the style of" as such a negative mocking meaning that is mentioned. I usually have different "that type of thing" ideas running along with writing a song, i think it would be fun to play amongst ourselves... those who are up for it. I don't take In the style of as taking the piss. feel free to write a wobbie wobbit song, would be fascinated to see what comes up Smile