Write a Song Inspired by a Rare Historical Photo & Story

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I found this site and just love it! Peruse the rare photos and read the story behind any that interest you. Then...write a song about it!! Tag it #rarephoto for others to share.


Maybe this should be a challenge! I like the site. I'll have to look a little bit longer.

Cool site, a lot striking images and background stories that can give inspiration for potential songs there, think I most probably will try to write a tune based upon on of the photos.

I've been writing a few songs about historical figures and/or stories. But generally not from photos. It might be a cool angle to use a photo as a tethering point in the song.

I've been meaning to write a tune about the great Boston molasses flood of 1919. Maybe this is the year!

Excellent challenge! Smile

I found the photo and story of the kamikaze pilots the day before their mission quite haunting, but I don't know if I could write a song about it. I want to explore the site further.
Yesterday my wife discovered a photo of my dad holding me as a baby, August 1966. Perhaps not historic, but worth writing about, I think.

Thanks @johnstaples I am definitely getting some song ideas there "the aftermath of a skirmish" ROFL I sorta remember the first man on the moon, it was on all the tv stations and we got excused from class to watch part of it. It would be tough to top Mare Wakefields song "The First Poet On the Moon" inspired by the landing. I see some more recent events too and I might blend it with photos of closed local businesses and now torn down buildings to fit one of my possible album themes. Yes this is for me!

Hauntimg ... that seems the right expression. Great idea @johnstaples!

@AndyGetch, I remember my mom sitting us in front of the TV for Apollo 11. Weird thing is, I also remember being let out of school to watch it. But it happened in mid July of 1969. :/ I was seven at the time. I wonder if the memory of being let out of school is from a different space-related event?

Edit: Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are still with us -- it would be amazing if they were around to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the landing.

@johnstaples Good one! A pictures tell a thousand stories.

@TomS oh yeah, synapse cross-connection ROFL . Maybe the let out of school memory was another mission. :/

A friend of mine who knows a lot about local history happened to be telling a lady a great story from around the Revolutionary war as I walked by. I hadn't heard that one before. I think it might need to be a song.

There is a photo of Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration where you can clearly see John Wilkes Booth on a balcony about 20 feet away. I've always wanted to work that image into something. Maybe now is the time.

Hi @johnstaples! What a nice idea. I got interested immediately! My inspiration came from a photo showing the inflation in Germany, 1922. Here's the song: