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I've just discovered that there is a section "My activity" where I can see what songs I've been commenting on and whether there are any updates (like new comments). I've found it a very useful information as it will give me an opportunity to listen to and read what I liked. I thought I'd share my "discovery" with you. Maybe it's just me who didn't know this but perhaps I'm not the only one who didn't know. Anyway, it's under your profile name in the left hand corner.

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That's the only section i use Wink
I'm afraid this site has a lot more to offer than I know of...


Thanks for the tip! Awesome!

You are very welcome Smile

i use all these - very helpful. i love my saved songs and my watchlist! if only there were not so many profile probs this year - it drops out so often, i know many people have had it this year

Yes, it’s very interesting to read through as the project digs in, and at the end.

I’m not sure all the mentions are aggregated, but for the folks who are so diligent to ID folks correctly in places that are - gold stars to them Wink !