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I listen to allot of music, -- allot. For some reason "Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection" popped up and I started to preview all the tracks, -- amazon allows me full track reviews on many tracks. I actually don't own any Yes, not even from that era (no money to by Vinyl... $5-$10 bucks $15 even, back then, was like 20, 30, 40 ish today? +- ).

Anyway, I was struck hard, in memory how much Yes I listened to within all of the very much other, especially from that era.

It made me remember concerts, and theirs. I think it was during their "Fragile" album release, --not sure. Worst concert in my life. -- NOT THE BAND Crazy but the Madison Square Garden venu concert iteself.

I was basically there, taking someone else who wanted to go, but would not have gone otherwise.

The crowd was "out of control"; so loud, I/we actually could not properly hear the band, and Yes would NOT turn up the volume. That's when the paper programs were set on fire and being chucked randomly, -- which happened kinda regularly anyway. (I heard a rumor that after one concert Led Zep said they'd never play the Garden again... yeah, right...) So between the flying cups-o-beer and burning paper airplanes I was ready to got, maybe it was like 30 mins into it but stayed as long as this person wanted to.

Hard to believe to be bored at a Yes concert, but I was. I never understood why they never just cranked it, but, they didn't, -- my memory of it anyway. I may be the only person on Earth ? who remembers it anyway Crazy -- and it's just a memory that pops up now and then.

-- As well, as I think about this, I guess I am surprised at the memory of how much Yes was played then, -- 95.5 WPLJ was "THE" FM station then... and again, -- who had money for Vinyl?! (Not me) So, the radio meant allot, -- then; unlike today. I actually think I have not turned on the "radio" in one vehicle I own Smile hahhh! However, in another, it has the factory installed 8-Track Tape Player/Radio combo in it... good God! Aye!?

-- You? Music 2

My only visit to New York City was to see the Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden in 1987. Great show, and I don't remember MSG being much different from any of the other arenas Grateful Dead was playing at the time.
As far as worst concert musically, probably Neil Young on his early '80s Trans tour. Trans was a weird electronic album, and he played mainly songs from that and only one or two others.
I saw Queen in the early '80s and was disappointed. They didn't live up to their reputation as a live act, but it wasn't horrible.
I saw one of the Grateful Dead spin-off bands, Furthur, at an oversold venue in Orlando maybe a half dozen years ago. We left early and that was the last concert I've been to. Now I watch live performances on You Tube on a big screen from the comfort of my couch.

Yes changed a lot over the years. I saw them at Wembley Arena on the 90125 tour with Trevor Rabin replacing Steve Howe, and I'd still rank that show as one of the top five concerts I've ever been to. It was the first time I'd seen a band use flown lighting trusses, and when the light show *started to move* I thought I was tripping.

Worst concert for me? Killing Joke in Milton Keynes, some time in the early 90s. Five minutes before they were due to take the stage, they decided they hadn't been paid enough, and walked. There was a riot. I haven't bought anything by them since.

I know this will be a very unpopular thing to say, but my worst experience was seeing Bruce Springsteen somewhere in NJ. I went with my partner in the 1980's because she was such a big fan.The concert was like 4 hours long! For me, it was a nightmare - Every song sounded the same! - I would turn and say "Didn't we just hear that song?" And the guys in front of us were standing on the their seats the whole time, so I couldn't see a damn thing anyway

Great stuff, --glad folks are sharing Smile hahhh... great stuff.

-- I saw Queen, ironically at the Garden and I'd say that was possibly one of the best, (many good/great ones). I think it may have been when they started (not a huge queen fan), but it was when they came out with the "fat bottom girls" song; so whatever album that was attached to. I'll never forget that one, and never equaled as far as show, sound and how well run at MSG.

I believe/guess timing is everything and maybe sometimes the wrong crowd shows up for the band? Crazy

I wish concerts and festivals were as easy to engage as they were, or seemed to be back then. Now, for me imo, they are kinda more trouble than the fun you'd pay, and pay dearly (to much money) for.

I remember another concert, an outdoor concert somewhere in NJ, -- I loved the ones that opened gates around 4p, 6p and ran to 10p or so, or you'd get heat stroke (which made no sense)... anyway... I wish I could mention the band but am sure will cause some angst here... another great concert with MANY opening bands prior to their show. But, anyway, -- the one friends Dad who drove us was a NYC, "Fort Apache" detective, -- so when we were dropped off, it was without "gear" of any kind Smile -- and many venus then didn't really sell "beer" and if did it was like $10/cup OMG! ... half of the group wasted half the concert looking for "gear" and it just was not there. Unlike the Queen concert where "joints" were passed down rows... -- now that's "unsanitary" Crazy -- no thanks anyway, but, how trusting would you have to be to smoke something 10 people over lit and handed off... different times to be sure!!! (fyi -- no, I was not ever really attracted to pharma... beer yes, at least I knew what it was, was my thought, -- all these "hippies" into organic everything, -- ingesting what exactly? from who's farm/garage?)

-- Hahhh... memories, memories, memories ... Music 2

The world's best music festival is Pickathon, just outside Portland OR. Totally non-corporate. Great food. Great music. Beautiful location. No plastic. No trash. Good vibes all around.

I saw Dinosaur Jr at Pickathon last summer. I really like Dino Jr and was pretty excited to see them play, but J Mascis's personal guitar rig was so loud that the show was completely unbearable. Every other artist who played at this venue sounded great. I don't understand how a pro and a veteran rocker who's been touring since the 80s could inflict pain on his fans in this manner. Dude, turn that sh#t down!!! I'm angry thinking about it a year after the fact

Clearwater, just around the corner is like your Pickathon. It's a zero waste festival and they get some really good musicians. Also, lots of environmental and social justice awareness. The MainStage always seems like more trouble than it's worth. Sure, it's Richard Thompson, but if I don't plant a tent on Saturday morning for his Sunday night show, I won't see anything, and they crank the volume so loud that it sometimes interferes with the other stages. On the other hand, I had an amazing spot to hear Jake Shimabukuro a couple of years back (not the MainStage) and I've also heard some great performances by Toshi Reagon, Rhiannon Giddens, Dom Flemons, Dar Williams, Guy Davis... so many great musicians!

Mine was Alabama. I really liked them and was very disappointed. Part of their speakers never arrived so the sound wasn't any good. And, since they had so many hits, they just sang parts of some of the songs and ran everything together. They left out many of my favorites too.

It was pretty uncomfortable being in a stadium crowd of Deadheads who were booing Warren Zevon, the opening act. It was the second day in the same venue and Zevon was playing the exact same set, down to the highly scripted stage patter. Great songwriter, but ....

My worst concert experience was Katie Perry. It was an outdoor corporate event, and I was working at the after party next door. I tried to sneak down to the beach, but it was packed with thousands of other people. I couldn't see anything. I went back to the after party site because they had live video and audio feeds.

(It was a great show. I was just in a bad location.)

Jake Shimabukuro always puts on a great show. He's amazing, and a very sweet person. He doesn't sing, barely talks, so sometimes people start to drift. The last time I saw him, he joked around more, tried to sing a song, and built a lot more rapport with the audience.

Not mine, but a story about my sister; she went to see U2 a couple of decades ago, and the guy standing on his chair behind her puked on her head before the show even started. She sat through the whole show with her hair full of some stranger's vomit.

Worst concert-- seeing Tori Amos after the release of her second album. It was at the Riviera Theater in Tonawanda, a beautiful intimate venue near the waterfront. It holds about 350 people, I think. I was very excited to her hear live and in person, and close enough to really see the performance well. I was with my bandmate and we had pretty good seats.

First, she was late arriving-- by a little over two hours. We all stood waiting for close to an hour in front of the closed doors before theater reps told us to go sit somewhere else for a while, as she was still on her way. There's nothing near the theater but a few bars and little restaurants right across the street, only a couple of which were open, since it was Sunday afternoon. So literally the entire audience packed into a couple of bars and sat drinking till they came and told us they were ready to open the doors for the concert, and they told us to hurry. The ladies room the bar my pal and I were at was hideous, so I made the huge mistake of deciding to use the one at the theater instead.

So did everyone else! And the place had just one ladies' and one men's room per level, and one of the ladies' stalls on my level was out of order, leaving two working stalls. While I was still waiting in line, word came from the stage that Tori was ready to start but wouldn't begin until everyone was in their seat-- and she wasn't going to wait more than another couple of minutes, so if you weren't in your seat by then, you wouldn't be allowed to sit down and 'disrupt' the concert. WTF, right? Make your paying customers wait with no entertainment, then play the diva card. My teeth were floating, but I managed to get in & out just it in time. It was then close to three hours past when the concert was supposed to have begun.

So Tori takes the stage, completely avoids any kind of "hey, sorry I'm late" and proceeds to talk about her big video-- the one where she deliberately uses all the New Age/Wiccan Witch motifs and has snakes crawling all over her-- only in order to play down the association with magick, saying in sort of snide voice, and I quote, "It's not like I have a bunch of crystals up my ass." She laughs and rolls her eyes. So those of us that had followed her music in part because she had been consistently presenting herself exactly as if she might keep crystals (somewhere) felt a bit betrayed or insulted. Especially on top of being treated like naughty little kids for needing to relieve ourselves after we waited for her princessy ass.

Still, I prepared myself for some good music. And the first few songs were decent. But her first set just kept getting slower and slower, till one song blended totally into another. It was like a long grey death, the worst planned set I've ever heard with no variation in tone or tempo whatsoever. BORING as f**k. And we weren't allowed out of our seats while Diva Drawers was playing. She wiggled all over her piano bench like she was getting goosed, and it looked kinda fake, frankly, 'cause she wasn't playing anything with any life to it, though there was intensity-- depressive intensity. I would rather eat a shoe than have to hear that set again.

She set the same rules for intermission as before, so there was no much time to stretch our legs. I will say, the second set had some movement, though it lost momentum halfway through. It was such a shi**y concert, and I've never been able to stand Tori Amos since. No one should ever treat their audience like that, and I lost all respect for her and stopped listening to her music.

Worst concert was Bob Dylan. Zoo amphitheater in Okla. City. He was only on for 45 minutes, and G.E. Smith kept hogging the limelight. I had already seen The Rolling Thunder Revue back in '75 so this was a real let down. Now I understand that a lot of his concerts have been inconsistently high/low, as told to me by others.

Honeymoon Suite, live in a local festival thing. They started their set by playing a bunch of new songs nobody knew, then the lead singer berated the crowd for not being enthusiastic enough about their music. Finally they played a couple of their hits from the 80s that people recognized but by then they had lost a lot of the crowd.