Wisconsin - More Cheese! More Music!

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Hi Fellow and Former Wisconsinites!
I look forward to hearing your music from the Dairyland!
I’m in Madison, WI. I tend to write a lot of lyrics and try to do some music. I’m always happy to collaborate and if you are in the area, I would be happy to collaborate in person.

Welcome back to all former 50/90ers and a special welcome to all new members. I hope you have a wonderful and fun 50/90 experience!

sheboygan here! or sheboogie, whichever you prefer :P

I’m in Hudson WI, sometimes known as the Wisconsin suburb of Saint Paul MN. My son lives near Madison so I jumped into a FOP (FAWM Over Party) in Madison a few years ago. I love meeting fellow songwriters. I wish you all a great 50/90!