Why -- write?, compose? Why do this, as we do?

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Why -- write?, compose? Why do this, as we do?

I was an ear shot away from a broadcast this morning, replaying Barbara Streisand in an interview, done very recently.

She said, in regard to "Songwriting" et al. "Performance", -- in her life, as a child, etc. --in her life:
"She was not seen".

"She spoke, --never heard. Invisible".

-- I had never heard this previously.

She explained that "this" can be a tremendous motivator to perform, so to speak (sing, write, act, paint, --perform).

-- What do you think?


Me? ~~

Interestingly, to me, -- I am known for explaining to folks, -- "I'm not invisible", and let me demonstrate that (and then I do per that context).

It's an unusual thing to experience (invisibility, --really), and (of this kind) has nothing to do with gender or size, race or religion, etc. One either "gets that", or they don't., --no shades of gray in this one. Barbara Streisand is a Caucasian, Female, Jew, -- I'm not; yet this Core Element, we do share as Human-beings.

However again, there is a kind of ~person~ people just don't "see", so to speak. Alternately speaking, if seen, -- seen, and engaged for other by more "savvy" folks of another kind. Then, too, positively speaking, --some do see them, and the artistic-fruit, of a kind is seen, if not *$ought for profit.

Again, some Write Lyrics, Some Sing, Some Perform, Some become Boxers, Some become Prostitutes/Strippers et al., Some become Powerful Bosses --power-positions (of many kinds, brutal, kind).

Yet, as well, in this generalization, --it seems, there are "children" who from birth are extremely well treated in life in general, -- and do as well? Do they?

So, I was wondering if there was a Generalized-template of sorts.

-- For me, writing songs has been a/the most satisfying thing to do.

I have, in my life, engaged a few of the other "Labels" too. Since, if you do well (define well), you may become, e.g. a "Boss" of a type, -- no vacuums in life it seems.

Because it is fun...

I understand the invisible thing very well, but that's not why I write. I write, because I always have. My earliest memories include songwriting. It's just what I do.

I write because Music is how I interface with the world. It is how I express myself and how I give back to the world. I've never really wanted to perform my music - I'd rather have someone who is a performer do that. I just write it. It goes where it wants.

I write because it's a fun and useful outlet for me.

Sanity purposes.

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I used to write stories, draw and write poems as a child--always sought out a quiet place away from the hullabaloo. The idea of writing songs never crossed my mind until they did--very late in life. I used to listen to songs as a teen, had a good memory for them and used to sing while doing dishes until someone commented on how it would sound good "IF"......and expected Barbara Streisand from a teen experimenting with sound, but I was just singing for my own enjoyment to pass the time. I stopped singing when others were around--too tender to deal with criticism as a teen. From then on believed I didn't have a singing voice until after I had my first child and decided if I wanted my child to have confidence I didn't have, I'd have to "fake it", so sang around others regardless of my beliefs--that lead to some new discoveries--many did like my voice and some did not. I decided to sing for those who do. I still get rattled from the start when singing in a crowd, but then get "into" the song and then I'm ok. Had an incident related to health late, late in life that spurred the songwriting and now its made a home in my soul. I'm more a songwriter than a performer, but I do like to sing, but find writing my most comfortable mode of expression.

@Adnama17 "Sanity purposes." That too. I refer to my music as therapy.

Because I can

Because I cannot not.

Why, to attract females, of course! Smile

@Dragondreams This is also the reason why I wear loafers.

+1 on @Adnama17 @Valerie Cox "sanity", and @Dragondreams "cannot not". Its my way to figure out how I fit in the universe, through past fears, and survival on overdrive. Its a deep passion to be that lone singer-songwriter with a guitar and a few people listening, like my musical heroes. To communicate and relate feelings. To translate my unique set of sensations.

I used to journal every day. At the end of a year, I'd have a thick pile of garbage. So now I try to write every day, even if it's only fifteen minutes. But I try to make something intriguing, funny, or whatever mood I'm in. Take elements of reality, and maybe combine it with something that wasn't real. At the end of the year, I have a bunch of lyrics. Maybe some of those get demos. It's a lot better than trying to read through those journals.

Hi @iveg, I still write journals. I assure you nobody wants to read them, not even me. Smile

But why we write song? For me it's more about like making a chair. You have to be able to sit on it without falling over because one leg is shorter than the other. Of course I put some personal feelings into it too, it wouldn't have any heart if I didn't, but I do it in a more general way.

When collabing I try to make something nice for the lyricist, so that we both could sit in our song and feel comfortable. My joints are too stiff to sit in the floor anyway.

I suppose I feel more like an artisan than artist. Or artisan first. Each approach has it's merits.

When I was little... 3, 4, 5... I used to make up songs while riding in the back of the car. When I was in elementary school I would write poems and stories. When I really became a trumpet player, I sort of stopped writing. I stopped for a very long time. Oddly enough, I picked it up again, mostly when I stopped being a college trumpet player. I got a little lost for a while after college, but I found myself again.

I understand the invisible thing. For me I sometimes feel like I'm "out of sight, out of mind." The people who know me would describe me as a "talented music" if asked, but when one of them needs a "talented musician" for a project or performance, or because they're starting a new group... my name never comes up. I think that's why I've been trying so hard to perform more lately... because I'm angry and I want to prove to those assholes who call themselves my friends that I am capable keeping up with them and more.

However, I write because it amuses me. Writing actually gets in the way of being more noticeable because the songs I write definitely don't have universal appeal. I could just be learning some fun bluegrass and folk rock and stuff like that, but I write because it amuses me and makes me happy. So it's a balancing act, and I don't know if I've found the right balance yet.

Music and writing got a hold on me early in life, and is now my life. Cannot imagine not doing it.

I think creativity is a fundamental part of the human experience - you only need to see young kids playing, or to remember your younger self, to realise just how insanely creative we actually are. However, we've built a society where for most people creativity is something they need to squeeze into that ever-shrinking space we call leisure time.

For me, I have a number of areas where I've tried to be creative and it acts an antidote to a very process-driven and mostly uncreative career in IT. Music has always been a passion of mine and I go through periods of songwriting - FAWM and 50/90 have helped make the current one more sustained than most in the past - that coupled with the endless sonic possibilities now available to me with DAW based music creation.

I'm a also reasonable photographer and had a fair crack at 3D game art. I've probably got a science fiction novel or two in me if I could muster the determination to put in the work.

But in the meantime, I need my creative outlet and right now it's music - if nothing else it keeps me sane in a world that tries its best to make me the opposite.

Often my music/writing/drawing is therapy. Other times it's an attempt to make myself smile. Jumping into these challenges has shown me my creations can sometimes make other people smile too. If I can cause someone to laugh or smile, or feel connected because of a shared emotion or belief, it feels like I've made a positive difference. Moving into my "senior" years has caused me to want to share fearlessly. I don't want my music/writing/drawing to die with me. I have hard days when the muse is shut down due to heavy emotions...but mostly the drive to create keeps me creating. I cannot not... Well said DD.