Why and when to post to someone's soundboard?

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OK, so I've always been confused as to why people post on soundboards instead of replies to posts. Is there a technical reason? Because if someone replies to a thread, I can see people's updated replies when i click on the My Activity link, but I don't see new posts to my soundboard quite as readily....

I reply to sound boards because in FAWM, posters won't see replies. They won't get a notification of replies, and won't see it unless they go back to their comment manually. Conversations are better had on soundboard because notifications work there. Hope that helps

but i don't see notifications on my soundboard at all. i just see notifications for replies when I go to My Activity link: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/mytracker
How do you see notifications from soundboard?

I just check my soundboard often

It's a bad habit we've developed from FAWM where there is no reply notification at all if you reply to someone on your own board.

When a FiNiner obsessively checks their page for more comments they typically see the new soundboard post just under their song list. And when I say a FiNiner, I mean me.