Who's still here, and what's your motivation like?

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I just went back and had a listen to one of my earlier songs (I listen to my own songs all the time). And I decided to check in on some of the commenters, and I noticed that several of them hadn't posted any songs for quite a while. I get it - you start out super-motivated, then life happens.
So in these final few days of the challenge, I'm wondering who's around, how active you are, and what you plan on doing with the time left in the challenge.
I just achieved a personal goal of 50 solo demos - I've also done 4 collabs. I have one more song written and ready to record, and one instrumental idea involving an instrument I haven't used yet this 50/90. Plus, workload permitting (weekends are workdays for me now) I'd love to do a skirmish or two during the last superskirmish - I have not skirmished yet this 50/90.
And I'd like to reach 300 comments given, although that may take beyond Oct 1 to reach.
How about you?

I'm still struggling toward 25, my casually stated goal. I'm in a exquisite corpse for the first time ever, and we are running out of time on that project, so who knows if that will even get posted.

I'm working on something tonight that has one verse and needs more lyrics. And maybe one collab that might actually come together. Then maybe skirmish stuff this weekend (I haven't done a skirmish yet this time around -- also).

Commenting for me has slowed down because nobody seems to be here. I'm commenting on a new song every couple of days. I'm in the 200's, and hitting 300 comments might be really hard.

It seems deathly quiet around here now. Maybe we'll see a burst of activity this weekend.

I've pretty much done what I set out to do, so I'm satisfied.

I'm still here and I'd still be going great guns except that work accelerates hugely in September. But I'm still here, still listening, still writing as I have opportunity, and I still have one big project I'm trying to finish--- let's see if I can!

Still here! Looking forward to doing more over next several days! Hoping for a few more collaborations too!

45 down, determined to get to 50 despite flagging energy. Going to collapse over the finish line this weekend. My commenting has dropped off, but I'll catch up at the end. Almost at 400 comments.

Got one more, maybe two, if I get home in time on Sun. Want to catch up on my commenting this week though. That's my main focus, although I failed mightily today. Damn it...

One more song to finish tonight, one more collab in the works, and that'll take me to 30. I'm happy with that - the only time I've made it to 50 I heavily relied on skirmishes and only ended up with a few keepers, I think I've got the balance just right this year.

Got to 50 so I'm done. I did two lyrics only posts which by the way I wanted to do things is cheating but after defining my sound so much and doing the same thing too many times it's time for a break for me.

Still here. had 'flu for a few days, trying to catch up now. Aiming for 25.

Thanks for responding to my post - hope to see more. I think/hope I've reciprocated everyone who has commented on my songs, so now I'm focusing on listening to those who are still around.
Last night, after I started this thread, I found that I had at least one more song in me, in Spanish. I'm determined to restart my Spanish self-education - it's a useful language to know, and especially here in southwest Florida.

Here, creating, collaborating, listening, reading, commenting...

Hit 50 a while a back. At least 20 of them collaborations. I've hit over 600 comments, although very few in the last week. (Thanks @kahlo2013 for all your comments. I'll be by eventually.) This week is super, duper busy with my daughter's H.S. softball schedule. And I'm the announcer at the home games so the rest of the week is very, very busy. But last night I did two fly by collaborations to posted lyrics. Which is rude, but I had ideas and I knew if I didn't do them right then they would never get done. I hope one (or hopefully both) of the lyricists like what I did enough to post. If not I'll private lock two titles. And I'll have Sunday mostly free for a last minute write a thon... or maybe family time instead.

So... super hugely awesome 50/90 for me. Still not over, but definitely winding down. I am participating in the Album Production Challenge, though. So pre-production will start next week(ish.)

I'm still here; I've got 51 songs done so far but I plan on recording at least another two at the weekend. I'm still commenting, because it's so important to the site. Like Chip, I want to get to 300 comments, although that won't happen by October 1st.

I'm gonna combine this with the "Why I love 5090" thread. I wouldn't make music at all were it not for these challenges, so this community means a whole lot to me. I haven't done much here this year, but I've still been massively inspired. I have all sorts of songs underway and ideas percolating that can be 100% attributed to the existence of the 5090 and the support I find here.

What's my motivation? Well, I want to post one more song...maybe more. Nothing big...maybe just me crudely banging triads on the piano and singing...but one more. And I plan to listen a bit more. I never understood how people could fail to listen to at least 2-3 songs a day while they are actively participating in this thing. I always try to pay it forward, listening and commenting even if I'm not posting songs.

I'm still here checking out the threads but probably won't be making any more music after my intensely stressful summer; I'm pretty burned out.
Gonna do Rocktober, though.

Didn't think that I'd make 50 this year- I had done 50 songs previously, but not in the last two or three years.... just posted song number 52.

I have to thank everyone who listened and commented for helping us all to keep the motivation going. And of course, ironically, I have to 'thank' (so to speak) the orange disaster in the white house for inspiring so many hate-filled rants, uh,... songs, that is Smile Seriously, tho, I ended up with so many political songs (and some at least tried to be more thoughtful!) that I issued an album on bandcamp called "Summer of the Orange Disaster". (feel free to check it out!)

After that, I kept writing more, and part of the motivation, as well, is to have enough material (between the rest of the 50/90 songs and earlier songs from other years I didn't use for albums) for this Album Production Challenge which I'm going to participate in- look for a (probably very non-political, maybe centered around family/ancestors?) album sometime around December 1st!

Set my personal goal of 90 and reached it with a week to spare. Put together a YouTube video highlight reel, which was fun. Now going through and polishing up my faves. Might do another collab or two if something excites me. It's been a fun summer.

I think I've posted as many songs as I'm going, for various complicated reasons. But I'll carry on commenting until the end, a bit, I need to do four comments a day to reach 400, so I might make that a goal.

For me, I tend to "wind up", sometimes, more at the end. However, then knowing it will end soon, I pull back. All of these FAWM, 5090 I started out thinking, "well, I'll just comment". But then, something happens, and it starts.

I try not to hold back, but, kinda stopped "just writing" too, --too much in the krappe pile to be concerned with.

I am never motivated to "hit" any number, especially 50. However, if I can walk away with 6, 7, 8 songs that I really like (feel worthy to develop)..., well, anyone's gotta admit, --that's substantial. So, maybe actually 6 or so since I still cull heavily around January-ish, by various means, criteria.

My "goal", is to ever have a maximum of 100-150 songs in a play book. I know I've written, I'll guess in the area of a thousand-ish, (stuff for "me", only), so that's what 10%-ish. Of that, I try to regularly play, "practice", run through 50 or so regularly. If one has a solid, liked 50 or so, they have 2.5 hours of material ~3min/song w/o silence. That's allot of music to keep track of and be "useful", as it is for me.

I kinda got that criteria (fyi) from friends who've worked "no silence" venues, or not more than 60 secs/hr. They had ~45 songs or about 2 1/4 hr of material. I think if one is "doing" their stuff, maybe that's not a burden. But these guys were doing covers and fighting with each other, Smile , so seemed like allot of pressure versus fun. "Ah, the plight of the almost famous..." The venues that are run like a "TV set", counting seconds of time, eh, ... I'd make'em take out all the green M&M's Lol

-- The point to that above is, of those 50, if someone says, I have this context venue, pick 3, I can... there's allot to choose from, 150 songs has happy, sad, secular, R&B, Christian, and etc.

So, not counting all the old stuff finished from the old krappe pile when I started 5090 this year, I've reached my "goal". (Remember, I and others in a pre5090 forum said we'd be "finishing" old stuff.)

-- If there ever is a version of "this" (group dynamic) that remains more on-going, I'd just stay and keep working. However, I know part of why this works is the break and etc. As the group falls off, so does the very good, workable group dynamic, --the fuzzy lines go away. Oh well Smile

-- Chip, you've had some personally, really likeable stuff this year, --regardless of how well written or not Wink What do we do with all this stuff now!?

I've hit 52. That's a pack of cards. It's 54 with jokers. I am yet to decide whether I wish to be a card or a joker.

Just uploaded the last song I wanted to get done for the challenge today. I'm going to start giving feedback to garner feedback on it once I get done with work. I have achieved 1/10th of a 50/90, so that's something.

Once I hit 50 I just stopped. It took me a while to get my motivation back after FAWM, and that was only 14 songs...

TBH my heart isn't in it now. I am finishing up commitments as best as I can, which includes hosting a few superskirmishes, then I am done.

I'm still here, and like so many others, I'm trying to keep the pedal to the metal. I had 2 different types of collabs this time, that I never tried before - a video collab(with Nadia) and a lyric collab(w/Colleen) where I wrote the first 2 verses and Colleen finished the lyrics AND added music/vocals. I can honestly say I never would have hit 50 without the skirmishes, which actually gave me some of my favorite songs. My last goal will be 300 comments, which should be accomplished with the final Mega-skirmish. Like a few others here, it sucks that my workload has picked up, right when I was hoping for a little extra free time.

Already in "can't wait for FAWM" mode! Smile Only checking in occasionally. Once it gets so quiet here I lose motivation. Planning to skirmish this weekend if it looks like there will be others participating. Hosting two so def here for those! Happy with the challenge overall cause I got some keepers!

I've taken a two-week break, but feel motivated to hit the skirmishes this weekend and make my way to 30!

Still here. I've got about 50% collabs and just a few more songs to go to reach 50. Definitely working on this week's challenge and I'm hosting a skirmish on Friday. The other personal challenge I set was to write a song starting with each letter of the alphabet (I did that last year, too.) I only have A and Y to go!

I also want to hit 500 comments before the weekend, so if you need comments, point me to a song you'd like more feedback on. It'll help me toward a personal goal.

Up to 32, and I'm fine with that, though I have a few more songs percolating. If I make 35 I'll be happy. I think that will be the most I've ever done in 7 years.

I'm here, and motivated to write a few more. I tried to revise, and it's going SLOW. I took a break after 50 lyrics. I'm going for the Dec 1 album challenge. I hope to make more time for recording.