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That was quite a flurry of activity - a lot of it skirmish-related - over the last weekend! Which means now maybe it's time to take a break from creating your own music and listen to what others have done. I'm going to hang around for a while to listen and comment - who's with me?


Oh, like last time(s), -- I'll be around.

Yes, there's quite a bit there, now Smile

I'm at 190 comments given, so I'd like to get to at least 200.

Yeah, I'll be here. I'm that guy who never knows when to leave.

ill be around. still a lot of music to listen to.

I should be around, especially since there was so much activity these last few days, and plenty that I missed.

Will keep coming back until there is noone left, or January, during the FAWM run-up, whichever happens first.

I'll still be here. I might need some guidance as to which songs to listen to and comment on, however.

Consider making use of the following threads:

Recommended songs: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/recommended-songs
Your best 5090 song this year: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/your-best-5090-song-year

I sure will be around a little longer.

Yes I will

I will too.

Probably for about a week

Ah, just hit 300 Smile ! yeah... and all, to songs/lyrics that somehow "affected" me. When you teach folks, you learn how to listen for affect, "like", or not, -- "like" being irrelevant, well for me. So, anyway, -- I wanted to reach that number and in that context of doing so! I listened to way more... but "love" music, folks to much to get fluffy with it.

So, anyway, as already commented... will be around, proceeding...

I owe a bunch of people comments. I'll also be adding lyrics to all my posted songs.

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I'll be around

I'm going to try, but the way commenting tends to work with me is 1 I identify a song I have something to say about, 2 it takes a day or two to figure out what it actually is that I want to say, 3 I spend about 15 minutes composing the actual text of the comment.

I'll be around for a bit...

I may make it through the rest of this week.

Definitely here for a while. I spent a lot of energy lately so need to take a deep breath before going back to listening and commenting but promise to do so as soon as I possibly can.

Yep will do a round of commenting this week.

yes, will do some more...

Sure, sounds good.

I'm going to bump this thread - working my way through commenting on at least one song by each person here. I'm listening to songs you did earlier in the challenge.
I have a good amount of time today and tomorrow to comment, then a weekend full of yoga training and hosting an out-of-town teacher. I hope by early next week there's still some activity around here.
I did check out the Facebook album production page today and checked in at songskirmish.com. I like my online music community more than my face-to-face one.

Hey Chip, -- really like the idea of commenting on the first songs up! (Thank you!)

And, per/to the thread:
And, for me, since it's all "locked" now... I actually feel free-er Smile to have a look around, post 5090. It's easier to check out a nice car when it's not rolling away from you Wink

I realize the "primary" focus it to motivate folks to write, --during 5090. However, a motivation of a post 5090 community is a big motivator, with as you comment,
a) Album Production with a 12/1/ '17 deadline!,
2) any other that folks split off too...
b) I am sure the results are going to get circulated to "have a look", --why else do it ... so a nice post 5090 Forum thread about that may be coming (?) (it may not work? as well, as a day-one 5090 2018 thread. Eh, who knows, --just talk'in hear Wink

It does seem to have an affect of folks remaining a bit and commenting and etc. I've found the post-event threads, fawm/5090, very substantial relating to quality of comment versus, number of comments. You kinda get to know the "hardcore" folks across the year.

And, this year we had a nice pre-5090 thread about "theme", and "finishing" old work. I feel like I engaged that, --did finish allot of lost stuff from long, long ago. And, I think I had the most "r&b" (just hate saying "da-blues"), stuff if even walking an old timey Spirituals line... -- I think I can actually "get away with" doing a few of them in "either" venue (? who knows...).

As far as the theme thing... going a bit further... I was reviewing allot of Tom Petty's stuff and in some cases, for me, --not always sure what song was coming next... Smile however each album (I listened too), had a distinctive first 1-2 Bars. I think acoustic toned songs can have a more narrow scope of what's coming next, until it does. I was noticing that (didn't plan it) with my own. I even went... "oh no, they sound alike!" ... then listened further and less critically and in "context" of one-take demo upload... and heard the "theme", -- I guess Smile

I went back through, I think anyone that appears to still be here... I use this, these lists for that. I'm not gonna comment on stuff if folks are long gone Wink But for folks still here, and if have a specific question especially ... well, derUgo Smile

I'm closing in on 300 comments given, and I'm setting Wednesday as the last day I'll likely comment. I leave Thursday for an 11 day yoga training.
Still checking in a few times a day - when I see that someone has posted in the forums recently, I leave a comment for that person. We have a few active threads going still.

I will be lurking around till I hit 800 comments. Radio silence for a few days as I go to a convention.

I will be lurking around till I hit 800 comments. Radio silence for a few days as I go to a convention.

I'm at 323 comments as of today. Yes, I think too that, I'm "done" unless someone has a specific question beyond "whattayah-think" Smile

I find the forum threads very free and unconstrained to openly comment even abstract input. So, hey, as long as that kind of authentic communication persists, I'll be around. As I did last week, I commented (like you do again above, -- Chip), it may take a day or three to respond Smile

I think "now" is the time for folks who may "lurk" to bump discussions they still wondered about but avoided for whatever reason.

-- Many folks don't realise that if they take, e.g. a college level "course", this is what they get anyway. And "here" no one is competing for a grade or etc. If one can be somewhat "deductive" in their reading, it's truly a great resource here. Or, just ask and filter for answers, filter out anything else.

I suspect that across a 5-7 day period there is still 20 or so folks who poke around. Those are the passionate folks who will likely respond to a direct question, even now. Some of our "best" forums, imo, has been after and before.

-- SoDerUGo!