Who's going to stick around to listen and comment?

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I like to hang around at least for a week (usually longer) after 50/90 is over to listen, comment, and participate in forums. Who else is with me?

A lot of songs that got posted in the last couple days don't have many listens/comments yet. And I think it's fun to scroll a person's list for interesting titles and for songs that were done earlier (maybe even much earlier) in 50/90.

For example, if you listened to my July songs you'd hear a lot of banjo. But I moved around to different instruments throughout to keep myself fresh and interested. Toward the end, I dove into some keyboard weirdness and then settled into a bunch of guitar and uke songs.

Of course, I'll be listening to/reading those who post here, and also reciprocating for those who check out mine. And I use the forums to see who's still active so I can be pretty sure the comments I give will be read.

And I'll be doing some Rocktober, too!

Good question! I haven't been around much these last few weeks, but I'm genuinely curious to see what people have been up to. I'll be doing some listening this week for sure

Yes, of course!

I'm definitely going to listen, read, comment and if anyone is happy to, collaborate.

I will -- not leaving because Rocktober's going on!

I will be around. But the site is so difficult to use for me its not been as much fun. Have not seen my profile for over a day this time!

Yup I'll deff be on here listening to what the creators have been cooking up

Absolutely I am going to be listening and commenting for a while yet - I have to hit at least 300 comments before I'm done!

I'm way behind in listening and commenting. I will definitely stick around.

I'll be listening in and commenting for at least a week.

I'm shot for October too. Perhaps next year...

ill be doing covers for rocktober, and checking for new comments on 50 90. if i hear from anybody in this aftermath, i will be sure to listen to and comment on more of your songs

I’m here - peeking into Rocktober, too, if I can find it again.

As long as I can maintain my shabby attention span. Maybe Rocktober too, undecided on that.

Sporadic and diminishing in half-lifes.

Been checking in fairly frequently. I'll get a day off Sunday so maybe then... I fear by the time I get some free time everyone will be gone.

I’m looking at the tag cloud, looking for fun-sounding tags so I’m not just looking at recently posted stuff

Me, I owe the same people thanks over and over, plus I wanna bust some zongs
AND actually check my songslist

I'll definitely be here in the forums until the end of October, but I'm not sure how much more commenting I'll be getting to; too busy concentrating on Rocktober!
If anyone feels generous enough to give me some comments I'll definitely be seeing them, though.

I was just doing some Rocktober listening, and what I've been trying to do is listen to a Rocktober song and then listen to one of that performer's 50/90 songs.
I'll be listening and commenting at least through the weekend. I have at least one more Rocktober song in me, too.

I appreciate all these threads that Chip hosts; they always wind up being informing in many ways aside from "who's here".

In that regard, as some may realize, many here are just always here, in/out, and if like me, -- I live in my own head with music so don't need folks to be around for me to be interested. And, I only care about the music, not the social chain that seems to engage so many.

In that I mean, as it thins out, many times, for example, -- that's when some of the more interesting work or insight (conversations), "people", -- then comes out; well, if one is into that, many are not as they make very clear and so eager to argue over and over again. After it's over is when I've learned the most from folks who then are more aggressive in sharing their motivations about their work regardless of input(s), or comments then about "their opinions", hahhh! Gotta luv it. (e.g. WTF, TLTR, DRT... and etc.) So, DRT! Smile

As far as commenting goes, and overlooked songs and etc. while here, (and in parallel threads, comments currently too), after it's over, well, as many may, or may not realize, I comment only after figuring out if/when folks actually authentically do want comment-feedback regardless of saying they -- do.
-- In first years here, a few said "comment" and, yeah, well, ... not really... per what I then observed.

So, if I was mistaken, well then, that's why some may or may not be interacted with, by others, since it seems they only want feedback from folks they've "qualified" for feedback and -- that's never otherwise stipulated. But, when I see, these posts, well, then, -- that's confusing. Not a mind reader Wink They don't then list the folks from which they want or do not want comment from, -- of any kind, ime Wink It took me about a year, maybe two to "learn", and I may be mistaken, but that explains that; and likely, arguably, not only for myself, ?, -- so be clear; and if changed perspectives, wants, needs, -- make it known, authentically.

With the good thread concerning overlooked songs, well, that good thread too, feeds into if you've ever "screamed", so to speak, (as I've read it in many places), -- about only wanting comment from the, I guess intuitive to know?, from the folks "Qualified" for comment, for/to you; all others should just know, not to do so?
-- Again, confusing when then put in a "please review this" thread, review this. In my mind, I'm thinking, yeah but, then -- here, here and here, you said (screamed redundantly)... ..., hmmm, musicians! Smile

Oh, and yes, the Skirmishes which I see as another project separate from 5090, do overrun the Songs posts and why I don't comment on any Skirmish songs then posted, -- no matter who does them Smile (I protest!... Wink ) hahhh! Yes, go ahead do it!, so many folks like/love it; but I vaguely remember for some reason, them not being posted "here", or I was so "New" then, I was completely mistaken about that courtesy shown or considered.

Well me being mistaken is not really an issue for me, or new, but as an on-line "mind reader", -- I do my best to see what's said, then -- what's said Smile Hahhh! and -- then done?! and then shows up on an "after it's over", thread!

-- Happy Fall to all!