Who Uses SoundCloud Pro? I Have Questions! :)

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I filled up my SoundCloud free account some time back so I'm not sharing new music much any more. I have considered upgrading several times but I am always thinking they are about to go out of business but it looks like they are stable (for now).

So, my main question is about their statistics. I am looking at the Pro Unlimited account and I would like to know exactly what statistics they provide. They say they tell you your top listeners but I get so few listens I'd like to see ALL of them! Smile

Thanks in advance to anyone who uses the Pro Unlimited site who can share some info on this.

They give you usernames when available, location, links to where they listened from, their OS, and what song they listened to. There are more stats but those are what I remember. It's worth the 15 bucks a month if you upload a lot of songs. The stats are helpful and appropriate in my opinion. I had to cancel it for budget reasons.

Thanks @pearlmanhattan!

Do you get stats on all listeners or just the top listeners?

Do you get past stats or just starting from when you upgrade?

I saw more stats for people who had a soundcloud account than those who did not. I do not remember if the stats were "backdated" so I cannot give an answer there. It does give a lot more information than the free account. I deactivated mine a few months ago, and I know they have been making some changes with their desire to give the ability to monetize. I can say it's easy to "downgrade" if you aren't happy with what you see. They have a "free trial period" of 30 days, where they will charge you for your pro plan upgrade, however you can cancel within 30 days and get your money back. You could give it a shot, and see what extra stats they provide then cancel if you aren't happy with it. Seeing it on your screen with your stats may be the most helpful way to decide. Good luck with it! Smile

I have the basic paid account, works well for increasing that song limit, but I mainly use it for the option to replace an audio file without having to post a whole new track.

Thanks @pearlmanhattan! I've been considering the trial so I guess I'll just pull the trigger!