Who is sticking around to comment, and for how long?

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I'm so close to 300 comments given, which was what I did last year! (And I am so impressed with those of you who have racked up numbers far beyond that.)

I'm usually one of the last to leave this party, so I'm going to keep listening and commenting. (And working on at least two Rocktober covers.) I'd love to hang around here long enough to hit 350, but if I give comments I want to at least be sort of sure they will be seen.

So, who's with me?

Still here, did and posted song 41 just an hour or two ago (didn't get to 50 this year, but I did alot more then I thought I would be able to do, given I had a somewhat crazy summer).... and yes, I'll be around, commenting, and doing a few Rocktober covers perhaps, and also will be doing a little re-recording, overdubbing, remixing, etc. of the best of my 50/90 songs from this season and, hopefully in about a month or two (informal deadline, end of November/beginning of December).. will be posting another album on Bandcamp!

(who else is doing that, which by the way, is part of that informal 'album production challenge' that we talked about back at fawm and maybe even last year's 5090)

and congrats chip! (and everyone!)

Here and will be here!

I'm excited to get some more listening in, knowing I've missed so much. I might do a cover or two, but I'm not ready to change gears yet.

I could easily be here through the weekend. It's possible I could hit 400 comments, though also possible that won't happen.

I'll be here during all of Rocktober and maybe a little beyond.

I'll be kicking about for the next few weeks, anyway.

Im in no rush!

I'm sticking around until the site is wiped. Now that the songwriting is out of the way, I can focus on commenting.
I'm still attempting to reach 200+ comments on FAWM. I guess I'll remain there until, again, the site gets reset.

I'll be around for a little bit. I owe a bunch of comments.

Here to listen, read, comment and collaborate.

Yup, following a programme of slow withdrawal.

yep I'm around too

I will... for a while. There are folks who I want to hear and I haven't heard enough of.

I'll be checking in. Otherwise withdrawal will set in. I want to listen to more songs and maybe drum up some collabs. Smile

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I'm still here... just waiting to get the pay check.

Glad to see some of my favorites sticking around!! Looking forward to checking out more music! Also happy to collaborate on anything!

I'll be checking in in between my slow return to taking showers and doing laundry.

I'll be around for a while. I'm participating in Rocktober, though don't know how many tracks I'll actually end up doing, but I'll be here for at least the rest of October. I'm going to try to keep up with listening and responding to all the Rocktober tracks, and will try to dip into more 50/90 tracks. Haven't really done much commenting and feel like I still need to give back.

I'll be doing at least 1 rocktober song, probably slowly fade in Nov Smile

I'll stick around till the party is over.
I didn't buy rockhands, but at the moment I make less money than I need to get by, quite embarrasing.
I also didn't listen much or comment, so that's going to be one of my morning rituals.
I have a bar gig with cover songs on the 11th, so I might upload some bar style covers for comments.

I'm hoping to be around for a month or more. I'm not as active but still visit when I can.

So long as anyone is here talking about music in some way, shape or form, -- I'll be around.

Some of the best conversation, discussions were after things were over, and then became "pre-discussion" for the next session just prior to reset. Music 2

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I'll be around as well

This thread also serves as a good reminder of who's still around to see the comments I'll be giving!

I'm only "lightly" here this year, but I'm here through Nov., when NaNoWriMo starts.

im checking in a few times a day. the last fewbatches of comments ileft received no response, so im limiting my comments now to those who i know are here reading them,.soif you leave me a comment or just a hello on my soundboard, ill be sure to listen and leave a comment for you.

Whew! I finished a 50/90! congrats to me. I'll be around catching up on listening while I'm doing Roctober - and probably after that too - I know there's a lot of good songs I haven't gotten to yet. This summer was a long, interesting, challenging summer for me - and I'm grateful I had 50/90 to keep me sane and focused - and my friends here - I dunno how I would have made it without this community. Apologies for my lack of commenting with a promise of comments coming LOL

Update: I'm at 185 comments on FAWM. Once I get to 200 comments, then I'll get to commenting on songs on here (and hopefully get to 100).