Who is planning to start a Morph, Anti-Syn, or Explore the Core?

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So yeah, like the subject line says, is anyone planning on organizing a morphing song? Anti-Syn? Explore the Core? If not, I will. I'm always eager to see these ones get started early so more people can participate.

I made some quick videos explaining what these are, in case you don't know.

What is the Morphing song?

What is Anti-Syn?

What is Explore the Core?

I would like to participate in a morph.

I would happily do a morph.

I suck at Morph's, would be cautious to commit, explore the core on the hand, hells yeha.

I want to do a morph, but not sure I want to start one...

I'll be glad to organize a morph(s) depending on interest levels, started another thread http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/july-morph-songwriting-game and tagged @downburst @JamKar and @airbagtester. As I recall @wobbie wobbit has recently started Auntie Sin threads.

yeah I have done the Auntie Sin thread before, I can start/manage that thread if we like - it is my favourite 5090 game Smile

should I put the thread in the Challenges section?

@wobbie wobbit Yes. I put the morph thread in Challenges, and the exquisite corpse thread is also in Challenges.

thanks will set it up now Smile

I love your videos here, @plainwhitetoast . Thanks for explaining some of my favorite 50/90 games!! I'll be participating in all three, no doubt.