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I don't think I've ever seen it quite this quiet by the beginning of August! Where everybody at?

I am here cranking out songs while being excessively unappreciated at work Biggrin

It's a Paradigm Shift-- hold on to something, quick!

I'll be here until the end, posting songs, looking after the Century Club thread, and, of course, listening to lots of great music!

I've been halted for a week or two, was always going to be stop start for me, so I'm not throwing much in the way of bombs, whether songs or forum posts or comments. But it does seem super quiet...is everybody blowing their musical brains out through their noses in FAWM, or is it just you North Americans all go somnolent in summer?

I'll be here until the end! Granted i'll be away in Alaska on a fishing trip from the 10th - 20th of August, but otherwise, i'll be daily Biggrin

Im trying hard to make up for it. :-).

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I'm still in lurking mode - it's just too hot over here to get into creative mode.

I reached 11 and then got stuck on number 12. I decided to experiment with chords, and realised there was too long a gap between certain chord changes, that needed to be shortened, and now I'm in trying for perfection mode, though that state will never be reached. I'll probably get back on track today, as I have a few lyrics written, and the problem song can be overtaken in the queue for recording, by them.

It does seem very quiet, but I'm not sure that that's bad, it's just a different state of 50/90 being, and a number of people seem to be steadily writing some very good songs.

I agree, it does seem quieter than in previous years. I'm at an awkward stage where I have five or so half-finished songs. Every time I settle down to finish one I end up starting something new. I suppose because there is still a longish time until the finish date some folks, including me are taking things slowly at the moment before a flurry of activity in September. However, it might be that there is less activity in general. I've noticed that on a few regular contributors' bio notes they have said they won't be participating this year.

I'm still about and struggling with the same problems that left me with no songs during FAWM. But I've got the next few days off work, so will hopefully get a few more songs written.

Definitely seems even quieter than last year and that was a definite drop from earlier years.

I just can't get going at all this year. It was too hot, I was away for a week and now I'm on the verge of adopting two kittens who will presumably take up a lot of my time (but perhaps also provide some inspiration)! I'm still hopeful that I'll manage a few songs at some point and I'm still listening and commenting.

i am writing more i think so far and commenting much more than usual. thanks to those who have commented on my songs Smile

I suppose it might be quieter here than usual, but that makes those of us here share more camaraderie, right?
I'm keeping pace with last year's production in both songs created and comments given. I might be a little less active in the forums this year than last, but I bet if I did a comparison it wouldn't be by much.
My song-creating goal, as usual, is 50 solo demos in addition to a few collabs. And my commenting goals are to reciprocate everyone who comments on mine and to reach at least 300 given. That will keep me going to the end.

Still here, and more or less on schedule. Still writing, still commenting...

John, I'm still on vacay so I'm holding back but wait till I get home and hit full speed ahead again! Wink

Yeah, Northern hemisphere summer vacations. I'll actually be gone next week myself. But like Roddy also said, the long time frame can make people less frenzied. I remixed one song three or four times already. I feel like I have more time to do things like that than in Feb. It's good though.

For songs or for the forum? I haven't been as active in the forum, but Ive got 17 songs, and hoping to get another today. I slowed down a bit because I was ignoring other projects and priorities. Funny thing is, I've watch listed more people this year than any other since my first. Lots of really good people that are new or that I just hadn't encountered before!

started with a number of songs and was humming along nicely, had some medical stuff (in a separate thread here on the forum if you're particularly curious, all is getting better tho!) and now on the mend, and about to go on vacation for a little bit- so I'll be back here later in August... won't have the 'full voice' for another month or so, tho , so might not be doing a huge amount of songwriting in late aug/sept, we'll see ! keep on writing, recording, and being creative, everyone! (and feel free to listen to the 14 that i've done up to now, many of which i'm kind of psyched about... ) I'm looking forward to coming back and hearing all sorts of great stuff from so many folks here-- have a great time and see ya all soon! Smile

I'm still writing, commenting in fits and starts with some gaps where I lose focus and quit for a few days, and not posting much here. I've got at least 3 songs in the queue, maybe 4 depending on how you count. I think the forums always feel quiet in 50/90 compared to FAWM.

I almost got my next song done. Since I started experimenting with electronic dance styles it's taking a bit longer to crank out songs than when we first started the challenge, but I'm liking the sounds I'm coming up with.

Also had to focus on the business side of my music a little more this week. Hopefully next week will be back to the creative fun stuff. I'm really looking forward to September though. My wife will be house sitting most of the month for her dad which means more uninterrupted studio time for me to create stuff. Yay!

Yay for kittens!!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their impressions. I think I always just wish 50/90 will be as busy as FAWM and I need to remember it will not be. Being a bit of a stats nut I compiled the following stats on 50/90 from 2013 to present (when I should have been writing songs or listening to songs and commenting!)

Based on counts for songs, 5090ers, winners and stars I don't see much that would indicate this year is substantially slower than previous years. But this does not include forum activity as I was not sure how to represent that accurately. One thing I did notice in the forums though was the Century Club thread for 2013 was like 5 times busier than in subsequent years. You can click through to each year's Century Club thread to see how many Centurions there were in each. I suspect commenting was higher in that year due to this level of activity.

2013 50/90

Songs - 5158
5090ers - 1605
Winners - 51
Stars - 87

THE CENTURY CLUB is open - members wanted.
450 replies
2014 50/90

Songs - 3553
5090ers - 1839
Winners - 27
Stars - 102

Comment Centurions Wanted
98 replies
2015 50/90

Songs - 4228
5090ers - 2223
Winners - 37
Stars - 91

Century Club Members Needed
66 replies
views are not shown

2016 50/90

Songs - 3715
5090ers - 2291
Winners - 31
Stars - 93

Let's get commenting! The return of the Century Club Thread
70 replies
views are not shown

2017 50/90

Songs - 5028
5090ers - 2577
Winners - 47
Stars - 101

The (Official) Century Club Thread
124 replies plus 7 from defunct thread gives 131 replies
views are not shown

2018 50/90

Songs - 1899 songs so far
5090ers - 2620 so far
Winners - 7 so far
Stars - 84 so far

Century Club!!!
39 replies so far
views are not shown

Interesting how much the total number of songs fluctuates year to year.

Always less in the even years - World Cup, Euros, Olympics related?

I thought the last three years, two especially, were slower than in previous challenges. I have noticed the usual drop offs this year, after the first week, after the first couple of weeks, first month.... but it's not worse than last year to my mind. But it's mostly perspective, I think. I was prepared for it this year where as in past years... not so much.

Ah, I just realized that I'm way more productive this year which is giving me a false sense of activity... well, not false... but I always get a couple comments on each song (honestly, I'm super blessed) and having 40 songs up instead of the usual 15 means there are likely more comments rolling in. Also, I was giving an average of 100 comments a week until this week.

It feels different than last year. I'm making songs in the time I can but I can be certain I won't reach 50 songs unless I go into super mode. Last year was just a different era of my life in some ways.

I haven't felt as motivated to listen but I try to comment when I'm in the mood. I'm so reflective and fond of last year that I get too sentimental and compare it to that too much. It's just different but still good here.

I'm one who dropped off the song-writing radar after a few weeks, but is still active on the forums and song comments... Just hit a major block on song creation, y'know? But I haven't been around long enough to notice a drop in activity... *shrug*

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I'm trying to stay engaged, but my work load is very demanding as we're rolling out software upgrades to our products. I plan to finish all collabs and get to 50 which I haven't done since I first started as this will probably be my last 5090.

Hey @cts, why is this your last 50/90???

You know, it just occurred to me that we should have a thread called "Why I Love the Laid-Back Pace of 50/90." Maybe I'll do that!
Overnight, I received four new comments on a song, including one from someone I haven't listened to yet, so I'll be sure to reciprocate.
And there's just enough going on in the forums that I can respond to those at least once and often two or three times a day.
Two lyricists - online pals of mine for a while - have reached out to me for music in the last couple of days.
I'll have at least two new songs ready to post today, and probably two or three more this weekend. (And there will be a Sunday skirmish I can do, too!).
And then next week, my wife gets back from a long weekend trip, and I may want to take some time off music to spend with her. And our daughter starts school later in the week, so that will make us busier, too. But I could take a few days off 5090 and jump right back in next weekend, and the fast pace of FAWM (which I absolutely love) doesn't really allow for those kinds of breaks.
So I'll live with some 50/90 tumbleweeds (and I've never seen a tumbleweed in real life - only the exaggerated ones in movies and cartoons).

@Chip Withrow, my thread would be just the opposite! Smile The "Laid-Back Pace of 50/90" is the worst part of it for me!

I agree with Chip; the laid-back pace is nice. I find FAWM to be pretty frantic.

I was going to get on here to finish and post a bunch of stuff, but I ended up not having a single day off this week. I'm a musician, dammit. How am I this busy?

I am still in the hospital bed. The hospital cannot get their public internet working so I cannot listen to people well at all. I am still very sore from the cracking of my rib cage. One day in surgery, 2 in ICU, 4 in a hospital room, they say, then I should be headed to a recovery home. They are trying desperately to get their public WiFi going but it is not working with them well. They just got a connection but 50/90 grinds and grinds. Not sure how much I’ll do the next two days in the hospital room. Sigh. I so want to participate.

Good god, @tsunamidaily, that's awful.

I beat my record from last year by one song... it's three, and there's still 50+ days to go...

blimey @tsunamidaily wishing you well.