Who here wants to go to the Moon, work for the Space Force?

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I do.

I even told my wife and got the OK Smile

I'd love to do 6 mo's or so, even a year maybe, -- there. I suspect there may be folks already there on the other side that never faces the earth (if anyone noticed it rotates at a pace to keep it's "face" toward Earth regardless of nutation(s) and etc.); that concerns me... since not sure I want to use my Ray-gun, or as sci-fi krappe is shown SGU, Defiance and etc. :p

Otherwise, I'd be first in line and have the skills they'd need, -- I've watch every episode of most relevant SciFi series and am ready2go! Wink

-- You?

Hey, the weather is consistent if not great, always sunny!

You could write all Beach Music, or Moon glow love songs, or I'm lost in my own Space stuff!

-- So, when I am there, I will be the "first" of many... the first to play "Stairway to Heaven" Wink there; setup a "Record Emporium" for real, -- classic rock; play my music broadcast to the universe...; say, "beam me up scotty"... so many firsts. I'm gonna make a list... say, "play it again sam" there; Pop, Pop-corn that'll be fun... it'll be like a falling star storm in reverse Smile !

Think about the first birth there, "hello, I ama Amoonican Smile Smile Smile !!!

First time ever, and you saw it here! Wink Amoonican Smile ... Ah, gotta write a song on that one!

Ah, here's my first "moon" song... a mourning-morning-news 5 min write, right, rite Smile hahhh (it'll be a hit on Mars, an oldie by then):


When I was 8 I'd have jumped into space without hesitation.

Hey [Aging Ophelia] --

I think (maybe) it's an interesting opportunity for folks. For example, I was somewhere, some time ago, and a bunch of Navy Officers were around, and recruiters as well. We were chatting and they brought up enlistment on one of the large, I guess it was Aircraft Carrier, Battleships. So, I said, "40's the cut off for most, Law Enforcement and etc., .mil stuff". And they said, "well, for you with your background, -- all you're gonna due is your shift in a very nice chair, and all we care is you do it, well".

So, possibly a rediculous point? but, -- when I think about "Mars" and other, there's a whole lotta sitting, and very smart people in, e.g., Wheel Chairs! I've been around a few challenged folks in my life, -- brilliant minds. Man, no "dissability" there, -- no gravity, sitting, and brain power wins evertime in all the Sci-fi flicks! Like "Master blaster", in was it, "Road Warrior" the little person with his physically powerful associate... -- brains win! Smile

Me, no kidding, -- if I am offered a chance to do, say, -- e.g. 6 mo's on the Moon, -- I'm gone, no kidding. And, you'll know it's me if it happens 'cause all the crazy sheit I'm saying now... -- gonna do it unless *really can't. I want to be the first to Pop, Popcorn in Zero Gravity Smile hahhh! (I'm so easy to entertain! aye!)