Who Else is Falling Behind?

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Who else is falling behind this 50/90?

For me, I only have 5 songs so far, when I should have 16 or so. There are 2 reasons why:

1. Not enough time. We had a lockdown for a week, and I've had another week's worth of days where I simply didn't have an opportunity to record. I need the house to myself to record, and in that I've had maybe 12 hours free in 15 days...

2. Lack of inspiration. I have actually 4 album ideas I want to work on for 50/90. Conceptually, I have plenty of inspiration. But musically? Not really. I have 2 tracks that have vocals recorded but no music. I've had the vocals for like 3 weeks. Could never get stuck into making music for them.

However, I have a plan!

I'm gonna try to do the music for those 2 vocals using midi. Midi is new to me, but I like it. The other part is that I had a guitar track recorded, but the recording sounded like arse. I tried it yesterday with a different amp, and it sounded waaaaay better! Didn't hit record, but I now feel confident enough to work on that guitar-first track.

So I've found a potential solution to my inspiration problems. Just need some time to record!

How about you? Are you on track? Falling behind? Not enough time? Not enough inspiration?

I know I'm not alone in this situation. Feel free to vent in this thread! Biggrin

Saaame and at the exact same count as you, 5. Also locked down, though that doesn't affect recording time, maybe more my headspace. Epic procrastination skills is my issue, as well as the eternal battle to generate lyrics.

But honestly I'm not aiming for 50 this year. 20 would do me, a handful of keepers out of those and I'll be happy. I think 1 or so of my 5 so far are keepers already so not too fussed.

Not venting. I'm stalled and I know it, but I accept it. When the time is right, the muse will kick back into gear. Smile

Yeah, this lockdown is pretty brutal... All this free time and no energy or motivation to do anything with it.

Multiple Adelaide lockdowners incl me, but Sydney has it far worse... (Sorry @3tdoan ). Me, after a rush start, I'm caught with trying to get out of South Australia yet be allowed back in again, and being let into Victoria in the first place, all watching for Instant Lockdowns over the shoudler...our daughter trying desperately to keep a snow season alive needs us over there, and her dog needs to come back here, and it's a shambles of bureaucracy, restrictions, the vast unvaccinated which necessitates all of that, just a mess. And we have lawyers happening in other directions. And I've really fallen over with my listening. I'm hoping after this five day 2000km there and back again I can recover. I'll be 14 days in isolation, so no distractions! (Despite having two vaccine shots, I feel the two of us should invest in handbells, hang out the car doors ringing them and shouting UNCLEAN! UNCLEAN! as we enter Victoria. And as we return to South Oz. In fact, wherever we're allowed to go on sufferance...

I've had two creative streaks and two runs of dead air...currently, dead air.

There have been at least three minor household emergencies and a fair amount of garden work that needs doing whenever it's not raining.
On the music side, I have conflicting goals that trip me up. I'd like to create some more material suitable for including in performances but, at the same time, it's fun to experiment with things that I could never reproduce with only voice and acoustic guitar.

However, since the most I've ever done during 50/90 is thirty-something, the probability of not hitting quota isn't bothering me much.

This is my first 50/90 and I had few expectations when I started. At first I lurked, listened but didn’t comment. Then I added a few songs, and now I am listening and commenting more. We have been socially isolated since March 2020 for the most part just the two of us at home. So having FAWM and 50/90 has been a big part of what I do daily. And an outlet to try making music.

We're out and about in Massachusetts, Mask if unvaccinated, everything is open... We stopped by a diner last Sunday, no outdoor seating door was closed, no openable windows and it was packed shoulder to shoulder... Waitstaff were the only folks masked... we passed!

I started late 3 weeks ago shooting for the 50 with new material or idea lines I had. I'm approx. 8 songs behind where I should be. It feels like a sprint where it's get the idea down, post, move on and polish later. It can also be a challenge for me, commenting with less detail than usual.

Looking forward to catching up!!


I can see my behind from where am at. Slowly, slowly catch the monkey!

It's not that I'm not feeling creative. I've completed 50 4 or 5 times in a row and I think I burnout in October every year. There are usually songs I want to write that I don't finish to my satisfaction because I'm pushing quantity. I just came back from a few weeks away and I've decided I'm slowing down intentionally. I'll write what I want and focus on that. I'm not attempting 50 this year. Feels like a pretty good decision to me.

I think this 50 90 is too much a drag. I would settle for 2 fawms and then 3 rocktobers!

I'm behind. Started late.

Just posted #10 last night. That's 10 first draft "lyrics" in three weeks. I'm 20% there! Have to get on my horse and "Ride like the wind Bullseye!!"

Just posted #11 making headway... slowly!


After a fast start and reasonable week 1 listen, everything went to pot. But I'm out of 1000km-from-home lockdown, back in my own hosue/studio, here in isolation for a fortnight for daring to leave SA for plague-ridden Victoria, fair enough, but with a wife who on our first day back promptly goes sick (milk that was off, we've worked out) and trying to cl;eanup/compelte the kickstarter. So what with that, legal issues, family problems, my good intentions fo rolling from day 1 of isolation are scuppered. But I reckon I'll pick back up in the enxt few days. Starting with lsitening.!!

This is going to be my "worst" 5090. I've only done 5 and 1/2 songs so far. Lack of motivation/inspiration is keeping me from doing "better"

I haven't actually used a template but have kept the format in my head.

If writers block is crushing the process has anyone actually gone line by line filling out a template? Like 4 lines v, 2 line c, 3-4 line bridge... for a basic VCVVCBC? Almost like a song form to fill out? I might give this a shot. Perhaps combining with bard cards or some of the challenges here?

Sometimes removing the inspiration and replacing it with the "required" (form) can lead back to inspiration. I have found once the first draft is down things really roll on much easier from there.



I’m rehearsing with a group for live performances again, which has cut into my songwriting. But I WILL persist!

@JamKar I'm very glad to see I'm not alone in this. I can write, or I can practice/perform. I can't do both/ I think it's something to do with the serious and strict concentration needed to practice up to performance level strictly and focussed....doesn't allow the free play of imagination and inventiveness!

I've had a very busy 2-3 weeks at work that basically stopped me from my 50/90 work altogether. But I'm back now, and for at least the next few weeks (I think/hope), so I'm aiming to catch up (or at least put a couple more in the "done" column)!

Actually this is my 6th 50/90 and is the best one I've have according to productivity. I'm at about 55 right now. I'm a lyric writer first and decided to just write lyrics rather than focus on adding the music. I have to really love the lyric before I decide to spend the time on the music which slows me down. I've done a few collabs where others added the music and I always love to see others take on my song and what they do with it which is always so different than the music I would have added. I find that so interesting. I've commented more on others songs as I love seeing what others write and it gives me more ideas. For me this approach works well and I don't feel the pressure to complete a song right now with the music. I will later evaluate my best lyric ones and decide which ones I want to record and/or possibly do a album.

If by falling behind you mean: haven't started yet and also did not hurry & write down full songs that came to me while doing other stuff, then yes, I have fallen behind.

I've fallen apart in the last week or more. Felt kinda down, did very little playing or writing or listening here. Hopefully I'm bouncing back.

I completely lost creative steam but I haven't given up. I kinda feel bad for not commenting, too, but I don't want to post when my head or my heart aren't in it. :/

I'll come around again.

As long as I have my quiet place and me mother-in-law don't make me chop more wood I might have a solution to that 50 songs provlem

Oddly enough, this is the first time I've done this many songs - just finished #39. However, with each song I'm thinking this will be my last. Will I do 50 songs for the first time this year? Thankfully, there's still time left. But I think so many people gave their all last year during the lockdowns and are just burned out this year. I was too depressed to do much last year. This year, music seems to be saving me. Smile

I've noticed that last year many of us wrote songs that were directly concerned with covid and lockdown. This year there are still some but there are more now that give oblique or more universal slants on what is happening as a result of the pandemic. It has all been very hard for us is many different ways. My thoughts are that if writing songs is a help for you then that is really good but if as a result of of these difficulties you find that you can't write then that's OK too. Give yourself time and don't be hard on yourself. And one final thing is that here in 50/90 we can and do support each other.

I have 2-3-4 ideas cooking right now, but who knows how long they will take to reach the point of not being awful? I got one done this week. I may be on more of a song-a-week schedule right now.

I hadn't done anything here, or even touched a musical instrument, for about ten days or more, due to some not-great life things that got in the way. Last night I was able to spend a little time and wrote/recorded a song,(my first in about 10 days) making 21 total for 50/90. (anyone know, what is the song count 'supposed to be' by this point? probably around 30-32 songs?) Not sure how much time, motivation, etc., moving forward I'll have, ....but hopefully will do a few more. we'll see... not hugely motivated to do alot, tho, i have to say, for a whole variety of reasons.

This is day 51 by my count (in Australia). So we should be up to about... 28 songs?

I remain on 7...

I started late and am way back in the pack. Yesterday I took a look at six Tom Petty lyrics and decided I'm still "overwriting". Being more concise is one of my goals during this session. Not only am I behind on writing but reading and commenting... the pace was brisk when this started but now it seems like the "taps are OPEN!" and song are pouring onto the board at an incredible clip!

Each time I have a new line/idea I open a new word.doc. I have a lot of docs open and ideas in progress. I'm finding I like writing like this... for now!


I finally made one song this year compared to the last five years. I wanted to make more than that but work has gotten too busy this season for some reason! I got two call-ins on the same week!! I also had to buy software for my new midi controller and I had to do some critical thinking of what to buy but I'm glad I finally did! I also wasn't so sure if my acoustic guitar needed new strings yet. From the sound of it, it was fine thankfully!!

I choked….

36 is all I had. I let too many distractions get in the way… But what a learning experience. Really change my approach to songwriting and brought it to front of mind.

It was great to meet so many new people in the opportunity to collaborate with a few of them was a huge learning experience, appreciate everybody’s generosity and support!