Which old song differs most from your new ones?

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If you've been writing songs for a while, it's likely your songwriting style has evolved. Of the songs you wrote years ago, which is/are the most different from the kind of songs you write now?

I don't know what mine would be, I'll have to listen back in the morning. I just thought of this at 2am and wanted to post it so i could sleep without my brain going "don't forget to make that post!"

Bonus challenge: Write a new song in your old style. Tag it #oldstyle.

My first FAWM back in '08, I wrote almost all kids music. My daughter was 6, and I wrote a lot of songs about and for her. From 2007 through 2009, most of my performances were at kid and family events. I do still perform those songs occasionally.
My first 50/90 was in '09, and I was learning the banjo as I did it. So a lot of my songs were things I came up with while practicing. For a few years, I really studied the banjo and got pretty good at bluegrass picking.
I know I'll write a kids song or two this 50/90. My daughter already gave me a song idea, but she's 16 now. The song is silly, but not really for small kids.
And I'll use the banjo for a few songs. Yesterday, I got it out for the first time in a while to jam with a friend.
Another way that my songwriting has evolved is that I'm a lot less wordy in my lyrics than I was 10 or so years ago, and I'm much more concerned with whether the words are singable.

Some of my first songs written (before 50/90) I still perform today. I wrote a song about 11 years ago called 20,000 Rubber Duckies (Lost at Sea). I still write like that. I think the difference now is that I also write other things... other styles... like my Shakespeare rap synopses. I've gotten much more comfortable with the writing process and I'm definitely more comfortable with recording and arranging... though I still have a long way to go with sound editing and mixing.

My very first songs were small improvised acapella pieces I sang to myself as a child under 5. I stopped singing for decades once I started Kindergarten. (Embarrassed.) When I reconnected to songwriting, I reconnected to _that_ part of me, so my songs were in that style. During my first FAWM my improvised songs were created on-demand for my young children and tended to be real short -- like a minute or so -- and I had trouble holding a repeating chorus in my head during the process.

I first started the "3in10" challenge to force myself to improvise longer songs. The closer to 3 minutes in that challenge, the better. Forcing myself to go deeper in to the improvisation has resulted in better songs, and when I started improvising full 14-track albums, I've been pleased that I'm finding that about two of the songs on each album seem really quite good.

One of my favorite compliments is along the lines of "You sing this in the manner of a child amusing himself." This tells me that, yes, I'm still singing in my old style.

I do branch out in to other styles at this point. "Banana Markers" is probably the furthest from my usual style for 50/90. It's electronic with some spoken word.