Which 5090 2019 songs have you performed live?

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What current challenge songs have we performed during the challenge is a perennial FAWM & 5090 topic that was mentioned in the Slack chat last evening by @tcelliott so I thought I would start it. A week ago Saturday I played Pretty Little Pictures http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36931 (a superskirmish song), Smile http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36970 (a superskirmish song), Alone In The Moonlight http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37553 (a Facebook Song Skirmish group song), Sitting On The Asphalt http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37607 , Want To Be A Lunar Rover http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37813 (from the 50th anniversary Apollo moon landing challenge), and Sitting In A Building On A Tuesday http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38045 at a farmers market gig where @Chip Withrow and I hang out. I also played Pretty Little Pictures for a few family members since it was inspired by my 2yo granddaughter. I have a November opening gig and I want to play all new (to that audience where I have played a dozens times) material for a change. The songs I picked are partly to see which new songs I feel best about played in front of others, partly trying to put together a guy and guitar half-hour mini-musical for the opening gig and partly to record and consider songs for another 'live at the greenmarket' posting on Bandcamp. Which songs have you played for others and why those out of 5090 postings so far?

None, and not likely to real soon; but as I mentioned in another thread, my band has an arts-fest gig this month, and we're going to debut a song I wrote here a year or two back. I'd say nearly half of all our songs now are songs I originally wrote in 50/90 or FAWM, and I'm not the only songwriter in the group-- my pal JT and I basically complete most songs together, no matter who brought the song in, and he writes a lot himself. Our violinist is just about ready to start showing us the songs she's been hoarding, so the balance may change, but these challenges have been incredibly fruitful for my band, and since I'm the lead singer and naturally write the best songs for my vocal range, it keeps me from having to sing "in the basement" or make JT capo every song, LOL.

Since I don't play enough guitar to write the chords (yet), I usually bring in my lyrics and melody, and we go from there. As for what songs & why, we're an acoustic folk band with jazz or blues hints (or politics) in lots of our songs, so I tend to bring the stuff that fits, isn't too esoteric or funny, isn't too operatic or choral or angry or geeky-- stuff which I always feel freed to write here and not worry if it fits my band.

Last Saturday 11/2 I was the opening act at our Americana Community Music Association and the entire set that I played were songs from this years 5090:

Pretty Little Pictures http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/36931
Tonight http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/39614
Sitting On The Asphalt http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37607
Rats I Hear Rats http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/37882
Everybody Loves Louie http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38619
The Three Of Us Tonight http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/39021

Great question, something to consider.


Assuming it's all good, what was the reaction to your work Andy? What other styles played, venue profile? Just, flat out FUN! (wonderful if so!)

=== if have time, read on ===

In my area, in the recent period, there is zero interest in original music. Actually, zero interest in music.

In my immediate area there is a very obscure and not well done or even "nice" venue, bar/rest. on Wed night; and, it is Covers only. The manager says "come down", but I don't want to do my songs between a guy doing donna summer drag in purple and green sparkle, and a 16 yo girl "yarling", "jagged little pill" songs (I like Alanis M., just not like that; I like Donna as well, but not like that).

There was a "Jazz", more swing jazz venue of "covers" ?, in the way-in-the-back (long walk past a long empty bar, bar room), back room of an "old man bar" on the corner of a street with zero parking (literally middle of the small town, 1 traffic light, bar). It may or may not still be there for performance, it was at 11am-12noon ish on Sundays (Sundays... "church go'in's time" Smile ) I stopped in on the way home one day. And, they were the most unfriendly "jazz" guys I've seen, -- almost caused a PTSD episode in flashbacks Smile Also, it looked like friends and family only in attendance, so, "my little songs" would likely be met with silence, if even allowed an opportunity to "sit in"? and "jam", or is it jelly? Oh and sitting in with these guys, well, while I would, and would with anyone, -- don't see it being "allowed"... I'd mess up their groove, if swing jazz has one?

=== more, if care to read ===

If I had any way of creating an event or venue, I would.

If anyone remembers a few years back in the rampup to gather as a FAWM-over in the East Coast here, -- I recommended an old "Battery" area in NJ that overlooks the NY/NJ bay. It's essentially a man made bunker that used to have LARGE "cannons" that would rise up Smile ... interesting for a century old US Coast Bunker ) ...rise up to fire into the bay. I still think of organizing a private gathering (somewhere there) if I could get the National Park Service to allow and support, lights, power, chairs and a dry out (it can be damp, have slight water since never addressed, but not an issue, no mold or etc. air issues). It's a half underground concrete bunker of large vault, rooms, -- many. (The nicer ones can hold 50 people or more as I remember it and the larger, 200 ish)

I can't find any good interior pics. One or two are good, the others look deliberately bad? People tour the place when open for it, -- that part is kinda awe-some really with lotsoecho! A 50 watt amp w/o reverb would be fine!

A very cool place, literally Smile that needs money for maint. and restoration and I can't find any good interior pics, oh well. Kinda like the Eastern State Prison I commented as well (they do support the arts and look for events, but it's PA, not NJ. Oh and, parking has no issues at all Smile hahhh.

If they would do it, and not cost me other than my unpaid efforts, which would be quite a bit and likely donated others I'd give that a shot. But, I think we'd, I'd be playing to an empty cave Smile ... or someone would steal the idea and exclude the little guy?, nahhh, that never happens Wink

=== and if still have time... Smile ===
My final reaction to performing here in my area and opportunity. Well, as many know, I ama Christian, (no, no ones perfect aye...) anyway, even within the "can't swing a stick and not hit a church or "christian" here in NJ, of some kind, -- the only P&W stuff is this unsingable, or even watch-able, "hill - song - esk" stuff. So, that means, not even any good 'old hell fire and brimstone, beer-hall songs turned hymns, let along any Folk (hidden Christian?), "Lord Have Mercy on Me", songs.

Well, I did make it to Texas this summer a few weeks back. If Providence has my way Wink I'll be joining the National Migration out of the sanctuary State, insane tax to death and beyond the grave?, region(s) with da-rest. My problem then?, may be, -- so used to having few, no opportunities unless want to "Busk" I'll have to adjust.

In Dallas, from what I saw, while "touristy", if someone wanted to grab a guitar and take a shot, -- folks were "fun" open to it. I tried hard to engage folks down there locally and was kinda shocked at the lack of interest in discussing it. So, it may just be a sanity-move, not music one, -- and gud'nuff Smile for me!

-- Tso, derUgo!

I could have left it at two lines, the two at the top, but then, what fun would that be? Smile Maybe I should move to Florida? Smile hahhh. (I can't just move for the music, since not yet near retirement. And then, I don't like Hurricanes!!)

Our music association is a sort of folk club variant with maybe 200 members. It is somewhat an oasis in a sea of the great majority of bars and venues on the southwest coast of Florida that demand/prefer/want familiar tunes of a particular genre (here it is either classic rock, country or Jimmy Buffett at a number of the more touristy places). There are a few places like this in Florida that I know of but it takes a lot of volunteers to put it together and keep it going. In our case the beginning was several house concert hosts and a coffeehouse operator that decided to combine resources. Even with that we had less than 20 people for most shows for a couple of years and went through several locations. The last five years it has been a UU building turned into a listening room (for Sat night) where the expectation of the performers is that most (if not all) of the songs played will be written by the performer(s) and the music will be made onstage with no backing tracks etc.

The Saturday show I opened at had about 70 people there, mostly members (close to half that I know) and maybe a dozen non-members. The headliner is typically a performer who makes a living off of music, is vetted by a music committee and would be the level of performer you would see on a music festival stage. The opening act is one of the local members and ranges from headliner quality to performance beginners. The audience listens politely and applauds at the end of each song no matter what.

For my set, some of my friends did like the concept idea and liked that I played all new songs. Most are dumbfounded at how many songs I write. A couple asked why I didn't play the 'cat' song (a 2014 5090 tune that is prolly my current most requested/known that resulted from a morph). I felt good about learning new songs even though I forgot a few lines (so made up something on the spot) and muffed a few chords as usual but kept smiling and kept the beat and the song moving forward. I had fun. Thanks for the ask @ustaknow.

Hey @AndyGetch

That's interesting.

Yes, so, no one "has it made" Smile hahhh...

In reference to the, "...headliner is typically a performer..., is vetted by a music committee and would be the level of performer you would see on a music festival stage..."

What I would be interested in knowing if you are OK with discussing, or, if you-all have a website to read it there, -- is that vetting process.

I find that interesting.

And, nevertheless, you-all are fortunate to have stuck it out and have what you have. I know a volunteer community group to do things like this is special since so many things can drag it sideways and finish it off.

Here is the website
Nothing except an email link for performer applications on the website though. There have been various people on the committee over the years. In the early days (when crowds were small) the bar was lower than it seems to be now that crowd sizes are a little larger and more musicians are applying. Not an easy gig to land as a headliner which is why it is such an honor everytime I am asked to play and put my humble songs out there opening for some pretty darned good songwriters.

That was inspiring, @AndyGetch

I tried to do "that", three times in this area, the last apx 25 years, and it was amazing the reaction. There was interest, but no action. And the original music just threw them. Truth be told it is far easier to play ones own music and sound good then learn and cover what another mind wrote! Smile hahhh! correct?!

I see that it is a "do it" organization; so if interested, just "come and do it", -- that's correct! Great way to go!

One question came to mind, in reference to, "The ACMA is non-religious, and while we do not censor our Artists, we are also non-political." I just wonder how it's handled? The folks there, (on the video), just seem to have the sense to engage the "program" and that's that. But for the folks who maybe don't get it, authentically don't mean anything and potentially rub up against reasonable limits, -- how's that handled?

Well, that may be to much for here to discuss, but you see I am authentic Smile hahhh! I tried. And as well, it's self answering too, possibly since, if it's not an issue, then that's the answer... folks just know limits and parameters and apply them "self policed", so to speak.

Well, again, that was inspiring and very glad you shared it, -- I am not surprised by the quality of program observed though, from what I've experienced with you directly.

Well, derUgo! Smile Great stuff!

PS: I think if I ever tried it again, I'd speak to them to allow a "branch". I think the site explains allot just by how it's put together as a whole. Also, it seems, for some, it's easier to engage an "organization" than some "crazy guy" saying, "lets get together and ..., etc."

Hah @ustaknow I've never noticed that before on the website. TBH I was on the Board in 2012 (the first year) but my energy was better served volunteering in other ways. My simple answer is that the slogan 'it's all about the music' is sort of a prime directive. The organization mission is truly to support original music. The musicians play what they play. If the organization activities became political or religious I would no longer participate.

Ahhh, now I read it that way. It's about the music. And I now read the context, the self-explanation in that!

Again, thank you for sharing like that; it's very uplifting that independent music, singer-songwriter can be successful like that. Everyone in the video had a great sound and demeanor. The numbers of participants looks great to me. Sometimes if things get into the hundreds, it changes it and looses focus and then "uncle joe" can't sing his back porch songs! Smile