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So, I just noticed in my random exploration of the site... There are currently 401 songs posted, and only 20 marked as favourites! That's just 1 in 20 tracks! Honestly, I've heard so many songs that I would've expected to be marked "favourite", way more than 1 in 20.

I'm not asking for links to your favourites (I can explore well enough on my own, and there's already a recommended songs thread anyway). I'm just curious... Why aren't there more favourites?

I never mark a song a favourite till I've posted it and listened to it for a few days. You cant judge a favourite immediately.
Also I need a body of work to accrue before I can assess which are my favourites. You can't single them all out.
So it's something I do later on in the month.

I typically don’t mark favorites or very few. My first post may end up being the rare instance but it’ll be a bit before I decide.

I'd have to reread the FAQ on protocol/etiquette, etc., -- but, I thought too, -- it was a song one wanted others to pay particular attention to, which to some may mean more granular feedback due to the closer listen. So, on the other hand, I've seen when seems like half are marked favorites Smile but that is usually much later Wink hahhh.

And, someone usually gets around to a Forum post of "recommended" songs, and "updated" (tracks, lyric now with music, or different version/skew of a song). Some just re-post the song too.

I remember reading the favorite tag was highlighting songs the writer was open to critique for, all my songs are my favorite. I think it should be a tag others use, part of the watchlist function or something

Some varied answers here... I guess a lot of it comes down to personal taste? Like, some might only favourite songs they want a lot of feedback on, others might favourite nothing, or only a few later on after they've had time to settle, and so on...

This is all interesting to me. For me, personally, I get a pretty decent idea of which of my songs I think are keepers pretty quickly after making the song, so marking something "favourite" for me is just a way of saying, "Yep, I think this is a keeper."

That said, I haven't posted any songs yet this 50/90... I've made 7 tracks, but haven't paid for the file hosting yet. Should be doing that today, so hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have my 7 posted - including 3 favourites. Smile

I think it's a great topic developing... what never ceases to stop stumping me is the "one" I put up, and am just about to delete it, and the "stats" double, and you get a comment or two, "its a keeper"... and then, the one you like, you just know is "good"... good... while "followers" agree, (regardless of feedback comments left), the host stat plays are half or less of the one you almost deleted. (It's an interesting -ism, you occassionally hear from mainstream folks, the one wrote in the toilet to fill out the "album", -- #1 hit... -- I love that there is no answer to it and a never ending discussion, it's the mystery and passion of "music". It keeps my interested, -- life long now.)