What's The New Mary Jane?

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I've always been a fan of John Lennon's songwriting with The Beatles.

This one I think really reveals John's playfully weird side, which is of course why I chose it.

I'm all about playful weirdness.

The lyrics are influenced by The Goons and Edward Lear.

This tune is probably the least-known Beatles track, if such a thing is possible.

I didn't do a straight-up cover, but instead I tried to capture the basic vibe of the song.

Mixed for headphones, of course.




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i dont register the karoake vs orignal interpretation on covers. i just sing them the way i feel them. and sometimes that means coping the original, sometime just the opposite. usually a combiation of many things im thinking and feeling at the time, an especially the condition of my voice on a particular day it doesnt matter to me. i like this and fuzzys other versions. im not a beatles fan so i dont usually know where the division betwee orignal and cover begins or ends. from the little i remember of this song, the vibe seeems pretty faithful.

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This is not the first song that comes to mind when you talk about the Beatles, yet it's one of my favorites because of its weirdness. Props for your tasteful choice. You did capture the vibe ... and the ending had me laughing out loud on this rainy day.

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One of two particularly weird Beatles songs - the other being "You Know my Name (Look up the Number)". Trademark Fuzzy melodica - the song definitely suits your style. Fun take on this rather odd song.

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You kept quite close to the original (which is even more weird than your version). But I like your version more than the original Smile