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What bands/artists or otherwise are inspiring you this year? What have you got into recently that might reflect on your output this summer?


I recently had a rush of musical inspiration when I put on Who's Next, an album I've listened to twice in the past, a few weeks ago and felt my soul go into overdrive during "Won't Get Fooled Again". A song I've heard many times but it was different that night. My fuse was lit and for 16 minutes (had to bring back the needle and listen again) I felt a pure happiness and an overwhelming feeling of passion. Mostly because of the drums, but everything else as well. Than I realized the other songs were great to! I have never really gotten all that into The Who, and I've tried before, but now I'm becoming obsessed with them and feeling highly inspired by songs like So Sad About Us, Substitute, The Kids Are Alright etc.

It's the kind of music that makes me feel a burning to create, it gets down to my soul. "So Sad About Us" is the best new to me song I have come across all year. I was up until 3 AM the day I listened to the Quick One album last week because I was so revved up thinking about how amazing this song is and how I have to do something as good myself. Here we have this great song that sounds like other stuff from the day especially The Byrds and Keith Moon turns it into something out of this world with his insane drumming. So perfect.

Thin Lizzy is the other end of this double barrel shotgun that has exploded me into a new wave of musical passion. I was utterly struck when I listened to the Jailbreak album a few weeks ago. My mind was blown by songs like "Angel From The Coast" and "Romeo And The Lonely Girl". I had the record for 9 years and never put it on! I never gave these guys a listen even though diehard Rock fans always talk about them. The Bad Reputation album destroyed me, especially the song "Opium Trail" which is so incredible. I have listened to four albums from them so far and they are super charging me.


Well now I'm revved up just talking about this! Anyway, share the things that are inspiring you lately!

Ahhh, Who's Next and Jailbreak, two Very Fine albums. And a lot there to be inspired by!

I have taken a different direction with a Spotify account. I have been listening to the top songs of this modern era and finding a lot to like about many of them. Surprisingly, a lot of them sound a lot like my "classic" favorites but with a whole new coat of polish and flair! So I'm going for the sounds of 2021.

With that said I will no doubt drop back to simple folk, bluegrass and rock & roll as needed!


Maybe going off at a tangent, but taking early retirement in March and investing in some new toys for my home studio has been a big inspiration for me. I've also been taking bass lessons (after 50 years of playing I decided it was time I learned how to do it properly).

Congrats on the early retirement @Dragondreams!

My Muse has spent the last few months delving deep into my SciFi writing (got 50,000 words written - which is awesome!). She's recently swung back into music, but we'll have to see where she leads me through 50/90.

See You In The Shadows…

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@johnstaples I've just spent a few days having nothing but an actual over the air radio to listen to. I was actually impressed, there seems to be a trend of real instruments coming back into popular fashion and a few songs stood out as being actually quite complex as well, and of course very highly and nicely produced, but not over the top if that makes sense. I don't remember the last time I listened to the radio for music, but I'm sure at least a few of the artists I heard probably weren't alive yet Smile

Thin LIzzy is a band I've always liked, but I'm sure there's a ton of their stuff I haven't heard. I do have Jailbreak somewhere though(I think on casette Biggrin ) I might have to give that anoter listen.

@Dragondreams yes congrats on retirement! I've often thought about taking piano lessons, even though it is an instrument I know pretty intimately. I rarely play anymore and think I could actually benefit from it. Good luck with the bass lessons! I'd be a lost cause for anyone trying to show me something on guitar, as it was something I never wanted any formal "instructions" on and the main reason I started playing it in the first place was because I had no clue Smile Bass lessons could be super helpful though, so I don't play bass like a guitarist that doesn't know what they're doing Smile , but it would run the risk of taking the fun out of it for me.

@Candle I finished that draft of stuff you sent me last week(It takes me forever to read more than a few pages if I'm not physically holding something), but once I got started I finished it in a sitting, really great stuff! I'll send you an email.

I plan to make more video games this year, so I need video game music.

So I'm going to try writing video game music.

I've recently discovered the wonderful album "Kew. Rhone." by John Greaves and Peter Blegvad.
I'm thinking of it as the last gasp of the classic Prog Rock movement (this album was unfortunately released in 1977 on the same day as the Sex Pistols record Sad ).
A mix of Canterbury prog, jazz, and just plain weirdness.
It's also Robert Wyatt's favourite album. Smile

I'm also reading a book about the band Van Der Graaf Generator which I'm finding pretty inspiring.
So I guess what I'm saying is that I plan to get even weirder with the tunes this 50/90.

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I got 100? answers and none to hold true enough tell I need them in the moment of creation.

Welp, life is once again giving me lots to write about. No idea where that set of songs will fall on the weirdness scale. Will see what falls out of my brain when song posting opens. Likely mentally borrowing from this past few months of playing almost all covers and hardly any of my own songs. Personal favorite The Who album is Quadrophenia (I saw that tour in 2014 as well as the first last tour in 1982, Tommy etc. in 1989, and the last(?) hits tour in 2016) and that may indeed be a template to dip into the memory wellspring. Also showing my age by disclosing that 'The Boys Are Back In Town' was a radio hit my senior year in high school. EDIT: This thread is giving me an idea to do songs with parallel themes to, and perhaps a bit of borrowing from, songs from my younger days.

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@Fuzzy Peter Hammill live is always "interesting/intense" - have been to several concerts over the years, unfortunately no VdGG gigs. What book are you reading?

After going more and more acoustic during the last year with instruments like Mandola and (newest acquisition) Waldzither I'm now kind of rediscovering bass guitar in a not-only-backing role. Let's see whether this finds its way to my output this summer.

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I've been more into the recording process as of late and have been watching videos of Joe Gilder going through some great exercises. That's pretty much where my focus will be this go 'round.

Electronic genres. Mainly Techno, Prog House, PsyTrance and Dubstep. Maybe some Trap thrown in.

@cts, Gilder is someone I watch as often as possible. So well grounded and practical. Good stuff.

I don't understand a word of Japanese, but there are a bunch of bands here playing punk like it's still the late 70s. Smile https://www.youtube.com/user/nambamele/videos

Like these guys:


ive been listening to a lot of music i disliked upon release such as roberta flack, cat stevens, and weather report,,,,,,,,and subject myself to complete discograophies of several artists i still cannot endure.

Manifesting the Fall of the Patriarchy.

I released my first full length EDM record on Jan 1st of this year and took a long break. Recently, I’ve started working on a new EP.

I’m being influenced by rock acts and trying to translate their feel into EDM. So far I’ve been able to translate Rage Against the Machine, Powerman 5000, and Five Finger Death Punch.