What's Up With Dropbox?

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I just uploaded a song and when I tested the play button, I was routed away from my home page. Have I done something wrong? Scratch one-s head

You have one song posted and it is working properly for me. Make sure you allow the page to fully load. Also, I think a few people talked about this happening when it was first posted before.

At any rate, it looks good as of right now.

@cts I just had that hapeen right now too. I'm in Firefox. The fix is to close firefox (if that is what you are using?). This time hold the shift key while clicking on the firefox short cut. It will come up with a box....tell it to "refresh" firefox. It does a couple things and starts. If you have a tool bar with your bookmarks you'll need to go into preference and find the "show bookmark toolbar" something like that. I did all this and now when I click on your song it plays without opening another window. If this is not firefox you are using there might be away to refresh with other browsers. Hope this helps.