What will you do for continuing songwriting between 5090 and FAWM?

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For those of us looking to continue songwriting in a similar supportive environment there is the:

Facebook Skirmish Group, which provides a weekly prompt and to write in an hour or so (honor system) and we supportively comment on each others songs. If you are on Facebook and interested, message me and I can send you an invitation to join.

National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) happens in November, I have participated the last four years and apparently I am still a mod there. There is more information here : https://www.reddit.com/r/NaSoAlMo/

Another thing I do is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), also in November. The last two years I have done both NaSoAlMo and NaNoWriMo. This year I will definitely do still do NaSoAlMo since I have more songs to write and use that as a vehicle to finalize some recordings (over the 29 minute minimum). I will also do NaNoWriMo, but as a rebel, not aiming for the 50k word count, but you never know.

I know there are other writing groups and certainly I can write solo. How about your writing plans?

I'll get back to the Facebook skirmish group after 50/90. I have some 50/90 instrumentals that I can re-mix for use in my yoga classes - it's not songwriting, but it's a useful and creative musical task.
I say this every FAWM or 50/90 - I know I should go back through my hundreds of songs, if for no other reason than to just reflect on their awesomeness. (And to see if there are any I want to explore more - probably in a yoga-related way.) Maybe we need a December or January song-revisiting challenge month to get me going.

I'll get wrapped up in autumn and then the holidays and some time around Jan. 2, I'll start thinking about FAWM! But throughout that time I'll be jotting down snippets of lyrics and musical bits that will perhaps serve as fodder for the Feb. songwriting challenge.

I'm taking Sharpened Vision, a CalArts poetry workshop over at Coursera.com. Facebook prompt, probably. SongFight probably. Rocktober, probably not.

I'm also taking a Critical Listening for Studio Production at FutureLearn.com. Not doing so well, tho, despite hours and hours of practice.

I've only successfully managed NaSoAlMo once, but I'm keen to give it another go. That will probably be my only songwriting outlet between now and then, although I still have a couple of lyrics written that I'll try to finish up this week, or post as lyrics-only and finish off in October if not. Oh, and I might do a couple of Rocktober covers, if that counts. No real ideas yet though.

I'm hoping to get involved in the Facebook skirmish now and then. I still want to get at least one or two lyric before the end of this week. Can't stop at 13... Just feels wrong. I've done the spring Camp NaNoWriMo which lets you set your own goal. It didn't feel anything like here as far as support, but it was good for me. Glad to be connected with many of you on Facebook!

-- I'll go through what I wrote and cull out, into, about -- what "affects" me.

I know out of the "58" "songs", OMG! geese... I like about 10 or so. I think, it takes me 3 - 4 months to "feel" a "good" three or so from that (i guess?)

Like at the end of FAWM '16, jumped on the "Uke", as new instrument, thing, itch --didn't bond well.

So, now:
Now, I jumped on (new instrument) Native American Flute (and, "Recorder") ...

It seems, since they (NAF's), are not "just" pentatonic minor (and I can of course do "that" on a "Recorder too), I am liking the NAF's... Key A or lower. (I don't "love my Soprano Recorder... like it, not, love...).

I did Tons of research, "litterally" : ) ... and found two good makers... and will have one from each, -- one with drone pipe in "Hi-C" and the other in "D3" - D (not quite Bass, but low, indeed, in that context).

I learned Bass to be a better guitar player (song writer), (worked), then Drum Kit (worked), then Cello (by accident, really! : ), then ... ...

Of those, the Bass and Drum Kit stuck, so did Cello (to rotate out one to the other, I dig that cello tuning), and all affected my "music" lyrics.

So, now... can't say why..., --the NAF. I think it already affected my Box-runs, chord cadences on Guitar... -- I hope. Playing with a locked in Key, forces me to vary the Chord progressions. On guitar... I don't even think about what key...--why? : ) I have them all and can shift on any relative/natural, melodic/harmonic minor it's 5th as the One, even, etc. ~~ even almost, but not, --too : )

-- I always, come back to my Lyrics and Guitar ... : )

For me, as an admin of the abovesaid Facebook Skirmish group, I guess I'll keep on doing that. Though I'm feeling the urge to put the guitar down for a while and just do other stuff, too. I'm sure the joy will come back. Mainly, I want to curate the 100+ songs I've written so far this year, come up with 10-15 I want to record well, and work on that for a little release for friends/family.

I usually take a crack at NaSoAlMo, but for some reason I never seem to get as heavily invested in it as FAWM. I just don't take it as seriously.

In the meantime, I've got 15-20 unfinished song ideas left over from FAWM and 50/90, so I can chew on those for a while.

I'm going to learn a good chunk of them and work on my solo show. I had a show lined up on Sunday with my friend who couldn't make it an I reluctantly decided to do it solo. I'm glad I did, because it worked out quite well. I was starting to doubt my ability to do solo shows.