What time of day do you prefer to write?

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I was thinking about this as I walked the dog early this morning. These days, I do almost all of my songwriting in the morning, and often very early in the morning.
I usually get up by 6:30 am, even though I only have to get up that early (earlier, in fact) two days a week.
I remember my first few 50/90s and FAWMs that often I wrote late into the evening - even though for FAWM and for most of 50/90 I had to get up around 5:30 am to go teach high school. Now, I'm occasionally noodling around on guitar or banjo as I watch sports in the evening, but I'm only half-practicing. Every once in a while, I'll stumble across a cool lick that I'll try to hang onto for later use.
I do a good amount of recording in the late morning or early afternoon, when wife and daughter are gone. I don't want to subject them to me playing the same things over and over, starting and stopping mid-song, until I get it right.
There's my schedule (subject to change). What's yours?

For some reason it seems like I really enjoy writing and recording songs before noon, but somehow I end up mixing them way too late in the evening when I should be getting some sleep.

I write better in the morning, but recording is whenever traffic is light and my cat isn't inclined to help sing and the AC isn't running. Or sometimes I say screw it and John Cage that song!

Early morning works best for me. If I can get a few lines of a basic idea on the page, I often go for a walk or run with the dog and even more ideas/ phrases pop into my head. Usually additions to the original song. The music almost always kicks off the lyrical ideas. If I don't write it down or memo on my phone it'll fly away before I get back to the house. Excercise seems to be helpful to creativity also.

My (lyric) writing times are all over the map. If I need to focus on a work project (I'm a freelance editor), I'll save my writing until the evening or late at night, though often I'll wake up in the morning with a new idea or a line or two for a lyric I'm working on. Often I end up writing into the wee hours of the morning, though in latter years I've tried to be more disciplined. (My brain needs a decent night's sleep. Wink ) If I've no pressing work projects, I'll write at any time of the day, starting in the morning.

I agree, @RalphCarl. Going for a walk into town or riding my bike to the local nature reserve generally gets a few ideas buzzing.

Early evening is when I write most, probably because that's when my schedule allows it, so getting in writer mode at that time is habit.

Morning is my time for ideas. So brief sketches only. The rest of the day, (I have a long work commute) is for listening to mixes, and new releases by other artists. By the time late afternoon, and evening come, I am ready to write out my ideas, practice musical stretches, and record. Weekends are a little different, in that my long commute is replaced by house chores, but I seem to have more afternoon time for creativity then. TV doesn't interest me much, so that is a plus.

11 am on Friday morning. Smile
(Anyone who is part of Song Skirmish group is well aware of this habit of mine!)

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Song ideas, writing and recording usually happen in the very early hours of the morning...like 3 AM. At least any instrumental parts. Vocals and other loud moments happen later in the day or when the best opportunity allows me to sing loudly.

After starting this thread by explaining how I now write mostly in the morning, I wrote a song last night. This week's skirmish group prompt gave me an idea for a blues song, and as I was watching a baseball game I picked out a few riffs on the guitar. Then I went and listened to a few acoustic blues songs by Hot Tuna and learned a new one of theirs (actually an old Rev Gary Davis song) and applied some of that style to my new song. And this all happened after 9 pm.
@cts - Are you still up at 3 am or do you get up at 3 am? (I just read an interview with a 98-year-old yoga teacher in India, and she thinks yoga should ideally be practiced between 3-4 am.)

The 3-4am yoga thing makes sense. Many people believe that is the time the mind is most spiritually active. Also a time many people pass away, but that would make sense too. If you believe the spirit passes from this life into another, that would be the time of least resistance.

That is true Val. I need to get back into 4 a.m. meditation.

I used to write during the night when I was younger, used to and still struggle with insomnia. But these days I usually write during daytime, being most efficient from noon until dinnertime. Mostly for practical reasons, try to adjust my waking hours to match my girlfriends 9-5 life. Kind of miss the nighttime sessions...

Early afternoon (12PM-4PMish) or late at night (10PM-1AM) usually, for some reason.

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@Chip Withrow I tend to wake up around that time and write and record for about the next three hours.

Whenever I have 20 minutes or more......

pretty sure i'm more of a morning lyric writer.

Having a day job really cuts into my middle of the night music writing binges. I'm going to take my camping guitar to the office and see if I can write during lunch. Of course, this means my minions will have to leave me alone for a change. If only...

I get the best ideas on my bike or walking. Due to my dayjob and father duties I only have time to record at night. Pretty sure I'd be more prolific if only I had time to make music at daytimes.

Nighttime for me. After a relaxing coffee and chocolate biscuit. Legit.