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I often hear a song that resonates as though I could have written it myself. I can't be the only one. So what is yours?
Mine is Unlove You by Jennifer Nettles (Songwriters: Brandy Clark / Jennifer Nettles)
And if THAT doesn't explain all of my lyrics, then nothing else in the world will.

Either Left of the Dial or Bastards of the Young by the Replacements, but I could never have written either song.

Jennifer Nettles can sing a bit, can't she? I'd never heard that before. Smile

I'm sure that in another life, while in one of my "corny" phases, I must have written "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon.

Changing of the Guards by Bob Dylan

Vim Fuego : I could play "Stairway To Heaven" when I was 12. Jimmy Page didn't actually write it until he was 22. I think that says quite a lot.

- Adrian Edmonson, "Bad News Tour" (a 1983 comedy film from the Comic Strip folks, and every bit as true-to-life as Spinal Tap)

@billwhite51 - I consider myself to be well above average in Bob Dylan knowledge and fandom, and I didn't know that one. So I found it - by Dylan and several cover versions - on YouTube. I like it!

Today in the car I was listening to The River by Bruce Springsteen. When that album came out in '80, I was just entering into a rabid Springsteen phase that lasted 5 or 6 years - I'm still a major fan. His song "Independence Day" could be about my relationship with my own father. On Darkness on the Edge of Town, "Adam Raised a Cain" is another great father/son song that speaks to me, but it's darker and more bitter than my own relationship.

"Fish Heads" by Barnes & Barnes.

@Fuzzy - We love "Fish Heads!" My daughter and I listen to it all the time in the car, often singing in operatic voices, and she uses it as a vocal warmup in her own studies.
It also has a melody that is suspiciously similar to grand orchestral finale of "Music of the Night" from Phantom - which Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote after "Fish Heads," I believe.

@Chip Withrow; I had no idea that Andrew Lloyd Webber stole from "Fish Heads"?!? I'd love to hear The Phantom suddenly break in to that on stage. Smile

There's only one song that ever sticks out to me like this. I could have written and I wish I had written You + Me's song "You and Me" for my wife. I can barely listen to that song without tearing up because that is a picture perfect song of our relationship and I'll always feel guilty that I didn't write that song for my wife.

I know that seems silly...but sometimes emotions are silly! LOL

For a few days now since @billwhite51 mentioned a Bob Dylan song, I've been listening to the Dylan album Street Legal that the song came from. I don't know how I could have overlooked that album for so long. It is excellent, and it also gives some context to his move toward his Christian period of the late '70s/early '80s.
The song bill mentioned, "Changing of the Guards," leads off the album, and the second song is a funky, almost gospel-ish (but with sexy lyrics) blues number called "New Pony." Wow! I've been playing it on guitar now for a few days, and it is definitely a song I could have written.
I will add it to my performing repertoire soon - I have a bunch of Dylan songs that I've re-imagined with different keys, tempos, chord changes But I keep the lyrics the same. (By the way, Dylan has never performed "New Pony.")

"Inside Looking Out"; "Shinin' On" - Grand Funk



I realise they look and sound a bit "funny", "today"... and they never influence me, as I consider influence, -- but I think it's funny that sometimes, I sound as "goofy" and basic when I start putting the acoustic stuff to translation from head space to what I'd like to hear, if even a bit smoother.

I am always still "surprised" when someone says they "like" some of my stuff. No matter what I do, that's how it comes out anyway... just how it is. So, --not as the tracks sound FAWM5090, but as they/tracks go as many know... the gritty-ist stuff has a 1v1g acoustic track somewhere from where it started.

--I don't know... interesting thread to consider, never did previously, - interesting idea here. I never heard someone and said, "oh, I want to sound like that person"..., yet nonetheless, we do. Whenever someone asked me, "so what can you play", I said, lets figure out a song now. And, imo, that "time" to do that was circa '70-'80. Sad... and why we have all the "automat music", mainstream, we do today.

But, we have FAWM5090 too!

@ustaknow Grand Funk is still awesome. *waves from Flint* Smile

james hand, when you stopped loving me, so did i.


if only i could be this spare in my words. the best hank williams song he didn't write.