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Well, since all looks "over" here, and tucked in well and etc. it came to me, -- what I learned this year.

First, I think I packed a few years into this one, (not yet over with yet, even!), -- concerning work, and growth, and just in general. And, it's all good. (Not to mention truly defined "enduring relationships" in general, in "life"! No formula, they just are, it seems, period.)


- There always seems, if looking, more music to do.

If one keeps their eye out and outside their box, you'll be happily rewarded, or, -- I feel strongly I was. To not do that, I observed, is to become one of those that, for lack of a better way to put it, "complain of limitations, or blocks or their box" (ironic).

Two of the most flexible folks I met this year musically I met here, -- we collaborated and in *less than "last minute" even. (You know who you are Wink and, thanks again.)

That leads me the other, I guess, of two things, but maybe the "one", if this is the primary one and less general. And what that is, is "this" paradigm of how we write here, in any genre, in any sub-clique group et alia... how we write here, this process is quite special.

I see documentaries of "music legends" whom, walked on the beach, ran into the studio and 1+1 recorded a "remember it" demo which then became *the release. (A hit maybe not/no, not really the point, but the release and folks remain, -- still playing it today, as-is, bounced. That's really quite something on many levels; and, not to overlook the "gud'nuff" aspect of a release to endure nonetheless!)

In that light, most other "forums", methods, or paradigm processes of writing will ever do. Nor, with "they" (those groups), tolerate you Smile hahhh, for sure.

No, you being "there" among others of, "not like this" (I'll put it)..., you being there really defines some things they are not, voids possibly?, hard to say. Meaning since, most of the "senior" (if can use that label in this context)..., most of the senior folks here for what they "know" about music et alia, when analysed, it's really kinda "it", all of "it" regardless of the formal language you may use (reminds me of the B.B. King interviews on his "method" on his old home page which I think remains, not sure; he reinvented music theory effectively for himself, and he does not recommend that path in that interview! Smile ).

So, not that I need to think more "special" of myself Wink hahhh, rather, I comment this since it for some reason, now, really clarified *itself in my method as personal method, -- even among any amount of theory or other rote praxis. And, if in some way one of the many folks who drift through here after hours sees this, it may cause that holistic gelling in that accomplishment. Who knows, skip it if not Wink

I guess part of what I am saying that I observed too is, while you may seek to engage others, not "like this"... authentically, somehow, they are going to see a "gap" in themselves (due to you), and somehow an issue to pick at will come up. (Someone will find a problem to have with you and you'll be confused Smile ) Well, it's their deficit seriously showing, -- so leave, quickly; -- no, you don't belong there... like a swan with ducks. I love ducks... but, they ain't swans. (In a manner of speaking here.)

So, while there are likely better ways to express that, I'm not gonna drop a chapter Smile hahhh, TLTR! here.

More importantly, if you feel this strongly, authentically about something learned, no matter what, -- ran the neck first time in your life, finally got that four chord prog down perfect!, anything... if it would help gel it, make it "real" (as writing things may), -- write it here --, now if you care to.

Or, not, as you like Smile

It looks almost too simple, the above; nonetheless, somehow feels more "substantial" in a good way... I am a little bit more sure about "me" in regard to this music stuff, as just commented and I am glad that feeling never seems to stop no matter the time that has passed "doing this music stuff" Smile

-- Happy Fall, all!!

I hadn't done one of these this year.

Direct URL, BandCamp:


Descending 1 4 5, B A E sometimes F# old style
common blues "jam" -y.

A little Dorian sort of, flatted 7th E major/minor Smile
scale - ish - ishy isms, chord frames

5 Min Write While Recording First-Pass First-Take, Guitar, Bass, so far!

It's slightly over 6 mins..., so there has to be a 2min 45sec chunking someone can use and fill in the many whole-holes I left Smile hahhh, or the entire 6 mins as one may be inclined.
-- Just let me know, post it here (link) and since will likely be outstanding, if done, I'll take a copy to pair with as done with this on my BC site as well.

OK, I've downloaded your tune.
No promises, but I'll see what I can do with it. Smile

OK, here ya go, @ustaknow; I just threw this together.
It is entirely your sounds, except for the voice clip, of course.
Totally mixed for headphones, as per usual.
I titled it "Waiting".
I hope you like it!

@Fuzzy -- Oh my, most excellent...; I was heading out and saw this..., so DL'd now.

I'll have it posted on BC soon'nuff.

Good Stuff.

If you are in a creative mood... as a separate thing, -- that as an "Ambient" full length -ism ish... and I'll lay somthing over that after. But that is 6min 19sec... and a bit long for some.

For that, -- I knew I'd have to leave "holes" (and only folks *here would get that or "hear" it)... but, as a one-take first pass... to get rolling took maybe 3 mins even after having done it after the Bass. And was trying hard to stay out of the Penta-box... so did flat the 7th and maybe the 3rd, but tried to keep it in the E Major scale.

I was looking for tension in new passing notes and happy with those. But, stayed away from the trem bar and etc. The Bass was direct in the mixer, line signal only. The guitar was the Vox cube HP out-- so some "buzz".

Ah who cares... just saying.

-- I think it needs percussion. And thought about testing out some mic fixes on my drum kit... (really messed up a perfect setup by moving it... then dropped it for the last year if can believe it Smile hahhh).

So, again:

"that" -- stunningly perfct.

the other? -- just my mind in manic create mode still -- but I was actually literally leaving the house... so.... .... ...

Not sure what you are looking for regarding your "Ambient" comments; are you asking for a long-form Ambient piece you can noodle over, all Fripp & Eno like?
Cos I can totally do that, if that's what you're asking....

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I downloaded both those haven't listened yet, but I'm sure I'll want to play along too Biggrin

Okay, so got back late... just getting to this now:

I put it under a "collection" (album) cover, since I am so sure other will come, -- so not a single Smile Fool track then.

I am calling it "fuzzy tones" since the first one to respond, -- made sense.

(Also, I presume the "voice" is fair-use, pub-dom or otherwise, -- just so common and "not identifiable" just not an issue for use Smile -- just say'in, just say'in... not concerned, no, just say'in Fool hahhh. )

@Fuzzy -- "more", ambient. Ah..., this is when I wind up to long, but can't help it, you asked Smile hahhh! So:

Well, I almost hate to answer since part of my "paradigm" ? (no rules,first hit, lets SeA... hahhh uNo?!...)

What I can reference that worked well was like me with Tim F. and Mr. CoDy... I just got a "hit" and it felt strong, or good... and they seemed to agree. The entire track or a new track.

So, Cody had an Ambient track (what I call his Diddley-Bo, "Shovel-Ware" ... my new name Smile ) and I did what you-all heard, if listened (many did Smile hahhh and still....)

Or, like I heard Tim's neoclassic one-off record as writing noodle and noodled over that, -- the last track listed actually in 5090 Smile yeehawww - made Tim's day.

However, my happiest moment was hearing separately done, Tims one piano track -- completely disparate of any other... but I "heard" it INTO the track i simple dumpted it into. I chopped one piano chord in his track which I guess he didn't miss... to relieve some of the tension of "munging" tracks never thought would be "married" and got that track. Those were raw, "done", wave, bounce tracks. -- I love how that worked, the first non-collaboration collaboration in 5090 history Smile hahhh... we're so infa-moused.

So, if you hear that track I did... -- LOTS of holes in it and on purpose. Some could double or triple that guitar track; a drummer could track that... it may not be "spot" on beat but workable. (Hahhh I've drummed to folks who changed time sig's, unknowingly... sometimes not salvagable, but not always, or even usually... look at the Stones, Charley plays behind Keith "always" since who knows where he's going and became part of their sound... but, I digress.)

So, you could take the original 6 mins and do what Cody did?! Create an entire new track you think my mind might wrap around? (I know what folks here will and won't "feel" into and why the Tim F. non-collab worked... I just "knew" he'd say yes... "who knew" Wink hahhh)

So the best non-answer answer I can provide, on purpose.

Heck, it's up to you all.

Only once maybe twice this year, (and not from *here) I was sent stuff I just could not make it work... so didn't. No hard feelings, -- how it goes. So, when I put this "here", -- for all I knew it's be untouched and I get that... just how it can go. But, I am glad I did, -- Sea, what's happening?! You, Cody, and ?

Who knows!! Just, as you liner note in the track, "post 5090 fun!" -- yup, indeed.

-- no rules... (this is a Free For Thread if you notice... so, baring "extremes" ? (no one likes those..., so otherwise) -- "engage, number one, engage" Wink )

@dzd -- as always, go for it Smile

Also, just saying... BandCamp does process the tracks, and I notice a definite volume shift which effects the track. It may just be initially; meaning, guessing, even after "processed" -- still processing, -- the track sounds different to me. But, in time ? it's "okay", other than the volume "normalizing" ? they do... I say this since, Fuzzy's track, -- as is, I didn't adjust anything.

I imported it, mp3, saw two "clipping" spots (which may or may not show up/hearable) but selected the entire track and -0.25 dB; then exported to WAV since only what BC accepts. And in Audacity, it sounded, -- same as the import, mp3; no difference there.

- To picky, specific? eh..., in case anyone hears it, -- that's it. If I "touch" a track, I'll say so -- if matters.

So, anyone else? Fool

Workin on a long-form Ambient track now.

Wonderful! Take your time. I leave this to fyi, read it.

I know internet time is compressed 1 day is like a week, a month a year Wink hahhh! (Dog years and Internet years) -- so baring IRL stuff..., "im here"... or around.

And, again, -- great!

@ustaknow, here is a Dark Ambient track (cos apparently "Dark Ambient" is a genre) using yer original sounds.
Best I could do without access to yer individual trax.
Just under 55 minutes long; my poor old copy of Audacity kept crashing on me.
Mixed for hedfones, as per usual.

"In Ruins" - https://www.dropbox.com/s/nbhwi4vw66yox62/ustaknow-Fuzzy%20-%20In%20Ruins.mp3?dl=0

Hey @Fuzzy wow that's great.

You mean getting the "stems" as folks call them? Ah, sounds great anyway!

At 55 minutes it'd be a great track to load at bed time and fall asleep to! Smile

So, I listened to the first 10 mins and am DL'g it.

I give a listen later, and if can chunk a part out I will.

I'll guess a wave conversion would put it up there in file size, so not sure I can load it on BC, -- I think they have a limit in the 150 Mb range (I'll check later on that).

Anyway, -- cool beans!!!

(I hope the weather up there is like here, -- hit 90F Smile hahhh, actually mowed the grass, OMG! What a weekend in November!)

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@Fuzzy only 55 minutes? slacker! hahaha

I still haven't even listened to the others yet. I forced myself to take a break and it seems to be sticking Biggrin

Hey @dzd, when you get back into the swing of it, here a present day "holiday" song to develop ala "lock down" humor blues, in this "Anything Goes Thread" here:

Grandma's a Felon - (c) 2020 ustaknow (alias)

Grandma's a Felon
She served all twenty melons
Neighbors called the Police, all in Blue...
Had her dragged to the curb, then to the street
- With a leg in one hand, among gravy smeared cries...

NO!, we cried, all in tears
She meant no harm, to family no fears
Don't double cuff her, and with shackles too
We'll send away the cousin's
With infants new

NO they said,
It's just to late
She well deserves, her self made fate
You know who's, in charge now
Just get ready to double bow!

Grandma's a Felon
She just should'a known
To invite those Dim,
New Neighbors too
It's not the act, it's not just the facts
It's just who does get to,
Unscrew the blues

Enter the age
Of the "Great White Disaster"
Replacing all, red white and blue
All the colors of our rainbow true
Are now all well muted, and completely screwed

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@ustaknow grandma got ran over by something other than the reindeer Biggrin

@dzd - if I get it framed out into a bounced 1+1 maybe a gang vocal uber-dub... should be "light" and "folks-y" ish... As all my 5 min write in flow stuff... I presume the lyrics will yield to the right hand strum and etc. We shall c, or maybee Fool

Oki doki - did it first pass, one take, record while writing 1+1... yeehaww! (used a chord prog that I had no idea if would fit... but somehow jammed itself in there (trying to avoid a cliche or "sound alike"... like, by a reindeer Fool actually kinda shocked it fit... couple words re-jammed their self in there too, -- I like when that happens then get to see how it came out when done Smile )


So, probably could use that gang-vocal think, second guitar and some noodles? Oh, I know Ozidland Piano! Wink

Ah so, rev02 bounce,


looks like the F7 (open E) chord may have a better tonal center? Eh..., not quite sure..., -- trying to avoid a sonic-cliche, so to speak... but with a 1+1 (regardless of what I hear in my head...) can only do so much. So again, hit record and went for it, one-pass, one-take then my "usual?" 1-min-mix-ing-isms... with audacity.

(Hahhh, part of this was, after years of this "Recording King" Grand acoustic, finally cut the Bone Saddle down to make is more "playable". My ear may be deceiving me but, aside from "playing it" and settling in it's bones... that saddle ad-just-ment seems to have sonic-alley effected, it. Eh, who knows... (hahhh, now the strings need changing... got the treble-E down to 5/[email protected], actually that e through G got there... the bass-E just a tad higher but no effect on playing since the Fret Action is at Zero relief no buzz... got lucky on that one. May go one gage lighter but afraid the Neck then'll need adjusting, oh my! Fool It's one of the "dryer" sounding acoustics I have... but as it breaks in, liking it's sonorus character so diff from my others (nice to mix in with other voices).


"For the Innocense"


A mourning-morning-5min-write, "for the innocense" - and getting to play with my new Octave Pedal, hahhh...
- so, a first-pass, one-take, then uber-dub the octave pedal noodle... warts and all.

I have been experimenting with what I can get out of just one chord, only and maybe does not sound like it.

So was a 1+1 and then the noodle. I am not sure I want a Bass in it, but will see, -- just a demo for demo sake. And, seemed to fit in the thanksgiving felony collection..., I'd love to fill it out as an EP ish-ism... don't want to "blow my brains out", when done Smile hahhh, so to speak Fool

-- So, just depends on how I feel about them. (Still not sure about the theme'd one, in that the modulations don't feel correct to me... gotta find a darker more sonorus blending, so to speak.)