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I was just wondering what happens to the file server now that 50/90 is over - do we keep that files.fawmers.com account forever or is it a clean slate every year?

It's the same server for FAWM and 5090 so it gets wiped clean before each. @Jen Distad can help with details.

The files will stay on the server! But the link will be different each FAWM and 50/90

e.g. this year's 50/90 files are at http://files.fawmers.com/5090_17/yourname/ Change the 17 to 16 and there will be your last years 50/90 songs. Same with FAWM, replace 5090 by FAWM and you can access your FAWM songs of this years or earlier years

Thanks for the answers, guys.