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At 50/90 and FAWM I see lots of really interesting usernames and I sometimes wonder what they mean. Do they have any special significance? Is there a story you'd like to share?

Of course many of us, myself included, simply user our name or a version of our name so not too deep of a story there perhaps!! Biggrin This is my 4th 50/90 and I have done 4 FAWMs too. I decided from the start I wanted my real name to be associated with my music so I always use it here and in other forums around the net. If you do not use your real name, care to share why?

Also, if you do FAWM and 50/90 and have a different username on each...why is that?

I'm just curious but don't reveal any deep dark secrets here (unless ya wanna!)

There are lots of interesting usernames here but I wanted to list just a few I have seen that are curious to me! Any of you wanna share your story? Biggrin

@sam sorrow
@wobbie wobbit

Hope I don't intrude, John, but my first band was called Klaus Fleming ( and the Clubs ). The original Klaus Fleming was historical figure, a Swedish officer who fought in Finland during Cudgel War or Club War around 1596. Club translates into "nuija" in Finnish and it also means a really stupid person, like "a jerk", so I thought that fits. Here I use only the first name, coz it's more cozy that way.

This is really wonderful topic, John. Smile

I was introduced to this challenge by a friend whose username was her genuine first name with a slightly showbizzed-up version of her surname. I thought it worked well, so I took the same approach. I wanted to be special, too, you see.

I occasionally regret this choice: when I post a disappointing lyric, I feel like my username has over-promised. When I post a lyric that people like, they tend to leave comments saying how apt my username is, which, after 9 years, is starting to have an effect similar to water torture.

Why, it's just what Momma Gargamel named me.

It was Christmas Eve, 2000. I was walking down the stairs at my mom and dad's house after showering. Our pet dog was lying across the bottom step. I stepped awkwardly over the dog, slipped on the cold tile flooring and landed in such a way as to shatter the 5th metatarsal of my right foot into 3 pieces. Off to the hospital.
The surgeon decided the only way to set my foot so as to have the foot heal was a permanent plate and 4 screws. So, ever since then, I have metal in my right foot. A metalfoot.

The end.

I know I wasn't asked and my current moniker isn't all that interesting (first initial, second initial, surname) but... once upon a time I was Pigfarmer Jr on these songwriting forums. (You may have noticed my album art.)

Pigfarmer Jr - Many moons ago my father got a free email from hotmail or yahoo or one of those free email thingies... back when they were relatively new. He tried Tom and it said try Tom4423 and he tried FarmerTom and it said try FarmerTom9345 etc., etc.. finally he said "I KNOW!" and tried tomthepigfarmer. And guess what? Nobody had taken tomthepigfarmer*.

A year (or so) later our verizon internet provider sold out to centurytel (and i'm still bitter about how poor the internet became almost overnight) and I lost my email account. So I decided I'd get a free one that I'd never have to change again. So I go to yahoo and type in Tom something and it came back with.. try tom4432 and then I tried TC and, of course, it came back with try TC23423 or something equally unappealing. Then I had my AHA moment and Pigfarmerjunior was born.

*I've been asked several times if I'm really a junior pigfarmer. And no, I'm not. We had one pot bellied pig on the farm as a pet until she got too big and we turned her into breakfast sausage. But that was after our email choices had been solidified. We have had/have cattle, goats, ducks, chickens, guineas, geese and turkey. I'm probably forgetting something or other, but you get the point. Oh, and back when my Faja was a wee child, there were pigs on the farm down by hollow. They'd eat the acorns and keep the brush cleared out, so I heard from my grandmother.

Brrrse is an abbreviation. BriarRose McDougal is my stage/badge name. It started out as my 3rd character on a MUD (multi-user dungeon) ..text based rpg in the dark ages.... and on a BBS before that. I went to get a hotmail account, and Briarrose was taken, so it offered brrrse454, and thus brrrse was born. I chose it because that is my most favorite fairytale in the world...all versions, not just Disney's. If you know me on Facebook, though, you know me as Tasha...I try to keep the same picture so people can recognize me easily. I look nothing like my picture anymore Wink

Wow! This is awesome! Thanks to everyone for sharing!

[@brrrse], yep my brain was already saying BriarRose!

@Klaus, interesting back story. But I bet it means cool, all-around nice guy!

@tcelliott, so glad you shared the pigfarmerjunior story! I wasn't sure if you used that any more so I did not have it in my list but I admit it has always been one of the more memorable ones!!

@metalfoot, makes perfect sense now! Glad you got your foot back (even if you are some sort of cyborg creature now!!!)

@Mel Gargamel, and Mom knows best!!

@Stephen Wordsmith I can see how that could be a challenging username to live up to but from what I have seen of your songs you do a great job of earning the name!

And here are a few more usernames I'd love to hear the story behind...

@Deaf Steever

mine is so trivial that it will be anticlimactic to know. 11 years and 4 months ago, i became a member on ebay, to buy CDs, mostly. i had to make up a handle, and in a moment, the name tsunamidaily came to me. i felt bad later,as various tsunamis occurred around the world, but decided that i was wanting a daily tsunami of the soul, to wash away the debris that accumulates and clogs our creativity and ability to communicate with others. i began to use it for my personal music name, imagining that the abbreviation of TD was a good one. i even have an alternate rap producer persona called tsunami D. i haven't made any backing tracks that were to be rapped over in years now, but i made almost one a day for several years. i told you that would be anticlimactic.

@tsunamidaily, not anticlimactic at all! Pretty good back story I'd say!!!

I used to play in a band, we had released an album called Goodbye Melody Mountain in 2008, in 2009 we had a big heated argument, and split up, I was not invited nor informed when the others started up again in 2010. I then took the name Mt. Mélodie for my solo project to mock the others, since I had been the main writer of melodies. We have since patched things up and, I rejoined 1 1/2 years later to help them finish writing the next album.

Did FAWM2016 as @W1n, my last name is Wien, don't really know why I chose the handle, probably thought I could change the user name later (maybe you can for all I know)

Great idea for a thread, @johnstaples !

As for Deaf Steever, I don't think it's a secret that I love old acoustic blues. A lot of those dudes had names like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Boy Fuller, Blind Blake, Peg Leg Howell, etc, etc. They had some sort of affliction as part of their name. Well, I was born with a marked hearing deficiency, and to this day I wear a hearing aid when at work and/or the movies. I'm far from deaf, but many of the so-called "blind" bluesmen weren't completely blind, either! My friends had nicknamed me Steever years ago (my given name is Stephen). Hence, I thought Deaf Steever might work as my "stage name".

I also thought it'd be slightly comical for a musician to have such a name ... since music relies on hearing. Less pressure to have quality material that way! It's like the opposite of @Stephen Wordsmith 's situation. Smile

Cool stories! Obviously, my username is my name. But I'm called Chip as a sort of parental compromise. My dad wanted to name me Howard, and I am in fact Howard III. My mom said ok, but he'll need a nickname. She looked at my puffy newborn cheeks, thought I looked like a chipmunk, so Chip it was and is.
I did tell friends and family that I wanted to be called Howard after I turned 50, which was in March. I have a nephew who insists on calling me Uncle Howard, but no one else is on board. maybe I'll be Howard for FAWM.

My name came from a song by the alternative rock band, "The Perfect Circles".

Interesting subject and nice to find out the stories behind people's names.

Some people already know where mine originated, from soundboard discussions, but for those that don't ...

Lake Atitlan is a wonderfully scenic, volcano ringed lake in Guatemala and was one of the places I visited on my first long-haul holiday which was to view the Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatemala. Lake Atitlan made enough of an impression on me that when I was looking for an anonymous handle to use on the internet for various sites 'atitlan' was what came to mind.

Though I don't use it everywhere, everything I do online that's music related uses that handle.

When I started doing Songfight, I thought that Inflatable Vegetables would be a funny band name. I didn't realize what a pain it would be to type. So in the forums, Soundcloud, and other music sites i shortened it to iveg.

Years ago, in days of old, when magic ruled the air, I played in a Ska band called The Invaders, the band still exists as Max and The Invaders (here they are playing a song I wrote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pnYm6PO3sU) When I joined the band everyone had a stage name or quickly acquired one. Nothing stuck for me (not for a lack of people trying, nothing seemed right). So we were in the basement dressing room of The Globe (One of the best music clubs Milwaukee had, now sadly gone) There was another band onstage upstairs. The band was playing “The Girl From Ipanema” and our bass player at the time Mo had a habit of using the wrong words (not in an offensive way, he would just substitute words incorrectly). Well, Mo is bopping along and he says I know this song “The Road to De Janeiro”. To which I respond “Uh Mo don’t you mean The Girl From Ipanema.” Mo says “The Road to De Janeiro, The Girl From Ipanema, same thing.” I said “ Yea same thing Like pipewrench and Paul Rickert are the same thing” Woody the sax players says “What did you just Say?” I said “ Yea same thing Like pipewrench and Paul Rickert are the same thing” Woody said “Pipewrench it is”
This one stuck.

nice thread and fun to read people's stories Smile here's mine:
In 2007 I joined the online virtual world Second Life (secondlife.com) to stream live into the second life world and do gigs there. When you signed up (it has changed now) you used to have to pick from a list of that month's second names and have free choice of first name. So I picked my favourite sounding Second Name "Wobbit" and the first name to go with that just seemed obvious... it had a bit of Robbie (I am a huge Robbie Williams fan) and a bit of Womble (yep I love the Wombles too and have a song about my Imaginary dog "Womble") I loved how it sounded together and thought it suited my style of songs. I then got wobbiewobbit.com to put my songs etc on and used that name for things like bandcamp and soundcloud (not that i really use them) when I warily signed up to facebook i stuck to that name as it had become my name for all online things. I love the uniqueness of it and its search engine friendliness, and that it is silly and fun to say. I am still gigging weekly in Second Life (not streaming now though, doing it live on voice chat so that the audience can join in realtime (just about!). it is great fun!) I love being Wobbie Wobbit - thanks for asking Smile

What lovely - and enlightening - stories! Since @johnstaples asked: A bunch of friends and I put together a skiing club in the 80s which we called the Head First Only Club as a reaction to the rather staid original British skiing club the Down Hill Only Club, which had featured in a very quirky and not-very-flattering documentary called "On The Piste." That's why there's a lot of skiing information on my website - here's an example.

Once I'd been running the website for five years or so, I started using it for everything else I do, too, so here we are.

When you make art/music/whatever it's a good idea to have a production company for whenever you want to release something. bithprod (actually BitHProd) = Bullet in the Head Productions. Simple as that. Listed as a record label on Facebook. Not really accurate. Wink Now, THAT name simply comes from the fact that I've got 4 different songs (and counting?) with variations of the phrase "bullet in the head" in the lyrics. I wrote the first of these when I was 17-ish, and time has proven me right. "Love is a cosy Sunday morning / Love is a warm untidy bed / Love is a ray of sun through rainclouds / And love is a bullet in the head".

@johnstaples Oh really?

I used to go by the nick Fear when I was like 15. Then I felt like it didn't match my self-image anymore so I wanted to switch it around a bit. Basically I just started to think words that sound nice, figured that maybe it should start with J like my first name, and then settled with January. Later, I was feeling super clever, so I switched it to be something a bit more Latin.

I know... so interesting. Biggrin

I yllaer t'nod wonk, tub ti dlouc evah ot od gnihtemos htiw ym emanerof...

Mine is nothing exciting like the rest of you. Just my name backwards, like I've felt my whole life. The 17 is because my birthday is February 17th. I know, try to contain your excitement! Everyone else has great stories behind their names. I'm jealous!

On a semi-related note, I've been trying to decide what to do with my musical self lately, and figured I'd need a catchier moniker. "Amanda Williams" is WAY to generic, so I just recently started going by Amanda Willow on Band Camp and other places. Willow trees have been some of my best friends. We'll see how it goes!

Os uoy era ton enola, @Adnama17. Emoclew ot eht "Sdrawkcab Eman Bulc"! Wink

It was the end of 2003 and my band at the time had just changed its name from Carcass Head to Morg. I needed to pick a username for something or the other, so I took my first initial and my band's name and there you have it. Nowadays, although Morg's on a most likely permanent break, I'm known in most corners of the internet I visit as HMorg.

Waaay back in the pre-internet Dark Ages of 1986, there was only one guy in the entire university residence with a personal computer, and the only game he had on the thing was computer golf.
Gosh, I loved playing computer golf on that thing. It was all so new and exciting. Actually playing a game on a computer?? Just like science fiction.
We had to choose player names, so of course I chose to use the name of the golfer with the most awesome handle ever, Fuzzy Zoeller.
The name just kind of stuck with me, and I've been using it in computer-related activities for the last thirty years.

This thread is awesome!
(My name's just my last name...)

Yppah ot nioj hcus a suoigitserp bulc! Sknaht @reklov!

Well... it has a number of purposes, to much for here. And two meanings. One is, when I used to, long time ago, long before ...

My Username reflects my feelings when I started my first FAWM, I felt worse that a n00b.
But not bad enough for kackb00n, thankfully. Wink
As it is a bit obnoxious to change the name in the game and to "reacquaint" all the FAWM-freinds and acquaintances, I kept it, though it is a little st00pid, admittedly.
Heck, we are what we are...

Hey Amanda ! Great name Smile

Clever lol

Fun story Smile

I like to have different names / "personas" for my various artistic endeavors (fiction, video-making, music-making). Sometimes a project involves more than one of the three, but it's usually clear where the "main" focus lies and so which "name" I should use.

For music, my name was derived as follows:

Odilon: The first name of Odilon Redon, the French sometimes-surrealist lithographer who created one of my favorite artworks, "The Reader" (whose subject bears something of resemblance to myself, but especially to my father (and thus likely to my future self)).

Green: Shortened from the last name of Joe Greenstein, a/k/a "The Mighty Atom." I find his story inspiring for a number of reasons. Plus the beard, of course.

'bong' was just a sound, like ding-dong.

I first used it in a game/community/app on Facebook. I found I had extremely good response, because everybody associated to a bong pipe and thought they were ever so clever and witty.

As I said, to me it was just a sound. I did know the word had the meaning of a hash pipe, but that was not a part of my active vocabulary (English is a second language). I could equally well have picked something even sillier. As in the old Monty Python sketch: What's brown and sounds like a bell? Donnnggg. I would have been oblivious until somebody had pointed it out to me, even though I knew the sketch.

So later when creating a secondary (performing musician) avatar for Second Life, I decided to reuse it. And of course it followed with me when I started on FAWM some time later. It still works very well, I think.

Musicsongwriter came to my mind when I was registering for Just Plain Folks. I used it later or at the same time, can't remember now, for Songramp. These were the days when I wasn't sure whether my music would be of interest and just found a generic name: music songwriter as I was creating music or mainly music, hardly ever lyrics. I was going to change my name to my real name but found out there is another Nadia on fawm and 50/90 so just stayed as musicsongwriter for this reason. Not really an exciting story behind my name I'm afraid, perfectly boring. Maybe I create a song Perfectly Boring? Or maybe next year I'll change to the user name PerfectlyBoring haha. No, SimplyBoring, that's more like it.

These stories are so interesting, I love reading about the meanings of people's usernames. Everyone's is so unique - unlike our actual names, we get to pick these for ourselves.

When I first signed up for FAWM back in my teen years (oh gosh), I wanted a name that was my name, but also not my name so that no one in the 'real world' would ever find my songs. Now I don't care haha, but it stuck and I like it. It's a combination of my first and middle names, Tessa Emily.

I also liked 'temily' because my mum has this picture hanging in her house that is captioned 'Temily means peace'. And it does, in Siswati language apparently. I always thought that was a nice thing Smile

My username has a simple story behind it.

I'm from Brazil, and so is my partner, so our mother language is Portuguese. But we've been living in the USA for a few years now. One day she was driving, and I told her to turn right on 11th street — but when I said "11th" it came out as a mix of English and Portuguese: elesima, "ele" from "eleven" in English, and "sima" from the Portuguese equivalent of "th".

She said, "that's a cool artist name!", and since then I started using "Elesimo".

"Lady Red" is just something I came up with on the fly when I decided I needed a (stage) name for my evil/kinky alter ego. (I'm also a redhead, so that part was kind of a given.).

My good twin, @Chandra83 chose her middle name, as she prefers it to her first name (Jessica,) and '83 is our birth year.

I know. It sounds like a generic brand of toothpaste, huh?

My username is a shortening: Colleen Goodsell. It is also the start of my email address on Mac dot com.

I have a very loopy name with cursive.....lots of double loopy letters that can be overdone easily. It's just easier to type the first three letters of my first and last names.

That's my story.

The way I imagine you would pronounce temily in English, temily would sound rather like the Danish word for rather, which is "temmelig", although it's a bit archaic. Most would pronounce it like temly.

@bong That's interesting! I love languages. It's fascinating how different words can sound so similar but have different meanings in different languages, or even just the number of words in one language that sounds the same but mean different things.

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kc5 came about as a way for people who already know me by my fb identity to reasonably figure out its me without giving too much info to people I don't know. I'm social, but kinda private until I get familiar with people. So kc are my initials and 5 is the number of members in my household. Nothin terribly exciting. Smile

Mine is similar to my actual name, which is Peter Arvidson..except on 50/90 i'd prefer if you pronounced it with a silent P and silent A, that way it will sound more artistic, see?

I love hearing about the many creative, clever, and common sense approaches to usernames. I was encouraged by a fellow FAWMer to do FAWM in 2013 but I had never really written anything before I started. I l was told that there were several others from the Madison WI area on the site so I wanted a username where no one from my home town would recognize me as I my lyrics were so bad. So many fellow FAWMers were so helpful and encouraging for which I will be forever grateful. GIven that I did not want to use my own name and the fact that I signed up for FAWM a few days after it started, when it asked for my user name I was in a hurry to pick anything. Thus, I wasn't very creative and just picked the first thing that came to mind, my dog's name, Kahlo. Kahlo is a small female labeadoddle. She had reddish hair and was fiestey and energetic as a puppy. She reminded me of Frieda Kahlo - Yes, I know Freida Kahlo had black hair, but she used a lot of reds and oranges in her paintings. Thus, my pup was named after Freida Kahlo, and I took my pups name for my newly launched songwriting adventure in 2013 - kahlo2013. Had I thought about it more, I would have likely chosen something different.

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If something was flagged as inappropriate here by me, it was by accident! Still getting used to this device and a notation of that just appeared as I was swiping through the posts. I hit cancel but it didn't seem to do anything. I get frustrated with this thing sometimes. Anyway if it took, I'm very sorry.

I thought accidentally flagging posts was part of the charm of the FAWM forums... so it makes sense it would also happen here at 50/90! Wink

Wait a sec ....

Since I joined FAWM and 50/90 five years ago, I've used the "flag this as inappropriate" link in the same way I use "like" on Facebook posts.

Uh-oh ....

Derived from James MIchael Karns. Some India folk still think I am in their tribe.

Boy am I dull - My name and the year I was born