What do you hope to accomplish between now and Oct 1?

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Seventeen or so days left, depending on where you are in the world! I started a new thread after 18 days (1/5th through), then 36 days, then 54 days. Now we're into the last 1/5th of this year's 50/90. In one way, it sort of feels just about over, yet if you think in FAWM terms (28 days), it could feel like a lot of time. (Make sense?)
What do you want to do with this time that's left?
I have yet to use my tin whistle, but I have an instrumental idea for it. I have a song to record that is mainly acoustic, but I want to include in it a lot of sounds from my keyboard. That would get me to 54 - 50 solo demos, 4 collabs.
I'm already thinking Rocktober - a Beatles cover done bluegrassy and an old bluegrass standard with some slide guitar. (Depending on the Rocktober interest among us, maybe one or two more.) So I could get started on that early.
I'm sort of at a loss for lyric ideas at this moment, but that could change - maybe a skirmish will be that spark!
And of course - comment, comment, comment. Definitely want to match last year's 300 given, and I'm on a pace where 400 is not impossible.
What's up with you between now and the end of 50/90?

I still have a handful of instruments to use; a handful of collabs to finish. I want to hit 100+ songs. We'll see. Life is hitting extremely high speed here so it all depends!

I owe people vocals on 2 songs and I just want to get them done without sounding awful or messing up their music too badly. Other than that, I plan to keep writing as much as I do and I would LOVE to get more of my words put to music, but that would be if anyone feels the urge Smile

10 songs to go and counting!

I'm at 42 with four in-progress instrumentals and three in-progress unmusified lyrics. Looks like most of the 50 plus remaining ideas on the list may wait. A few more collabs if it works for both. Tomorrow I may do a live improv or three, depending. Hopefully post number 50 in the next two weeks.

That's a very interesting thought. In FAWM 17 days is a LOT. In 50/90 it's the dregs. Yes, but think about if this was February and you had 17 whole days to get done what you wanted to get done!

I've got a few ideas percolating, and two more 4-track cassettes coming my way. I want to do a couple more collabs with @pfoo before this is over. I've achieved what I wanted to achieve, and everything else is lagniappe.

I suppose I'll try and get my project of instrumental music completed (50+ songs). In addition to that, trying to reach 200 or more comments on FAWM (yes that one, not 50/90).
And if my instrumental project does get finished before Oct 1, THEN I will try and comment on songs on here.

Looking to get 2, maybe, 3 more songs to have enough tracks to call an album.

@standup - If this were FAWM it would be Feb 12! And a lot of us would be thinking of cranking out eight or more songs.
I just checked and realized that even though I felt like my pace was slowing down, I've posted 10 songs in September. So now my goal is at least four more so I can reach a FAWM's worth of songs in each month of 50/90.
And I had to look up "lagniappe." Cool word!

I thought I might be able to muster the gumption to conquer the AZ summer brain molasses, but I was only mildly successful and in brief spurts. One or two more might pop in, but I kind of admit personal defeat. Though, hey, 14 more songs than I had in July, so that's good, and 40 songs for the year including FAWM, which is kind of nice overall.

Thanks very much to the folks who commented on my stuff, and I guess I'll see you all in Feb.!

I've got 7 more to go, and fully plan on finishing the race.
This is my first year with either fawm or 50/90, so I'm still getting used to the little things. Not to mention pumping out 50 songs...
I just feel that finishing this challenge will be something I can look back on and say "I did that; I finished." Regardless of the quality of my songs, I can say I created 50 things that didn't exist before...50 things that someone somewhere on this planet (or elsewhere) may hear and may be positively affected by. Nobody can take that away.
For someone who feels lacking in the accomplishments department, I will have 50/90.
I will finish.

1 more to hit my personal goal. A couple of possible collars to be done. Several ideas I haven’t worked on could end up being done. But I’m basically spending more time installing programs or files or vst instruments I’ve lost. Already started a Rocktober cover of o e of the songs posted this 50/90.

I hope to make couple more collabs and return all the comments. I've been away for many weeks because my right elbow is still hurting ( tennis elbow ). Using keyboard ( computer or midi ) for longer than five minutes irritates it. My work started in September. I really don't know how much I can actually accomplish before the end of September.

Naturally this is very frustrating situation. I had a big vision, lots of energy and determination. I even added extensive footnotes to my lyrics sheets! I had a pretty good run for the first two months. I liked my songs, got plenty of comments, good vibes. Now it's like meh...

Pain has never been a good source of inspiration for me. Smile

@Klaus I was wondering what had happened to you! I hope your elbow pain goes away-- I have great admiration and respect for you as a musician and would really love the honour of collaborating with you sometime (maybe FAWM 2019?).

Take care and I hope you can get therapy or something for your elbow.

@Klaus - Good to see you back here. I had a bout of tennis elbow a few years ago, and I learned that 75 percent or so of those who have it don't even play tennis! I played years ago, but I'm left-handed and my pain was in my right elbow. I think it was from landscaping.

I had a bout of inspiration this week. I wanted to get to 50 solo demos so I cranked out a couple of so-so instrumentals and thought that might be it. But then I wrote and recorded two new ones over the last couple days, and I've spent part of this morning adding synth flourishes to one I wrote last week, and I just wrote a new one using a title that I had kicking around in my head for weeks.

I think I have a songwriting gear in my brain that won't shut down until Oct 2.

Well after my set back with my computer crashing I will be happy to hit 35 or 40 songs. It's still more than I started with.

I'm still trying to get up to 50 by posting lots of lyrics that I finished earlier in the challenge and didn't have time to type up earlier. Not sure how many I've got, but I suspect the final superskirmish will still be pivotal for me.