What To Do After 5090?

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For those who want to keep up the song funsies year round there’s a few groups on Facebook that you might be interested in joining:

‘Song Skirmish’ which is run by @metalfoot and Patti Duce Brown features a weekly skirmish posted by member volunteers taking turns.

‘The Almost Daily Writing Prompt’ which features an almost daily writing prompt hosted by the talented @tcelliott

‘The SongWrite Inn’ which has a weekly prompt and title challenge hosted by yours truly and @wobbie wobbit @Gwyn Jones @metalfoot and Mike Wheeler

You’ll recognise a lot of members from FAWM and 5090 in these groups. Please feel free to add any other groups or upcoming challenges to this thread.

It’s been a blast. See you all again in February!

There is of course GYAWS run by folks including @Amanda West and @Steven Wesley Guiles on Facebook too, with a weekly prompt for writing.

Thanks for that information. I was just starting to think about housework and chores undone over the summer. Wink

Can you post the links to these in the FAWM Facebook page, or here?

There is also Song Fight! which also has a lot of FAWMers that participate. http://songfight.org/

And the Social Distancing Songwriters Club: https://www.facebook.com/groups/198768751456353/?ref=share

For those with more eclectic creative tastes, there's also Inktober for artists (which has started today and has a lot of variations) and NaNoWriMo in November.

I've been doing NaNoWriMo for years, but this will be my first Inktober.

NaNoWriMo is at https://nanowrimo.org/ and I think Inktober just uses the #Inktober tag on various social media platforms. (Inktober has a set of prompts, and the variations use different prompts.)

One other nice one is Timmy Riordans Fearless songwriter which has 7 in 7 every couple of months https://www.facebook.com/groups/142069592554011

as mentioned TC Elliotts , almost daily prompt is a great inspiration , every now and again i dive in there! The Songwrite Inn is full of the good guys n gals, GYAWs is a nice group and its good to get 1 Sunday prompt, Alexs skirmish has been dormant but i think is kicking off again. Oh and a plug you can listen and or be involved in my podcast! "Songwriters and Original songs" (Season 2 starts in a couple of days - i will post a link somewhere) still looking for songs, featured artists, songwriting tips and tricks. Early season 2 guests include Peter Arvidson, David Taro and Catherine Wacha.

Just wanted to drop another suggestion, another FB music group called Theme Music.
We get a theme every two weeks and do covers of songs that fit the theme, or make originals. I'm not active lately (nor in any of the others that have been posted here that I'm a part of...sorry!), but its a nice community with decent engagement. Done a lot of collabs there, believe it or not. Fun.
Could scratch that Rocktober itch.

In November there is a challenge I have done every year since 2012 called National Solo Album Month. The basic idea is to write a minimum 29:09 of new songs (one may be a cover) and do everything yourself (e.g. writing, playing, singing, production, mixing, ) without any collaboration.

For more info:
https://nasoalmo.org .

I do that in parallel to National Novel Writing Month
https://nanowrimo.org .

Is there no Rocktober this year?

Just curious…

See You In The Shadows…

keep checking your profile every 15 minutes for late comments. do that for a few weeks until you reaiize 50.90 is truly over..then turn on the television, crawl into bed and get some sleep. and if you wake up with a song in your heart, dont write it. you can do it. one day at a time.

Touché Bill! :0))))))))))

First of all, 5090 won't be over until people stop posting fake band names. On a more serious note, Bill pretty much nails the emotional truth of the end of FAWM/5090 for lots of us. I haven't been super active here this year, but I still feel like it college graduation time and I'm stuck alone in my college town after all my friends moved on to better/different things. It's been a while since I've woken up with a song in my hear...but I still want to write one