What are you listening to? (YouTube Edition)

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1. Post songs you are currently exited about.
2. Include a YouTube link.
3. One song per post, please.
4. Feel free to explain why you like the song.
(5. Commenting others' posts is encouraged!)

Let me start here.

Laura Palmer by Bastille

I've been getting into Twin Peaks again. I actually rewatched the series and saw the movie for the first time. When I think about that one, it really shifts this song's emotional core to another level. It's very simple, but very powerful. Love it.

Whenever I'm feeling depressed, Q-Feel's "Dancing in Heaven" always lifts me right up, not just for the bouncy song itself, but for the supremely enthusiastic, exultant music video. I really can't get enough.

Lorde's new album Melodrama is fantastic. I couldn't believe how good it was actually, I completely didn't expect it. Good as her debut was, this record is even better. It's going to be one of the best album of the year for sure. It's a record made to be heard all at once.

My favorite track...is a three way tie, either Homemade Dynamite, Writer In The Dark or this one, The Louvre.

Really into Jane Weaver's new album 'Modern Kosmology' at the moment. This is the lead single from the album, 'Did you see Butterflies?' - does a really good job of updating psychedelic folk for the present day.


Oh! Here's another one. I guess they call this trance although I might be horribly mistaken.

If I Survive (I'll Worship the Moon) by Eco

I didn't used to listen to this type of music at all but now that I've discovered it, I'm absolutely in love. It somehow just speaks to me and calms me down (and I do need the calming). It's better than whiskey.

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This is my favorite rendition of Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells. It was recorded at the Bitter End night club in New York. I've seen the concert in its entirety and it's great. The arrangement of this song is just so pleasing to my ears.


Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues


Oh hey! I found this amazing song by John Parr called Come Out Fighting.


We didn't get that much Parr here in Finland back in the day.

I've listened to all the entries above (while I can before the list gets too long!). If I could to play like one player I would pick this guy. He is a great songwriter, too -- but here he is doing a cover. Darrell Scott, American Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j57fvO4C9Mo

@Kevin Emmrich I actually probably liked your entry the best so far. Smile Kinda reminds me of Tommy Emmanuel.

Oh, and please, you can post more than one song. I was just thinking that maybe concentrate on showcasing a track in each post rather than posting a list of urls without any explanations.

If you want something a little different, I have recently discovered an artist called Delores Catherino. She creates what she calls 'polychromatic music' which is microtonal music working with up to 106 tones per octave. This is one of her tracks played on a keyboard called the 'Tonal Plexus'.


There's also a video on her YouTube channel where she runs through a bunch of microtonal keyboard instruments which is really interesting.

At the moment I'm slightly obsessed with the new record by Cigarettes After Sex, who make this totally dreamy, reverb-drenched kind of indie-pop... I particularly love this song but the whole album is great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sElE_BfQ67s

@atitlan - I'm really enjoying that Jane Weaver album too.

@Vom Vorton David Lynch would be all over that music. Biggrin

@Ianuarius that's probably part of the reason I've fallen for it so hard, I can't get enough Lynch at the moment!

So, in classic internet fashion, I go to listen to @cts suggestion of TJ&S Crystal Blue Persuasion and of course, while there I had to listen to the song that inspired me to buy a Fender Super Six Twin Reverb (w/vibrato), Crimson & Clover by TJ&S and then I end up listening to Joan Jett's cover of C&C!!!


I have to prep my classroom for asbestos abatement (between teaching) by the end of the week. I've been listening to Holst's The Planets and Ginastera's Estancias a lot while working. Mostly I've just had Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (one of the most gorgeous orchestral works ever written) on repeat at top volume.

Back to the head of this post, that guitar on Twin Peaks was always killer, along with Chris Issak's 'Wicked Games'.

Hey @atitlan, that Delores Catherino track is aces. Enjoyed very much.
Here's a track in the same spirit that I've recently rediscovered; "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson.
In fact the entire album "Big Science" is fantastic. I had forgotten how much I love it.

@Fuzzy I agree that Laurie Anderson's Big Science is tremendous, as is Strange Angels, an album I find endlessly compelling and beautiful (and is one of my all-time favorites). The rest of her work doesn't resonate as much with me, particularly the post-Strange Angels material, but those two albums are outstanding. I actually saw her on the Strange Angels tour over 25 years ago, and I still remember it as an amazing, entrancing show. Here's a grainy old live clip, although it doesn't really capture the multimedia magic of her full-on live show.

I totally forgot to post my link. This is the Chicago Symphony doing Saturn. It's my favorite. A lot of other versions don't have the intensity that this piece needs. It's kind of what I want to be listening to when I die. The inevitable march towards the end... the growing anxiety and anger (I love the theme that's introduced at about 3:30), the clocks screaming/time catching up with you, and eventually everything just falls away and there's absolute peace. The end feels like you're floating away into nothing. https://youtu.be/mU04EScW4rM

These guys know what their talking about


Probably my favourite current female vocalist - Hannah Reid of London Grammar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO2x7FrdkGA (update 06/07 with Glastonbury 2017 version)

I've been really digging Morgan Delt recently. Super psychedelic vibe...


I somehow stumbled on this cat, it seems he is known on the East side of the pond (any U.K.ers want to verify?) I had never heard of him, I'm strangely compelled, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ih7KzKLLWA

Most recently:
Freddie King

"For A Few Guitars More"

Also the Bambi Molesters, a surf band from Croatia:

Well, I'm actually listening to myself. Smile Voodoo Rhythm Shakers.

Alter Bridge
Possibly the greatest hard rock band of all time.

Here's "My Champion" from their newest album.


I love this because it's a punk band doing a capella.

On the Decades challenge thread @TomS gave a timeline for punk that suggested a dead genre. Well IDLES seem to want to bring it back - their album 'Brutalism' is looking like it'll be big in UK AOTY 2017 lists. I know this is meant to be a one track per post thread, but I couldn't decide between:

'Well Done'

and 'Mother' (NSFW)

Lot of passion in this performance.


@atitlan that's some great stuff!

Lyrics, but a great voice too."Love is like a bag of drugs that blows out both your knees"

Jesca Hoop-"Every ember wants to ride the supernova"


I just found this band, 88Kasyo Junrei, and I instantly love them.

This song starts with like this 80's metal riff before completely changing gears, but it keeps the same vocal melodies. The guitarist is outrageous and the singer sounds really great. Now the video...look at this band, they are amazing. This buff drummer playing calm, a guitarist who thinks he's like Yngwie or some gentle shred hero and this skinny hutched over badass singer who would likely spit on you for merely walking by. This is a thing.

These days I mainly watch people bashing away at their sample triggers. This girl has got skills


This KEXP performance by the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio totally rocked my world:

Makes me want to form a tight funk trio! Check out the mad guitar face during the solo at 2:00... he is completely tapped into the universal harmony of monads there! Biggrin Wink

Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

I'd never heard of her before (shame on me). I had picked up a copy of "Living Blues" magazine in the library the other day, and decided to look her up.
Great great blues playing


Quirky pop brilliance from Shugo Tokumaru - 'Lift'


So, we just got a new TV, which does fancy things like create an endless playlist of music videos for you based on what you watch on YouTube. So I went and found some of my old favorites to make sure they'd be on the playlist, and renewed my enthusiasm for these songs/videos in the process.

Nerdy math comedy a capella:

Rebellious affirmation celebrating YouTube itself: