What are you eating?

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I misread the forum topic title of "What are you reading?" as "What are you eating?"
So, what are you eating?

I am about to tuck into some leftover Cranky Al's Pizza.

rice and tofu and peanut sauce!

Better be spicy, son.

Bbq chicken sandwich

I had lunch at a panini place set up inside a shipping container. My choices of filling were ostrich, crocodile, and kangaroo.

@pipewrench67 it was totally mouth-burning spicy!!!

@Stephen Wordsmith - Not sure if you're kidding, but I can picture such a place. Sort of a food truck vibe. I've eaten gator and kangaroo before, and perhaps ostrich.
Last night our plans to eat at a semi-fancy waterfront restaurant were foiled - usually at this time of year there's no wait for a table on Fort Myers Beach, but last night the lot was packed with out-of-state plates. So we went two doors down to a locals hangout and I had a half-pound of shrimp fresh from the day's catch. And I ran short on sauce so dipped a few in tabasco. Cold beer, too, and a decent acoustic duo.

Crackers and cheese a little while ago. Can't go wrong there. Wink Tonight's meal will be a baked fillet of salmon.

I recently became vegan.

Today I had mixed salad with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Nom nom nom. Sorry? What was that?... Oh, just a Mars bar. How did you know I was eating something?

Coffee for breakfast.

Breakfast: Toast with avocado. Tex-Mex style fried potatoes with jalapeño and onion. Coffee, of course.

Home made taco salad without the tortilla. I'm a no/low carber so no beans and no rice, either. But it's amazingly good with a spicy pico and some hot taco sauce.

leftover ribs from the 4th, as well as roasted pattypan squash and corn. the yucca empanadas are gone, but once i get my energy back, i need to roll out more yucca dough and fill it with the black bean mix that i have left. i made a bit too much dough, so i need to roll the rest i do not use out and freeze it so i can make a variety of yucca empanadas from various fillings i devise.

p.s.-- my energy is down from my flu, not the amount i ate on the 4th. Smile

Your soul, in omelet form.

Also, a calzone.

True story, I got a free calzone last month when I got locked in the bathroom at the local pizza joint for 45 minutes. They had to drill out the lock and everything. Totally worth it for the free food though, and they let me keep the door handle.

Jelly beans! Biggrin


liver and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy

Crumpets Smile

Just off out to the local vegan restaurant with my wife, and my mom...

cookies and cream

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Pan fried Hake, Crushed new potatoes and baby spinach and bisque.. Great but tiny and overpriced...

Where I am in the moment, -- lots of water... Smile

Bojangles chicken tenders, biscuit and tatoes & gravy Biggrin