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ok, a question for the fine 5090 folks out there, and a i guess a bit of shameless advance promotion.

I've been writing alot this past few months, and more political-themed and/or topical-themed songs seem to be a group unto themselves.
Since their 'shelf life' is not infinite, I am planning on creating a bandcamp album of the best of them, and have been re-recording, remixing, etc.

what's a better title?
1 Summer of the Orange Disaster
2 Fake news, you lose blues
3 All day, all night, uptight alt-right, fake news you lose blues

tracklist i think will be:

1. History gets repeated
2. All day all night uptight alt-right fake news you lose blues
3. Call him the orange disaster
4. How hard is it to say…?
5. Antidote
6. Sheriff Joe
7. The party of Lincoln is now the party of Lee
8. Cheapened and lowered
9. Only wall you’ll need
10. No lives matter to the orange disaster
11. Foul play
12. Dreamers

(and I guess the last question is- any of you interested in the album? it'll be a free download, btw..)

I like "Orange Disaster" the best. But what do I know?

I too vote for "Orange Disaster."
This hurricane headed for Florida could be an orange disaster of a different sort if it wipes out our state's main crop.

chip, i hadn't thought of that meaning- and more important- be safe!!!!! and thanks both of you for your thoughts Smile i'm leaning that way too

the main reason i like summer of the orange disaster is that it is just a summer
i like B best. i also like the expanded version but think it would be a PITA.

I like #2 - It says more than #1, and in a snappier way then #3. The rhymes are catchy, and #1 to me is just a *gnat* too suggestive of a 1960s horror B-film. Maybe that's the approach you were after, though?! *shrugs*

hmmm.. maybe "Fake news you lose blues (orange disaster summer)'

.. kind of have your orange cake and eat it , too Smile

and... Summer of the orange disaster is the winner!
check it all out here-