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My goofy jingle for Flatlands that I wrote earlier today has been accepted as pre-show music before the live radio-style dramas that Flatlands is putting on this year! I'm acting in the next 5 weeks of them.

So I just need to make a couple minor tweaks to the lyrics (as advised by the director of the theatre company) and re-send it to her and... boom. Exposure for my quirky style of songwriting!

Congratulations, you deserve more exposure. Well done!

Wow, that's awesome! Congrats, @metalfoot! Smile

Well deserved!

That is awesome!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Congrats! We can say we knew you way back when!

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Fantastic! Can I get braggin' rights and say I know ya? Smile

TaDa! Well done! Or medium rare! or whatever one says these days!

Congrats! Tomorrow the stars!


Wonderful Smile

Great news. Congratulations Smile


Hooray! Go go go!

Hey congrats, man!

That's so freaking cool!