Welcome to 50/90 2017

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Welcome back everyone! Let's make some music!

Hello, hello!

Thank you for the greatness that is FAWM and 50/90, Eric!


Can hardly wait for my vacation so that I can get back and do some 50/90 stuff!

WOOHOO YES! Hi everyone!!!!! Welcome!!!

wooHoo!! can't wait.

Looking forward to it! (I've just got to not get distracted by life and drop out after a week like I did last year... )

I'm ready! I wish July 4th would hurry and get here. I don't want to fizzle out before the challenge starts. Nah, I got rhymes, I got songs, I got talent, and I got the ambition to slaughter this challenge. Yeah, dream on buddy...lol

I'm going to participate as well. Glad to see y'all around.

Thank you Eric. You're doing gods' work!

I just threw one of my FAWM tracks to Youtube. You don't have to listen to it... I'm just excited is all.

Yep... Back again...
Russ Smile

Hi @Tasha Parker Gibbs

Only 50 more to go...
piece a cake

Russ Wink

Ready to roll!

Yay! Thanks Eric!! You da man!!

Thanks @Eric Distad and @Jen Distad for opening up the songwriting playground again!

Many thanks to @Eric Distad and @Jen Distad! Woo-hoo!

Allo all! Smile

Hi all Smile looking forward to get started and of course listen to your songs! Haven't written anything since February (too many other things to do) and can't wait!
Thanks so much for setting this up Smile

Ahhh, so great to be back with friends that understand this musical madness!

Hello Smile

Hellooooo and wonderful 50/90 @Eric Distad and @Jen Distad and the back scenes crew Smile (I'm not creeping @tcelliott Wink )

When you log onto your 50/90 profile and see all last year's songs gone, you know this year's challenge isn't far away.

I see the gathering has commenced - good to see so many familiar names.

Hi everyone! not sure how much I'm going to do this year (yeah, i know, i've said that before!) but.. we'll see!
Good to see some familiar faces back here this year.. you all inspire me and while i may not attempt or reach 50 this year (didn't get to that number last year either, as I recall) even doing a few songs is great fun, and its nice to have this little corner of the internet reappear on schedule!

I have been busy since last 50/90, did several albums pre-and post US elections, and also, just as a way to get away from all that for a bit, did an all-instrumental electronica-flavored album as well (which is called 'chill on chill', it, along with all the others from the last few years, are on my bandcamp page https://mikeskliar.bandcamp.com/

also , under the username 'seth and skliar' we might do some songs very different kind of songs this year with a friend of mine, a NYC cabdriver who writes about his cabdriving life, city life, etc.. -here's a link to our first album

Greetings, all! <3

Hello everyone. Back again. It's summer here in Scotland and it feels like a good time to write songs. Hope everyone else has lots of inspiration.

Hoi! Preved It feels good to be here again! I-m so happy

Hi everyone

Whhoooa, oh my. Ha ha, I did FAWM for the first time this year and that was fun. Though my songs where mostly full of noise and improv. I'm hoping to do better stuff this time and more...tunes as that's where my music has been going since then. We will see...

Wonderful to see everyone again. Smile

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Hey, peeps!

Hello, good people! Jumping into the creative pools again, in very fine company. Smile

Harumph. Yeah, let's do this.

Oh yes.

At last, won't be able to participate much this year :(, but looking forward to hearing lots of box fresh tunes from both familiar and new voices

So good to be back! I wasn't too impressed with my commitment last year, but I feel like being more present and getting a lot more experimentative this year - especially with new software and hardware I've bought over the last couple months!

My participation may be delayed, but I do plan on participating. I'm in the middle of getting ready to move (if that makes any sense) I need to get over another hurdle or 2 to make that happen.

Well, I can't do worse than last year (zero songs, and I think zero comments given).

In ninety million years, who would I rather be:
The one with fifty million songs
Or the one who watched TV?

What's a TV? Wink

Stephen Wordsmith, I'd say whichever one gives you joy or perhaps a mix of both!

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Hi! I will be jumping in late since we'll have visitors when 50/90 starts, but I hope to beat what I did last year (1 song)

This is going to be fun! Smile

I'm very excited about participating and meeting new artists.

Hihihi! *waves* Hoping to get some tunes out this year. Smile

Hi everyone *waves* Smile I'm hoping to get closer to 50 this year!! Totally looking forward to seeing what everybody comes up with this summer!

Heya, friends. Long time since Feb. I'm going to try this year; I'm preparing by making my mind completely blank.... Darn, that's not so easy! Smile

here. good to see all. gonna try to do more music along with the lyrics once i get my computer back from getting upgrades. wishing a good summer for all.

First time doing this! Since the end of FAWM 2017, I now have a new guitar and the latest Logic Pro. Looking to do lots of collabs and instrumentals!

It's great to see so many familiar faces doing it! Smile I'm going to give it a crack. Hopefully to get my youngest kid Jess(now 12)involved too!

Hey there. Some familiar profile names, Woot! Getting the band back together. Still not sure if I'm kidding myself by wanting to join you this year, but I'm already ahead of last year by actually reading and participating in a forum thread.

One song. You heard me.

I'm starting with a very small goal. Just posting one song. One song not written in February. This would be a groundbreaking enough for me!

I'm gonna have a crack this year. I've been registered here for a few years and wanted to do this for a while but I've never had the space to work until recently. Now I've finally got a room in the house just for music where I leave everything set up and dive in when I want to, there's no excuse for me not to get into it.

I've wanted to write a set of instrumental music for a long time and I think this will be a great opportunity to do so.

So I invite anyone to give me a firm kick up the backside if I don't start posting songs immediately after July 4!

i'm hoping i can do more than i have the last few years, i'm glad to be back among creative , inspired people!