Welcome to 50/90 2016!

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Welcome everyone! Lets go makes some music!

EXCELLENT!! THANKS @Eric Distad!!!



Thank you Eric. Looking forward to 50/90 start. Happy and productive Summer everyone!

It's gonna be totally rad! (That's what the kids are saying these days, right? Right?)

Why do we always refer to this challenge using fractions? It's time for a change.

To that end, I wish you all a very happy 0.55556

Summer 2016! Bring it!

And that answers my question. Woohoo!!!



Welcome to summer. Or winter. If I understand correctly, planning ahead is frowned upon [slightly]. So I've done none of that.
Looking for a mass of people to collab and co-write with this year. So let me know if you're interested.

Greetings from Finland everybody!

Happy happy joy joy! New russian

Hello everyone ! That time of year, again!

Looking like a fun place to be this summer. Glad I can party with y'all.

Bring yummy stuff!

Already!? This is going to be awesome.

Yawning. Did anybody make coffee yet?


Ah! The reset has gone through. Now I can post stuff that will stick around for a bit.

Hurrah for the reset!! 2016 is now official! Thanks for opening the playground Eric!!

Seems like the build-up to this year's 50/90 has been going on for ages already, but the site reset and that blank song list staring at you makes it seem far closer.

Hello fellow 2016 50/90ers Smile

Ready...........set...............holding my breath til they say go.........................I cheated. Started breathing again. Much better.

Thanks, @Eric Distad Smile
Hi Everyone!

Guess this means I should try to hurry up and finish reading FAWM Titular: http://muse.fawm.org/titular
Man that web page goes on forever. I keep hitting "Refresh" and I still haven't gotten to the end yet!

Oh well. It's like they always say, 555 friday rye jail! Consequences (something coffee) inside the signal.

Good to see you all again. Can't wait to get started!

I'm going to actually try to post a couple songs this summer!

Hi everyone,

I most likely won't be joining in this time around, but I'll still be donating and visiting the forums.

Wishing all my friends a fantastic 50/90.

Have fun!

So very excited and looking forward to trying this out this year. I did 36 during FAWM so hopefully I can sustain that to do 50 in 90! Biggrin

@Valerie Cox
Breathing is good. I recommend it.

@iveg We need to do more disco songs ! Smile

I'm here, coffee is on the sideboard. No plans or expectations for the summer...hopefully catch up on some re recording and arranging from the fawm stuff. Time to build the temp studio.

Good to see everyone around. My life seems to be dictated by the kid's softball play, but that isn't that unusual. I'll be here and doing things with a few exceptions for trips and such.

@Amanda West - when you get the lyrics, I'll bring the disco, the metal, or whatever else is hiding in the dustbin Smile

Nice to see you all!


here's wishing everyone a good time this 5090

Back again. I'm likely to do -- something -- but I have no idea what.

Best wishes for productive music-writing to all over the next few months!

we're here! ready for whatever awaits!

Good luck to you all, think I'll be doing more listening than writing.


Hey everyone, looking forward to hearing some good tunes

a week to go and not at all ready but i never am. have a fun productive 50/90 folks.

Howdy, y'all!

I just bought a 12-string acoustic guitar yesterday, so I'm inspired by Blind Willie McTell- and Leadbelly-like ideas at the moment. hehe.



Hey everybody!! Looking forward to hearing what everybody comes up with this summer!!!

This was pretty fun last year even with my low production.Looking forward to this next three months and perhaps improve a little.A few of the songs I'm still singing at open mic's,so a very worthwhile project for me.Thanks for all your encouragement last year.Wishing all of you a productive and creative Fifty/Ninety and looking forward to see what yall' come up with.

Almost time to party.
Wanta' hear Val's new piano!!

Hi everybody! Wish you all a great and productive summer Smile
I'll also try writing some new songs but at a slower pace

By the way, my aol,e addy is down indefinitely so my alternate is Gmail. I changed my profie so Gmail should show on my contact if all went well------ It seems all didn't go well. . You can always contact me on my soundboard

hey now...