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my oddest songs from 50 90 2017 now posted at bandcamp under the moniker New Ears

Track 12's a keeper. Yup, still looking for my "purple rain" Lol

arent we all? as my friend ron davies used to say, all it takes is one song and you are in it for life. his one song was it aint easy, recorded by dozens of people, including david bowie, three dog nght, and long john baldry.

I really like the way "Ron Davies" plays it, --best.

Hard to believe he is now referred to as "obscure"... OMG!

So, being "good" does have nothing got do with it Wink

LOVE the intro:

If he's still this side of the grass... tell'em "aye", gud'stuff! -- still.
(Oh..., I see he's moved on... -- well, nice legacy!)

-- ...the other day it sort of bothered me for the first time, hearing folks stuff, left behind.

Oh, I just love it... where there's really not CR protection I guess comes:

$68 on CD "Korean Pop" Lol OMG! (North or South Korea? That is the question. I see it's a Japan Distr)
-- probably burned from the vinyl... who's got his Masters, --Re-release!!!

-- Wow, lots on him in liner notes around Amazon:
"... ...Inspired by the reaction he received from the audience (Ron was given a standing ovation at the end of his performance) Ron returned to Nashville to record an introspective album entitled Where Does The Time Go. Sadly, this would be the last album that Ron would record. He died of a heart attack on October 30, 2003, leaving behind an amazing legacy of more than 600 songs. ... ..."

Wow, 600 songs, --nice!

Hey @billwhite51

I just got a copy of his "kitchen tapes" off of CDBaby:
"... ... Also included on these recordings is a special guest appearance by Ron's sister, country singer Gail Davies. This album was compiled and mastered by Rob Price and Gail Davies at LCP Studios in Nashville, TN. ... ..."
-- The harmony with his sister really adds a "richness"... I'd love a good backup singer to sing with! Smile

I love the "LCP Studios" ... like mine in my basement "last cheese pizza" ... Smile studios... kidding, kidding (of course), --lots of Indie Studios all over NJ, USA. (I found it: "Little Chickadee Productions", their PO Box in TN... Smile That's how, likely "Jack White" recorded one... --it's funny, when you "live" there... no one really pays attention to who the neighbors are. My parents were in Franklin for years... and didn't care who owned the other side of their "hill". Areas, are so different.)

So, the one review says, "home recordings", -- like us all here! Smile (Looks like a publisher review, but gives a nice summary)

Actually, as comparison Tracks..., mixed and mastered in a pro-studio, (i have no doubt), -- voice and guitar only... --that's very useful comparision information!
-- Gud2no! Smile

See, it pays to hang around here after it's over, -- it just seems to begin!

yeah..ron passed on many years ago. he was really a brilliant guitarist. one reason i think more people didnt do his songs is because they were intimidated by the complex guitar parts. but he did get dozens of cuts. his bigest disappoint ment was when joe cocker did lay down your burden on his second album, reviewers with advance copies singled it out as ne of his best recordings, and it ended up being taken off the record. we wrote one song together, but played many days into the the night, one session lasted three days without sleep. one f my favorite songs of his is its you alone, which was a big hit for noerthwest band the fabulous wailers, and his sister, gaill davies, who was pretty big in country for several years, had a hit with it. being good never had anything to do with anything. when was fifty, i played lead guitar with a group of twenty somethings. at an after show party, when we were passing the guitar around, a young cute guy played a terrile song poorly that made the girl sitting next to him swoon. he passed the guitar to me, and i dashed oof a tune. he dug it and told the girl how good i was. she relied. of course he is. hes old.

ive got a lot of cds that were put together from his archives after he passed away. my favorite one is called chicas pics, chica i s his wife, and these are her favorites. that nashville album is crap, but i like UFO, his secon, overproduced record a lot. but he has more than 600 songs. the last tie i saw him, we were doing a show in seattle, he told me the story of joan baez singing his songs in his kitchen, deciding which ones she wanted to record. he couldnt believe joan baez was actually there in his kitchen singing his songs. another thing ill mention. on both silent song and ufo his voice songs a little munchkin like, but in real life, it was nothing like that. he was a beautiful singer. not quite as good as our mutual friend , tim hardin, who is the guy who taught me that you didnt have to scream to express emotion....but in the same class. miss them both. i wrote a song for fawn 2015 about them callled Timmy and Ron. ill send you the mp3 in email.

Got it!,
--Wow, very cool. Great song.

I love the quote above, "of course he is, he's old" hahhh... yeah, as we get older lots of stuff shifts directions Lol

"Kitchen Tapes" is 22 Tracks... the CD is about $14 bucks with shipping. I "assume" his sister is burning them as needed. The other one, stated as "his last" in 2003, is only mp3. I did see Amazon had CD's at one time.

I'm glad she put all the kitchen recordings, what I'll call bounce tracks/demos, together.

Which song did you write with him?

Anyway..., I'm kinda stunned, never heard of him. Seems like many knew him but he never got known for it... kinda typical I guess. I hear motown screwed their folks that way, as all, work for hire, --really screwed when you do that. Now "they" want 360 degree contracts, no, way! Smile They want to contract "future fame", OMG!

-- Also, I picked up on the voice thing... some tracks really went from one extreme to another... so to speak. I don't mind the pitch either way, since he's using in context of the song, or it appears he is.

And, also, yes, -- playing your stuff for folks is tricky (his guitar playing, complexity)... I remember folks, watching them hear stuff of others, and "to good"... didn't want "them" around. It's a weird balancing act. I've found the bad folks usually regret it, but, the damage is done anyway. A lost opportunity is lost to "both", --then. Sad. But, it's all like break water, you never know how it's gonna go! Smile I've got some weird friends, too..., but old war stories we all got! Lol

we didnt actually write the song together, i played a song for hoim and he thought it neded another part, so he wrote the part and it improved the song 100%..and it was really simple, nothing to it at all. i was just checking on yooutube for one of the last things he did, but it looks like it was taken down. he played the george jones character in jones video cold hard truth. did a great job too, i thought. there are a few people handling the ron davies legacy. his sister, of course, who produced a double cd of famous people covering his songs....a guy from seattle named eric apoe who had been my best friend since high school until we had a falling out in 2009 and we havent spoke to each other since. he produced a tribute album with tracks by rons famous, semi famous and obscure friends. of course he didnt invite me to articipate, although i do some killer versions of his songs. two of my favorite one to cover are on the kitchen tapes, gold and silver and no regrets. another great song on that collection is the bells of bellfast. but on the whole, these are not his best songs. i dont know what gail has, i havent seen her since 1976, but his wife and daughters have all the unreleased material. eric also has files of everything, and made copies for me, but ii only have a few of them now.

Hey @billwhite51 -- hmmm, sorry to hear some of that.

I don't know why the "arts" has some of these issues, and I guess I say especially the "arts"...

For every thing that comes to mind to comment about "folks", I know, in some ways we navigate an even tougher field of "OCD's... et al." Lol than "normal" folks Smile

Anyway, it is all very interesting to read about like "this", for me, anyway...

I guess, some of this is why I resolved to make sure I really enjoyed myself while doing all of "this", -- and I do. I drew my "lines" a long time ago and am fully OK with it. What I've found is that if something is going to happen, it just does. And, some do not as a direct result of, concerning me, simply saying, "eh, no thanks, I'm good"...

As my wife reminds me during "down" times... "if this happens, --there will be people all over our lives magically appearing, --again (be careful then, with them)". It's true. I tend to forget that, as street savvy as I may "think" I am. So many anecdotes come to mind but will spare you the rabbit trails on that. Your stories are far more interesting! Smile

-- Anyway, shifting a bit on topics..., I was watching a "minor" indie documentary on the "blues", et al. and some of the folks who began with that. And the point that, --we (I?) forget that many if not most folks don't like "spirituals, r&b, blues, scratchy 1920's - 30's recordings... of stuff".

Many recordings for us today didn't become accessible until, not that long ago (pending how one defines that). When I think of what "mainstream" music was prior to the seedlings of "rock"... wow, --very different and for a long time. The pentatonic, "blues" scale has been around, --forever, prior to being full engaged and then shredded, and then neck-runs jumping thirds regardless of key, and etc. And now a well felt, "crafted" slow bend solo being well appreciated.
-- I remember the first time via my Sunn 4-12 bottom, and Peavey "Butcher" (lawsuit circuit) head... walking up on a bend and getting a sonic loop going to infinitely sustain it... I remember the first time I did it for my wife (from another country) who'd never experienced "that".

I, even now get, to me, weird reactions to gear... which fully amazes me. Folks don't fully realize that a large part of the electric sound, unless using an "app", IS the gear. You can only get that "sound" via Valves/Tubes in overdrive through 16 sq ft of paper Smile at 110bB (careful of your hearing/ears, indeed). Many today, who "talk" about stuff, never "felt" it. Talk about an emotional, physical "inspiration"...

Just a very few times the volume got away from me and "neighbors" said... why don't you do that more? They then think one can bring a little 8in speaker 5W amp into their yard and do the "same"... eh no (as you know). And, I'm not moving gear like that for a 10 min "solo" Lol (Put on a CD... many far better than me they can listen to, -- what they were reacting to was the "feel"... their under-pants were vibrating as the feedback-note ripped through their brain in the sweetest way possible Wink Hahhh...

To bad more folks don't like the music ~ I ~ like Hahhhhhh..., yes indeed, "seeking my purple rain".
(Like how I folded that back in! Smile )

-- Have a great day Bill!!
(...and anyone else lurking, reading this stuff, --cheers!, a very limited audience, I "no"!)

Hey Bill, -- I got that second song, --very cool. (And a .wav file no less! Smile )

Wow, I know there were old recordings of me from long ago, but would have been on cassette, Dirol

"We" were never thinking about "recording", only playing, --being able to deliver if asked to get up, sit in, etc.... man, recording anything just wasn't even in the mind... Also, "back then", Hahhh..., "recording" anything was not like today, -- not easy.

In one club, that I washed a lot of dishes in :), there was no mixing board to tap into. Each "sound source" had it's own Mic and Vol Pot (Amp/Bottom), period. Actually most any "venue" I remember... (then), was all direct single source Amps/Bottoms. Funny, I had not thought about that 'till now. Actually, the folks around me, "if" recorded anything went to a studio, -- and all played together (maybe overdubs later, but not "built" solo one track at a time).

Wow... flash back... anyway, -- DerUgo! Uno Smile

------------------------still thinking about all this----------------------------
-- I was just thinking about back "then"... hmmm, to "record" versus just "play" woud have taken a kazillion Mics patched in (SM57's)... the singer, the drum kit (one for each piece), guitar, bass, other... mixing boards were hugh and very expensive (unlike the 7 track Yamaha under this desk with compression built it and etc. Smile ) AND, back then, a "guitar" player, or someone like "me" was not expected to know what I now know, you know (you know!? Smile ) Hahhh... OMG! Today, if you are not your own sound engineer, you are at a disadvantage and can get somewhat "screwed" at a venue. I was observing a "band" that popped in someplace around here... they brought ALL their own stuff, PA included. They could have patched out to FOH to use that, but didn't (way to loud). In this area, if folks want singersongwriters to come, they need to and do seem to supply a decent house PA, basic drum kit (if needed) and even have a Combo-amp or two around. Different times, different areas, it's all different, --unless the venu has nice acoustics for a singer-songwriter type (not many of them around).

I know, I've thought, OK, do I bring the mixing board and run my two mics to their PA? Etc. I don't need affects, just a decent person saying yes, vocal and guitar is balanced and not to loud. Or, the venue is sucking all the Bass, or accentuating to much bass. I've notice many "sound-guys" are --not.

Other -- I'm on a rabbit trail roll here .... hope you can follow me down them! Smile :
At one place this summer, I was asked to engage this place musically, (sing, songwriting, perform, "teach" (allot of teaching actually), other...) --had a nice, pretty much everything, but disorganized. I have a real issue with not carrying things several times a week to the same place to do the same thing, and esp. if for "teaching" (typically lazy wannabe musicians). I had folks on a stage with many dead-spots, some were instrumental. I had an acoustic guitar sitting in front of a Grand Piano (they could hear themselves!! so were "good" with it), who could not, of course, be heard by anyone else. So much silly stuff and folks just not listening, "knowing everything" (knowing nothing), and a "sound-guy" who had some really huge chip on his shoulder, --did nothing but argue about everything, total contrarian for it's own sake. One night, I just left. AND they didn't get why! They wanted to "talk" some MORE about it Lol Nah... lifes to short. I LOVE music, but "HATE" music people Smile hahhh.... ironic!

Well, again, have a great day/evening, whatever the time is there in Peru!