Week 5 Challenge - Rhythm from language

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Apologies for not posting this as a topic sooner ....

Week 5 Challenge - Rhythm from language

Write a song using an underlying rhythm (e.g. drum pattern, strum pattern) from a randomly generated phrase. (Using the phrase in the lyrics is optional.) http://watchout4snakes.com/wo4snakes/Random/RandomPhrase (link is external)

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This isn't the same as changing chords between syllables, correct?

Looking at legal certificates of title all day, I've been inspired to write a song in which the percussion track is just someone(s) saying 'Dominant tenement' on loop. No idea what to make it about, though.

@Rainchaser, the challenge is pretty broad - just start with a phrase and use the rhythm as the first building block in the song. It doesn't pertain to when you change chords, necessarily.

and I used the random phrase generator and got the phrase 'invigorated solvent'...
and, here's the song! what a strange and fun challenge!


With the random phrase generator, I got "Perceptible Lobotomy", so I decided to go all political on that...

Here it is:


I've done a whole song consisting of those random generated phrases. "Unwilling Recognition"

Everyone! You must listen to reklov's song. It is brilliant. It would be an interesting piece for an introductory course on linguistics. So fun!!!!