Week 3 Challenge - Random Chords

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Random Chords
Write a song using randomly generated chords e.g. from https://autochords.com/ (link is external).

Tag the song Week3

I actually saw the first two challenges and thought of the title Sensitive Jonathan, and now that I've seen this one I've started on that title using the random chord generator - all three weekly challenges put together into one piece!

Hey, @marvsmooth, I made a similar triple strike, including one of your own challenges! Smile

Can*t believe I'm the first one to do "Random Chords" - it's tuesday...

Quick alternate suggestion: Using 2 dice, roll them to determine how many chords in your song. Then roll them again for each chord to be used, following the chart here:
(the first instance of a repeated chord can be substituted by a B chord if you really miss it! Or you can precompile a list of 11 chords to choose from of any type.)

This is what I'll be doing later for giggles.

@metalfoot That won't give you a random distribution. You'll get a lot of chords in the D# - G range, and fewer outside. Better off to use a coin and a die: [or a 12 sided die]

Heads: 1 c, 2 c#, 3 d, 4 d#, 5 e, 6 f
Tails: 1 f#, 2 g, 3 g#, 4 a, 5 a#. 6 b

That will give you a more even distribution. If you wanted, you could use another coin to determine major or minor.

Wasn't looking for a purely random distribution; just a partly random one (I did a specialization in stats in uni and I do realize the distribution of die rolls)! Biggrin

Sometimes I love to entertain my audience by asking them 4 (or more) notes or chords, with which I'll have to improvise a song. Though it's a fun game, I always break out in a cold sweat, because I never know whether it is gonna work. So if you want to try me, give me a bunch of chords (as many and unfitting as you can devise them) and I'll turn them into a song. I used autochords ( https://autochords.com) for a song I already had lyrics for, but the sequences generated this way are not challenging enough, so please be creative and punish my insolence. Biggrin

§ Roel

Great idea, @metalfoot and @iveg! You could still add the possibility of minor chords on way or another (for example when you throw even it's major, uneven is a minor chord). Wink

§ Roel

P.S. Check out my extra challenge above!

I felt like the auto chords were really easy to work with... not terribly interesting progressions, but I can work with that. I'm not a fan of true indeterminance, especially in the structural parts of music. 12-tone doesn't cut it for me and genuinely random chords... well they might or they might not. Depends on if there's any relationship between them. But then again, I gravitate towards folk and jazz, so I guess that makes sense. I do have a great deal of respect for the folks that can make random sound structured.

I pulled a random chord progression off some forum for video game makers on google, and gave it the Fugue treatment, in that I turned it backwards and then inside out, then went through and threw in a few random chords where it started to sound normal. I figured I could random them up better than any old computer Wink

Maybe this challenge would work better as a flashcard based system. Write the letter of a note on each flashcard, shuffle the cards and each player gets 7 cards that contains random notes for this person to use for the song. I'm not sure it would work exactly like that but it might work something similar to it!

Love every challenge Nancy posted. Thank you Nancy!

I see autochord as a stepping stone. Wasn't even aware of it. Add 9ths and 11ths and it spices up.

Here is my contribution. I just stuck with the initial chord progression I was assigned: C G Am F
It's a nod to T.S. Eliot. "The Abbreviated Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"


I totally forgot to post mine. Inspiration, Ray Bradbury's "Something Wicked This Way Comes. http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/17331

I've grabbed autochord for my iPhone!! I'm always struggling with what chords go together so this is very cool to me!! I can finally break farther away from G, C, D7 - except for on Banjo of course...it is always in the key of G for simplicity.

Maybe I'll jump into the challenge too, but already I'm a very happy camper having this app on my phone. Thank you @nancyrost !!

This is a cool tool! Thanks Nancy.

Here's mine: *17404 , I just used the autochords chords for this one. --- I might try some more random chords using a system like @metalfoot 's and @iveg 's later in the 50/90.

I used autochords for my week3 song - it gave me a 4 chord sequence that I have used for the verse progression in song *17421 - 'Carnival of Sky'

I did a three week combo. The chords given to me from the program were D, A, and G. Since I knew D and G on the mandolin I decided this was a good time to get it out.

Finally managed to find the time to finish my week 3 song
features lyrics by @Amanda West