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Actually a domain issue.

My website is
It's fine.

Some years ago I had another website at and now I don't.

However there is somebody else now running a website at that URL, with the title "calum carlyle music". The site isn't about me, except for one half hearted review of some of my songs buried in the back of the site, and I have no idea who's site it is, whois is barely helpful.

Any suggestions to how I can limit the amount of misrepresentation going on here, or protect myself if the site owner decides to do something ore malicious than just steal my name?

Thanks in anticipation, folks.

Hey there Calum,
Coincidentally I visited your website for the first time ever (yesterday, I think) - i haven't heard (you) your music for many years! - even left a comment on the utube vid. So hi.
I got to the right website - was quite impressed that google auto suggested your name etc.

I just did a google search and couldn't see the other site you refer to.
Can't give you many suggestions other than - 1. make sure your webpage SEO (search eng optimisation) is optimised so most people looking for you, find you.
2. can you contact the owner of Maybe they're a fan - don't want to offend them?

I hope someone else has more insight into this - could they be hoping you're going to get massive then sell the domain back to you? But what about the blog content up there so far? Are they getting ad revenue?

I like this bit "Edinburgh has a number of libraries where musicians, like Calum, can spend their time this winter. I’m not sure if Calum fancy spending time at the library, but I’m guessing he might like the quiet place.

There are a lot of things that can be done at Calum’s hometown. I hope he finds inspiration to write new music this winter season."

Sounds like you're the poster boy (marketing) for this website. Perhaps they have website for other places, using other performers names. And probably hoping one of you get famous.