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Are you going through 5090 withdrawal?
Do you have songs with very few comments and want more?
Are you willing to comment on songs by others?
I am!
Add your name to this thread if you want to participate in post 5090 commenting.
I will be checking back and commenting through Sunday October 16!
Hope to see you too!

Good idea! There is also some dezonging to do. For instance for people who like dark poetry go to @Chandra83, or if you're more the long electric guitar solo (on video!) type go to @Xiangqi!

I was just thinking yesterday of starting a thread like this - I'm in for more commenting!
Another thing I like to do after 50/90 or FAWM is to comment on folks who are still posting in forums. I figure they will see the comments I give.

oh, i have already been commenting. really only getting one day a week off of work now. i'm still returning comments, which i hope will get to the folks. but i'm here.

I don't really need more comments, myself - but I've focused my commenting efforts largely on lyricists this year. If there are any performers out there who would like a little more attention, I'm happy to give your work a good listen.

I don't need more comments either, but happy to give a read and listen to those who still want and will see them.

Thank you for this thread. I'm planning to comment more this month. Discovering many interesting songs which deserve more attention. As for mine, I had wonderful comments. Thank you to everyone who commented! Always happy to read more comments if anyone is happy to listen. Thank you again.

I'm still around. Not as prolific a commenter as some of the wonderful folks on this thread, but am still listening.

finally returned all the comments i received. i'm going to be at 500 comments soon, but i will have to go a bit further to maintain my 2 to 1 ratio of comments given to received. still finding the occasional zong.

I'm still commenting till at least the 400 mark (since I've received around 400 comments on my songs).

I am enjoying listening to more songs. If you want to listen comment more, I would love for the musicians who put some of my lyrics to music to get more comments as some only had one comment and I think their music is awesome!

Let me know if you hit a milestone in the comment centurions thread, too - I'll maintain the list at least until the end of October.

...and some of my songs could do with a few more comments, if anyone's bored!

I'm going to bump this thread to see who's still around. I got back to doing some commenting today, and I'm inching closer to 300 given. But I'd like them to go to folks who will see them.

I'm still checking in now and then. I'm hoping to do more listening/reading/commenting...and would read anything you left for me. I'm still hoping to at least add a demo for my 'Lynnie Mae' but haven't gotten to it yet.

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I'm leaving a few more comments as well...

Still lurking a little...

I'm still here........

Having hit 400 comments, I'm starting to back away a little but haven't left yet.

i'm still here, though i just got out of the hospital after 4 days in the hospital with blood clots that developed in my leg and lung after a long bike ride. i was figuring i would need to get 600 or more comments just from doing 100 lyrics, since i was averaging over 3 comments per song early in the summer, and my goal of having twice the number of comments given to received. sadly, that pace dwindled after the halfway point, but i still have to make some comments to get my ratio up there. which will put me above 550 or so. i might do the other 50-60 comments to hit 600, but i cannot sit comfortably for any length of time, so it is hard to have marathon commenting sessions now. oh, the irony of developing a condition from exercise!

Oh my! So sorry to hear this! So unfair and scary! Glad you are home! Best wishes to you!

Still lurking ... (with @LadyRed)

@Chandra83 if you have time/will would love your feedback on any of my songs you'd be inclined to listen to!

@metalfoot will do! Smile

Yes please, I've just updated demo thanks to Mike. We would love comments. Thank you.