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I'm going to kick start this part of the forum for 2016 Smile

I am a lyricist and I am open to collaborations for 50/90 Smile

If anyone is interested please let me know here, or message me, or FB message me or whatever Smile

I can't wait for 50/90 to start !


I would like to collaborate with you at some point in 50/90. Smile

Hi Amanda, I've enjoyed very much collaborating with you and would love to collaborate again. I'm sure you'll have a lot of people saying the same Smile

Yes. I had fun with the last collab, and would like to do it again. Soon Smile

@musicsongwriter Perhaps we also can collab during 50/90!

@metalfoot yes please, I'll be very happy to collaborate with you again.

I am a lyricist who thrives on collabs and I heartily endorse this practice.

@Stephen Wordsmith I shall reserve at least one slot on my songwriting card for your lyrics, kind sir!

@metalfoot Alex - I would absolutely love to Smile Please don't let me forget, and/or feel free to use any of my lyrics. Although, I would love to write something specifically for your genre and style, if you like ?

@musicsongwriter yes please !!!! I enjoyed writing to your music, can we do that again ? Smile

@iveg anytime !!! Disco rules lol Poke me early on and we can concoct something fun again Smile

@Amanda West The only problem is that I don't really know what my genre/style is.... LOL. But yes, we'll do something together. Smile

@Stephen Wordsmith Maybe we should do something together ? That would be different ! And find a composer/musician to add that part.

@Amanda West yes, I'll be delighted to collaborate with you Amanda. It was so wonderful to read your beautiful and so moving lyric to my music! Hope something of mine will inspire you again Smile

@Amanda West It would indeed be different. Co-writing isn't something I usually do, but we would have 90 days in which to get it right. Count me in.

You could do something along the lines of "A Day In The Life" where there are two distinct songs with similar theme brought together... That would be amazing.

I hope to do a variety of collaborations this year, hopefully in the topic theme areas. I have seen so many lyrics in prior FAWM/5090's that I wanted to put to music, but ran out of time. I also would like to put more lyrics to existing instrumental music. More back and forth collaborations too.

i'm a fairly prolific lyricist who will likely not get to develop demos this year, as i moved home to alabama and am constrained in my ability to set up my studio. i won't be quite as busy this summer, as alabama is not the tourist destination in the summer that YNP is, but i cannot see getting the overseas crates set up in the basement and the studio set up until later in the year. i have had some lovely collaborations here and FAWM, both as lyricist and musicmaker, and am grateful for them. i should have plenty of lyrics to choose from, if anyone is interested. thanks!

Last FAWM I was heavily leveraging improvisation, which resulted in songs that had a bit of a skewed structure. My crapcapella demos are recorded without any attempt to reign in dynamic changes in tempo (etc). But... I've also written new words to existing music, and I am known to work some of my improvisations in to more normal songs with more normal structures. (And the license for my contribution is Creative Commons Attribution, so I'm all about the other person making money off of it.)

Basically, it means if something strikes a person's fancy they can adapt it and use it and make money off of it. If someone wants to collab on a piece I've already written, but they'd like me to help rework the lyrics to fit their music better, I'm happy to collab that way, too.

@AndyGetch I would really like to do some sort of collaboration with you during 50/90, would be cool to do song you could write lyrics and sing on. Enjoyed your Song Skirmish songs.
@Amanda West and @Stephen Wordsmith, would also be cool to write something together with you, since writing lyrics usually takes forever for me.

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First 50/90....I'll be nibbling at the edges.... Would enjoy some collaborations....

Hey Amanda,
I'd love to!

woohoo @b00n yes please ! Smile

@igg yes please anytime ! Smile just ask

@Mt.Mélodie yes please Smile

@AndyGetch would be great to do something together Smile

I have had many collabs and I have loved working with others! I am sure open to them!

@cindyrella beyond the vocal I'm hoping to sing for you, would love to do a 'proper' collab!

I enjoy writing lyrics to music, or having music written to my lyrics, whichever way works best. Smile

People, remember to tag your songs! I searched for "needs-music" yesterday, but only found a few lyrics.

I'm always on the lookout for lyrics to put music to, and so I'd love to meet other lyricists to collaborate with.

Since I don't consider myself the greatest singer, it would be wonderful if I could find more lyricists that are interested in singing their own lyrics on the melody I compose.

I also have a few songs without lyrics, so if you like to add your words to my hummed melody, that would be wonderful too!

Looking forward!

§ Roel

@Roel van Veldt I'll have a look at your hummed melodies now !

I would love to collaborate with a lyricist. I'm actually a week behind already, but that's work related. But having a partner to work with might help put me into gear.

If anyone wants lyrics about something specific or in a specific style or genre, just holler. I love a good challenge. Smile

I'd also love to collaborate with a lyricist, preferably in a way where they don't know what genre of music I'll be writing. But that should be easy, since I often don't know myself until I start. I haven't been very prolific this year, but my bandcamp shows a wider variety of stuff I'm capable of.

Also, if anyone happens to need growled vocals for their song (and even the lyrics to go along with those) and is unable to do them themselves and don't know anyone that can, I volunteer my humble vocal chords for you.

I love collaborations. I've written lyrics, I've written music, I've done both. I like to hear what other people hear in my lyrics or my music. I don't mind if people take lyrics from an existing song of mine and redo it. I just like to hear it first before it gets posted publically.

Hey Amanda, that's wonderful! I'm sorry I didn't see your response until now. The hummed songs aren't uploaded though. I'll upload them asap. Smile

Thanks a lot already!

§ Roel

I have yet to collaborate, but would like to try to write music to existing lyrics.

@bithprod the trouble with searching for 'needs-music' only is that there are many variations on it floating around here on 50/90 and on FAWM. I'll start a separate thread on maybe creating a universal standard for lyric writers to use.
I personally use 'needs collab' ' needs music and vocals' and others lol

I know! We do need a universal standard.

I come in late in the game, but hope to do a few collabs this last month.

I too have written many lyrics and would love to collaborate with musicians who would like to do music and vocals! Please feel free to grab any lyrics tab do not have a collaborator demo already posted. There are some lyrics where I put my own very rough recording of a possible melody buy I am open to anyone taking those lyrics and making it a better song! I love all styles of music and have collaborated with musicians who have done everthing from heavy metal to country gospel - I am open to anything!

late? Who said late? I totally forgot.... and it is my first time...so I'll put music to your song. m...@cabaretshow.co.za

Have a couple of ballads that can be lullabies that have English and Spanish. I am trying to put together an online collection of that are free to down load and wanted some with some Spanish. Please check out if you are interested in collaborating with music and vocals.

http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/19682 lullaby for little boy

http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/16677 ballad lullaby like for lover