Want to collaborate with a jack of no trades?

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Hello everyone,
I do do lyrics and I do do music,
and I really like putting interesting lyrics to music,
but I think it's fun and challenging as well to stir the pot with someone else who can do both as well.
So, anyone interested in playing ping pong of ideas?

That was just cryptic enough to spark my interest.... Smile What do you have in mind exactly?

Basically write a song collaboratively with not necessarily fixed roles.
Just start with something, see what the other comes up with and add to that.
Could be a lyric stanza, could be a melody, could be a bridge.
So, anyone in?

I'm game. We had a power outage at work for no reason today and I sat in the dark for 30 minutes and wrote something that could be the lyrics to a song. I'll post them in my profile in just a sec and post a link here. Lyrics can be modified .

I'm in the jack of no trades camp. Can write music or lyrics, play electric or acoustic guitar or bass (or accordion badly)

Count me in...
Just send me a note
Russ Mail 1

I can do this. Could be fun.

I could give it a try... I write lots of lyrics.

Navi Smile

Sure - with any of you who are also similarly inclined Smile

I can be the ping to your pong or yin to your yang or whatever. I also write lyrics and music.

Hey guys and gals,
I'll contact you all, come time, but in the mean time I hope you are all busy collaborating with each other!