Vocalists looking for instrumental collabs?

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Hey! Would like to do some production this year, instrumentation, mixing, etc. if you’ve got a vocal track or something…hit me up!

Also down to just play guitar/bass/drums or whatever, collabs are fun!

If you ever work in the other direction (want to do a track and then have someone write a song on top of it), I enjoy toplining sometimes to challenge myself and get out of ruts. I mainly write acoustic music just because that's what I can do by myself, but I am into most types of alternative, rock, and pop - I like straightforward, catchy songs.

Cool I’ll let you know if I come up with something. There is a song called “song for the weather” on my page we’re looking for lyrics on, it’s a lil slow and odd tho so if you want something catchier I’ll do some thinking on it!

Hey, just dropped a message on your board about that one. I dig it. Would love to work on something else too.

What's up with your MC work? Do you have any interest in doing some verses for a space mission themed "experimental" music piece? I wrote it with room for verses, but I haven't been able to get a melodic feel for it. I was thinking I might try and write something more spoken word like. The song is a 15 minutes long musical "journey", written in three parts, that ties loosely into the narrative of a card game called "The Crew" which is about a mission to find Planet 9. The middle part the trip to the outer rim of the solar system and in the card game things are always going wrong and I wrote it around a Verse - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Verse - Chorus structure. That do anything for you?

Hey this sounds fun! Do you prefer to work off an already existing vocal track or do you have instrumentals to sign over?