Vocal Defense Mechanism

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Just a quickie video for those who are somewhat insecure about their singing


The best advice I got from a voice teacher was "Don't be afraid to make an ugly sound"

Hey C54... this is a great idea. Not sure of the reaction you'd expect "here". Here's mine, possibly unexpected... oh well Smile

--- One thing I find, --all will agree with this, then do nothing.

When I saw this, and advocate for music for all, all I can, --I riffed pentatonicD to A "roughly"... by my tuner and put it here; "money where your mouth is", so to speak Smile

It's fully raw, Left Channel, --Right Channel 15% Reverb with all pts EQ'd that I "like". The point there is, -- sounds the same Smile It really is bad when folks burry stuff under echo and reverb, etc. when would sound fine, raw, if even just the little "dimentional" tweeking I comment.

So, great post... an unafraid sound:


--- I'd "challenge" all here to, make a noise, riff, and post it here... just do it! Be it a Riff, or "Hey hey hey...", or HEY to the kid crossing the road, --yell warning exercise, AYE?!

I didn't expect any reaction - I just thought some might find it interesting, informative, mildly amusing, annoying - the gamut Wink

Cool lesson! I think my biggest problem is I don't have a sound proof room for singing. I don't get to practice much because my voice carries throughout the house. Basically its one trial run then turn on the recorder. Most of my songs my vocals were recorded in one take. However, this summer I haven't sang at all. I've heard though that singing from the diaphragm like a dog when it barks. I do that but softy because I don't want to disturb the locals. They actually don't care but it effects me mentally, and I under perform. Later, when I start singing again I may just have to let go and block my vocal defense mechanism. Thanks.

[@ustaknow] sounding really good....great job on that.

Yup, ino... but, the, so many I engage, need to, --put on that "speedo" and jog on the beach... no one really "cares", so to speak, and you might find folks happy to see you "there", looking better than you ever thought. All, those lessons, are pretty standard, but not to the uninitiated. Moreover, his example, of Belting context, is one of the better ones to "visualize" prior to Belting a Lyric with Accent, Gusto.

-- Great post. I hope it Trends with lots of engagement. It's a good use of time "here".

Yes, helpful @corinne54. In early open mic days I would start with a fast paced talking kind of tune with a limited range, not a distinct "Hey" but it helped. Belting it out passages are in a few of my songs, maybe time to add more?